(Episode 2) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 2) Monster's Den with the Dead

The following day, Mrs Kennedy woke up very early in the morning. She cleaned the house thoroughly, making sure that everywhere was sparkling. She cooked his favorite meal, made sure her kids were well behaved and dressed before their father comes in, for she didn’t want him to have any reason to shout at them or make unreasonable remark at her kids. She also made sure that she herself looked good and presentable. Bryan the inquisitive child asked

Bryan: Mom, is dad going to stay with us for a long time before he goes back again?

Mrs. Kennedy: I hope so Bryan, I hope so.

Andrea: who has been busy with her assignments asked ‘Mom is daddy going to buy me kilishi when coming?

Mrs. Kennedy: I don’t know, I pray he remembers. Why don’t you use my phone to give him a call?

Andrea tried calling her dad but the number was unreachable. She decided that when he gets home without her kilishi, he will have to compensate her.

As Mr. Kennedy arrived Port Harcourt, he didn’t  go home immediately because he was not sure if he was ready to take the final step in his marriage. He quickly called his best friend Donald to meet up at Meridian Hotel. He needed to tell him what is about to happen.

Few minutes later, Donald arrived, went straight to his friend who was sitting at the bar alone.

Donald: How far my man? He asked while they shook hands.

Mr. Kennedy: I dey joor. Just enter Port Harcourt now. How you dey na?

Donald: We just dey. This one wey you call me immediately you enter Ph, hope say no problem. You for go house first to your family na.

Mr. Kennedy: That is the reason I called you here. ‘You know Jennifer and I are still seeing each other’, Donald nodded and he continued. We both love each other and  have decided to take our relationship to the next level

Donald: What! He shouted but I thought it was just a fling?

Mr. Kennedy: Guy, make I finish na. He said frowning his face. Anyway, I love Jennifer and I want to make her my wife. ‘She is beautiful, intelligent and so good to me. She brings out the man in me and she makes me feel alive again. She is the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life’ he said smiling.

Donald: And your wife?

Mr. Kennedy: she is wonderful in her own way. I love the way she takes care of my kids, looks after us all. I still love her sha but I love Jennifer more.

Donald: what do you see in Jennifer that you don’t see in her?

Mr. Kennedy: Jennifer love life. She loves to party and my wife don’t. With Jennifer, we club, party, visit places but with my wife, she believes every penny should be used judiciously.

Donald:  didn’t you see that before you married her? Anyway, why don’t you tell her this is what you love and see if she will not change?

Mr. Kennedy: I have made up my mind, I love Jennifer and I will marry her.

Donald:  Kennedy, you are not just my best friend but a brother to me. I will not see you destroying your life and still support you in doing so. Marrying Jennifer is not a wise decision. I was never in support of you having an extra marital affair but you still went ahead and now you are thinking of marrying her? You have a loving wife, who worships the ground you work on, beautiful and adorable kids. You have what most men are looking for yet; you want to throw all the good things God have given you away. Remember that, it was your wife that stood by you when you had nothing; she was your support system. She gave herself and her career because of you and now, you want to leave her heart broken? No, I am not in support.

Mr. Kennedy: I know she has been there and I really appreciate her but c’mon, this is what I want for myself.

Donald: Are you even listening to yourself? For yourself? What about your family? Okay! Forget your wife, what about your kids? You are destroying their lives if you don’t know. He cautioned.

Mr. Kennedy: I have made up my mind and there is no going back.

Donald: I won’t be a party to this and don’t say I never warned you. Besides, if you are going to take her in as a second wife, you should let her know immediately.

Mr. Kennedy: I never said I am marrying her as a second wife

Donald: hope it is not what I am thinking.

Mr. Kennedy: It is. My marriage with my wife is over already. I won’t and can never marry Jennifer as a second wife.

Donald: Does she even know you are married with kids?

Mr. Kennedy: She doesn’t. I intend keeping it that way.

Donald: It is obvious you have made up your mind. I won’t be a party to this. Don’t say I didnt warn you. Don’t come running to me about this matter in the future. He stood up and left leaving his friend alone in thought.

Mr. Kennedy: ‘That woman sef, she strong oooo. I have frustrated her, made her hate me. I have done everything humanly possible just to make her want out of this marriage but she is still adamant in staying. I have even used her kids to get back at her, no way. I have left clues to let her know there is actually a new woman in my life but she acts like she doesn’t know anything. Since she is still bent in staying married, I have to let the cat out of the bag today. I have to let her know that I want a divorce’ he said to himself.

Jennifer who was preparing to go make her hair, began to panic because her boo’s number is unreachable.

Jennifer: ‘I hope he is okay, this one that his number is switched off. He should have called me by now to update me on his journey. This man sef, anytime he travels to Port Harcourt it is either his number is unreachable or he calls me at his own time. Each time I call, I always get let me call you back later or I am busy. Anyway, when we say I do, that Port Harcourt, Na me and Kennedy go dey go the place make I see wetin dey always make am busy for there’ she said to herself.

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  1. I am so ready 4 it…… Kennedy, will soon be doom…. i pity jeniffer sha, cos she’s not aware her boo is a married man wit kids.

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