(Episode 3) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 3) Monster's Den with the Dead

Bryan and Andrea who were so engrossed in the movie they were watching, heard their dad’s car horn, they quickly smiled to each other, ran outside to go and unlock the gate for daddy to drive in. As he drove in, he saw his lovely children, smiled and waved at them before parking his car at the small parking space, before his wife’s car.  He climbed down from the car and Andrea quickly jumped on him

Andrea: Welcome back Dad. We have missed you so much

Mr Kennedy: I miss you guys too.

Bryan: Welcome back dad. He interrupted.

Mr Kennedy: Bryan my son, he patted him on his back, ‘hope you have been taking care of the women in this house as the man

Bryan: ‘Yes dad’ he smiled.

As he entered his house, he saw his wife who was just coming out of her bedroom for she was having a nap when she heard his voice. She quickly went to him and hugged him.

Mrs Kennedy: Welcome home sweetheart.

Mr Kennedy: Thanks honey. You are looking beautiful today.

Mrs Kennedy: Thanks honey. She said to her kids, ‘it is time for daddy to have his rest while I get dinner ready. Why don’t you guys allow him to go freshen up’ she asked them because they were eager to know what daddy bought for them

Andrea: Okay mom. Dad she turned to him, did you buy me my kilishi?

Mr Kennedy: ‘Oh my God Andrea! I am so sorry. I didn’t buy anything for you guys today’ he said looking at Bryan. But not to worry when I am settled, we will go out and have fun.

Bryan: That was the same thing you said the last time you were home and you ended up leaving for Delta without taking us anywhere.

Mr Kennedy: This time around, I promise it will be different.

Andrea: It is okay dad but this time around, you will have to buy me ice cream and kilishi.

Mr Kennedy: ‘Alright ma. Can I go now’ he said to his little girl. She nodded her head and he went to his room.

Mrs Kennedy who has been standing by the door of the kitchen watching the show of affection between them, was hopeful again that her husband has come home a different man. At least, he gave his kids the desired attention unlike before that he will come home and starts shouting.

He entered his room, was surprised at how different it looks. He also noticed the change in his environment. He liked what he saw especially that of his wife. He liked that she was looking more beautiful and radiant. He remembered the first day he saw her, how much he loved her and still do. He remembers how she willingly gave up her career in zenith bank to take care of her family and for the first time, he wished things were different.

Mr Kennedy: ‘I will stay with them for a few days and be the best husband and father to them. After that, I will have to tell her the whole truth’ he said to himself.

He remembered his phone has been switched off because of low battery, decided to charge it by his beside. He plugged it, waited a few minutes before dialing Jennifer’s number.

Mr Kennedy: Hello Love, he said. I am so sorry; my phone went off as a result of low battery. I just got to my hotel now that is why I am giving you a call now. Yes you can call me anytime but not today because I am really tired and want to rest. He waited a little while before adding ‘No problem, talk to you later, love you and bye’ He hung up.

As he stood up to go have his bath, he met his wife who was standing by the door side. She looked at him surprisingly and smiled

Mrs Kennedy: sweetheart, I came to tell you that your food is ready.

Mr Kennedy: Errm… were you here while I was on call?

Mrs Kennedy: No, I just came in she lied. Is anything the problem?

Mr Kennedy: No! No problem. Just work stuff. Let me go have my bath before joining you guys for dinner he quickly added and went to the bathroom.

Mrs Kennedy: who heard every conversation he had with his mistress shook her head. Hmm. I won’t do anything stupid. I will just act like a novice and keep playing the wifey duty. I won’t be that woman that stabbed her husband to death. I won’t do that because I am not that kind of woman but for the sake of our kids, let him change oooo. She said to herself and left the bedroom.

Later that night while Mr. Kennedy was about going to bed, his wife who was in the bedroom came out stark naked. Looking and smiling at her husband.

Mr. Kennedy: What are you doing? He said sitting up

Mrs. Kennedy: what does it look like? ‘Entertaining my husband of course’ She said as she walked seductively to the bed.

Mr. Kennedy: Ermm, you should be tired and getting ready for bed he said, looking at her lustfully.

Mrs. Kennedy: Yes my love! But before that, I want to feel your manhood in my honeypot. She stroke his manhood with her hands. As she was on it, she planted a kiss on his nipple and sucked it.

Mr. Kennedy: Ah! Hmm, Hmmm… Moaning. With his eyes closed, he laid back on the bed, using his hands to touch and fondle her breast. Yes Baby, Stroke it harder.

Mrs. Kennedy: she continued using her hands to work on him, when he began to have a hard-on; she switched, using her mouth in place of her hands. She sucked him so hard that he lost control of himself. He used his hands to guide her as he she was busy sucking him and caressing his balls at the same time with her hands.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh my God! Baby, please don’t let any man touch your honeypot because you are so sweet. Oh Yes, Baby, I will do anything for you. Just ask me anything you want and I will do it. He said enjoying the pleasure he was getting.

Mrs. Kennedy: Looking at him and smiling, she guide his D’ inside her. She sat on him with her knees resting on the bed, motioning slowly, twisting and whining her waist with his D’ inside her. Enjoying the pleasure she was deriving from being on top and taking control. Before she knew it, she increased her pace and was moving faster by thrusting his manhood harder into her. Oh Yes! She said with her eyes closed.

Mr. Kennedy: Faster Baby, Faster for I am almost there, Faster! he instructed. She increased her pace, Lost in the ecstasy of love making, she had an orgasm while he came, spilling his seeds inside her. Arrrrgh! He screamed and held her close for a few minutes. Thanks Honey, that was the best sex I have ever had.

Mrs. Kennedy: She sat up from the bed, took his D’ in her hands and was stroking it again.

Mr. Kennedy: Shocked and surprised at what she was doing, he asked ‘what are you doing’?

Mrs. Kennedy: Getting you ready for round two.

Mr. Kennedy:  Since when did this one start?

Mrs. Kennedy: since the day I learnt that satisfying my husband at all cost is very important. ‘Now shut up and relax while I work on you’ she commanded.


Meanwhile, after Jennifer finished making her hair, she took a cab to Asaba where her parent stays to pay them a visit. When she got there, she met her mother who was alone in the house.

Jennifer: Mummy, this one you are alone in the house, where is Nne and Obi?

Mrs Osaze: You know your sister Nneka no dey stay for house and as for obi, him go fit dey chigozie house.

Jennifer: What about daddy, where did he go to?

Mrs Osaze: He went to pay a visit to one of his former colleague at work.

Jennifer: Okay, no problem.

Mrs Osaze: This one you came to visit us today, hope no problem? If you are hungry, there is food in the kitchen ooo.

Jennifer: No mummy, I am not hungry.

Mrs Osaze: if you say so. Errrm there is something I want to discuss with you but just rest for a while since you are here already. Later, we will talk about it.

Jennifer: Mommy, I am leaving tomorrow after church. I won’t be here till tomorrow evening. What is it you want to discuss with me because I also have something I would like to tell you and Daddy?

Mrs Osaze: We will still discuss it later.

Jennifer: ‘No problem mommy. Let me go and rest small. You know how I hate travelling’ she said leaving the sitting room.

Later in the evening when everyone was in the sitting room, Mr osaze called his daughter.

Mr Osaze: My daughter, your mother told me that there is something you want to discuss with us

Jennifer:  Yes Papa. The thing is that someone wants to come and meet you people soon concerning marriage.

Mrs Osaze: hey! She shouted. My enemies will finally be put to shame. That was even what I wanted to talk to you about ooooo

Mr Osaze: ‘Woman! What is all this’, he said, irritated at her outburst.

Mrs Osaze: She ignored him and continued, he has done for me! He has done for me…! She sings. What my mother cannot do, he has done for me…Obi and Nneka kept mute without saying a word but smiling. ‘Ehen my daughter! You said someone is coming for you concerning marriage shey’ she asked

Nneka: hmmm. ‘So you wan marry’ she asked but was ignored by Jennifer.

Jennifer:  Yes mommy

Mrs Osaze: Oh Jesus, Jesus! I thank you….she started been sober. Jesus I thank you. You have finally done it. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Jesus. She bowed her head while waving her hands in the air and started praying.

Mr Osaze:  Ignored his wife and asked Errmm Jennifer, where is he from, what is he doing for a living?

Jennifer:  Daddy, he is the owner of Marvins Oil & Gas limited situated in Warri. His name is Mr. Kennedy Njemanze from Anambra State.

Mr Osaze: How long have you known him?

Jennifer: For over two years plus.

Mr Osaze: Alright then, tell us when he is ready to come and we will make ourselves available.

Jennifer: Okay Daddy and thank you very much.

Mrs Okaze: Finished her prayers said her Amen and continued. Please tell him to come quick. We are ever ready. I need to start making plans on the outfit to wear she said smiling.

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 Questions: It seems getting hawt here oo! Will Mr. Kennedy give his wife the heartbreaking news? How will she react?

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  1. Jennifer is not aware he is married, she already said she can’t date another woman’s man, BT if she gets to know at last, don’t know if she will be able to leave him, Mr Kennedy will still divorce his wife, that’s for sure

  2. I don’t think Mr. kennedy will change his mind on divorcing d wife but he’s going to regret his actions as for Jennifer, she’s nt to be blamed bcs she doesn’t know he’s married with kids even… may GOD help us ooo

  3. Hmmmmmmmm,this woman strong oooooo,well lesson number 1 for me incase,but I don’t pray for such. Adelove please don’t keep us waiting,upload.

  4. I pray Mr Kennedy forgets about the divorce… He should focus on uniting with his family and renew their lost love… Jennifer, another better man will come for your hand in marriage..

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