(Episode 4) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 4) Monster's Den with the Dead

Jennifer left Asaba to Warri with all smiles the following day after church. She went straight to Jessica’s house.

Jessica: ‘Hmmm, our soon to be bride. How you dey na’ she said as soon as she entered her room.

Jennifer: I dey oooo babe. I just dey come from Asaba now sef.

Jessica: Hope all is well?

Jennifer: Yes all is well. I just went to inform them about Kennedy visiting them soonest based on our marriage plan.

Jessica: Okay. What did they say?

Jennifer: Nothing much except they are expecting him. Abeg make I lie down small,I don tire she added and went to sleep.


Five days after the arrival of Mr Kennedy from Abuja, he made sure his family had the best time with him for this will be their final and happy moment together. He also made sure that his wife smiled all through that period. She was beginning to think he was his old self again.

Mr kennedy, lost in thought on how he was going to tell his wife the news he dreaded. He looked at his wife who caught him staring and smiled. He looked at his two beautiful children, closed his eyes, open them again because this is will be the perfect memory of them he will hold in his heart forever, decided to break the silence.

Mr. Kennedy: I will be leaving to Warri tomorrow he said looking at his wife.

Andrea: But dad, you can stay a little bit longer, I don’t want you to go.

Bryan: Dad, you can’t go now. Please stay for some days.

Mr. Kennedy: I really wish I can but I can’t. I have to go and get myself prepared for work.

Andrea: When are you coming back home dad? we will miss you again

Mr. Kennedy: Shocked at the question asked. Errm… I don’t know but I will let you know when I will be coming back home.

Mrs Kennedy looking at her husband and knowing he was uncomfortable with the questions thrown at him decided to tell the kids it was time for bed for it was past their bedtime.

Andrea: I will miss you dad.

Bryan: Me too.

Mr. Kennedy: he quickly went to them and hugged them. I will miss you guys more. He looked at them in the eyes and said I Love you both very much, never forget that. They nodded and went to their room saying goodnight.

He went to his room and started arranging his clothes in a suitcase.

Mrs. Kennedy: Is everything alright, I have never seen you like that with the kids before

Mr. Kennedy: He quickly stopped what he was doing and faced her. I am so sorry.

Mrs. Kennedy: Sorry for what she said smiling. For loving our kids and being a good husband? There is nothing to be sorry for because you just made me the happiest woman today. You have proved to not just been a good man but a good father and I love you so much for it.

Mr. Kennedy: Standing speechless with nothing to say, bowed his head and was ashamed of himself. He never expected her to say such things to him at the moment, especially when he is trying to end their relationship. ‘I want a divorce’ he said.

Mrs. Kennedy: She staggered backward but he held her steadily. You what?

Mr. Kennedy: I am sorry but I want a divorce. I am no longer happy in this marriage and it will be best if we go our separate ways.

Mrs. Kennedy: Please! She knelt down with tears in her eyes. ‘Please you can do anything you want to do I won’t stop you but don’t ask me for a divorce because I won’t be able to survive in this life without you’ she said crying. “Please Kennedy! Please Kennedy!! Please don’t leave us! Don’t leave me and the kids! She clasped her hands together begging and holding unto him. Please, don’t ask for a divorce, don’t destroy our family, don’t destroy what we hold dear, and don’t destroy us.

Mr. Kennedy: I have already made up my mind; I have signed the divorce papers. He said picked up his suitcase and was about to leave but she held him back on her kneels crying.

Mrs. Kennedy: I will do anything you want me to do. I will be whatever you want me to be but don’t destroy us. Think about our children, think about their future. ‘Think about us’ she added, shivering. Shedding tears bitterly. Her mouth was shaking uncontrollably.  We can’t live without you. Please Kennedy, don’t do this to us.

Mr. Kennedy: I have made up my mind. You will have to see my lawyers anytime you are ready. The divorce papers are with him, you can keep this house and any of the landed properties you want, you can have it.

Mrs. Kennedy:  “is she worth giving up your family for?” She stood up, dried her tears and said.

Mr. Kennedy: I am sorry. He felt ashamed of himself

Mrs. Kennedy:  ‘If you step out of this house, never you come back’ she said with anger in her eyes.

Mr. Kennedy: ‘I don’t intend to and you can tell the kids whatever you want’ he replied and walked away.

Mrs. Kennedy: Kennedy! Kennedy! Kennedy! Yeeeehhhh! Kennedy has ruined me and the family. Haaaaa, what offence did i commit? Why did i deserve this?  She shouted

In that moment, her world crashed before her. She fainted

Questions: Hmmm… Mrs Kennedy’s world is really spinning otherwise at the moment. How will Mrs Kennedy put back the pieces of her broken heart together?

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  1. Mr Kennedy is walking into the lion’s den,he’ll definitely run back to his wife when he is riun.
    Mrs Kennedy should console herself with prayer

  2. its a pity wen pple go for options rather than bn a priority… Mrs kennedy wipe ur tears n look on to ur kids…. its well. he sure will regret his actions someday

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