(Part 2) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 2) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

Tomi: “I’m going inside to take a shower. Gbenga and his Sister should be back soon with lunch.”

Her voice snapped me out of my fantasy world and I walked into the house behind her. She walked toward her bedroom and I walked toward the guest room bathroom.

After my shower, I walked out toward the kitchen and saw Gbenga and Obby eating their Lunch. I grabbed mine and a drink and we started. We were just about finished when Mrs Tomi walked out, wrapped in a long, white, cotton robe.

Gbenga: “Dam mom, it’s like 90 degrees outside and you are all bundled up. You feeling ok?”

Tomi looked at me and we gave each other a slight grin. I hadn’t told Gbenga about the little game Tomi and I had just played.

Tomi: “I’m fine Gbenga. I have a chill. The AC is on high and it’s cold in the house.”

Gbenga: “Whatever you say mom. Obby and Anthony, do you wanna go catch a movie with me at SilverBird?

Me: “Nah man, you guys go. I’m gonna stay in tonight.”

Gbenga: “What the hell is wrong with you? We are hanging out at Jimmy’s place afterwards. It’s gonna be fun”

Jimmy was another close friend of ours. Normally, I would have said yes, but I wanted to spend more time with Tomi. I had the urge to be around her, any chance that I got and I had a cool vibe with her that day.

Me: “I’m not in the mood. I’m not feeling so hot right now. I’m going to take a nap and if I feel better later, I’ll catch up with you guys.”

Gbenga: “Alright bro. Feel better.”

Tomi walked over to me, bent over and placed her hand on my forehead.

Tomi: “You don’t have a fever. You feeling ok?”

I looked straight ahead as she placed her hand on my forehead, and Tomi’s chest was at my eye level. When she bent over, the top of her robe dropped down. She didn’t tighten the sash around her belt very tight and it hung loosely from her body. I could see her breasts drooping down on the inside of her robe and I noticed she didn’t have a top on. Tomi caught me staring, but she didn’t move. She smiled at me.

Tomi: “Do you need me to take care of you Sweety?” She asked.

I finally looked up at her and saw a funny look in her eye.

Me: “Yea, I think I may need to be taken care of.”

Tomi: “Hmm. Well, we need to figure out what is wrong with you so we can figure out the best course of treatment for you.”


Tomi stood up, took my hand and pulled me up. I stood up and looked at her. She still had that funny look on her face, a look I had never seen before.

Tomi: “Follow me.” She said as she held my hand while we walked down the hallway into her bedroom.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had been in her bedroom. I was probably 18 years old. I used to hide in there all the time when Gbenga, Obby and me played hide and seek.

Tomi: “Sit on the bed. I need to go get my first aid kit.”

I did as she said and watched her walk into her bathroom. Moments later, she came out with a small case. I noticed the sash on her robe seemed to hang more loosely than it did when she walked into the bathroom.

Tomi: “Lay down Sweety.”

I did as she asked. Then she opened up her case and pulled out a thermometer. She sat on the bed next to me, facing me. She bent her left knee, placed it on the bed toward me and kept her right leg on the floor. Her robe opened quite a bit and when she sat down. All I could see was smooth skin as she exposed her inner thighs to me, but not high enough for me to see that special place between her legs.

Tomi: “Open your mouth for me.” She said in a soft voice.

I did as she asked and she leaned forward and placed the thermometer in my mouth, under my tongue. I was feeling warm and I started to sweat a bit. My heart was beating fast again. My eyes were glued to her lower body. Tomi placed her hand on my forehead again.

Tomi: “Oh my Sweet, are you hot? You are starting to perspire a bit.”

I looked up at her and nodded.

Tomi: “I think you should take off your shirt. Sit up.”

Tomi shifted her body and she slid her knee closer to me to balance herself before she stood up. When she shifted her knee, I saw what looked like a dark patch hair between her legs. Had I just seen what I thought I saw? Is Tomi completely naked under her robe? My heart was pounding now. What is happening? I asked myself.

I sat up and Tomi grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Then she pushed me back down, indicating that she wanted me to lay down again. I laid back down and Tomi sat back down next to me, in a similar position to where she was moments ago. My head shift south again. The more she moved around, stood up and sat down, the more the sash on her robe loosed. She either didn’t notice or she didn’t care. When I looked down toward her inner thighs again, I had a perfect view of what she had between her legs. I could see a large, dark patch of pubic hair. I started getting aroused and I felt my penis grow under my basketball shorts. I had nothing to cover myself up with, but I decided not to even try. Tomi placed her hand on my chest as she leaned over to pull the thermometer out of my head. The top part of her robe opened up when she leaned into me and her left breast was almost completely exposed. Her nipple was still covered, but barely.

Tomi: “Anthony, your heart is pounding.” She said as her left hand rested on my chest. “Your face is flush too. Are you nervous?”

I shook my head side to side. My penis continued to swell in my shorts and a noticeable tent appeared below my waist. My eyes kept shifting between Tomi’s exposed crotch and her protruding breast.

Tomi: “I’m going to get you a cold wash cloth. Your starting to feel very warm and your beginning to sweat.”

Tomi stood up and turned to walk toward the bedroom, but stopped when she noticed the tent in my shorts. She turned and looked back at me, a big smirk on your face.

Tomi: “I see what’s happening here. Now that we know what the problem is, I think we can start your treatment. Do you want me to treat your ailment?” She asked, looking at my crotch.

Question: What does Tomi meant by saying “I see what’s happening here”?

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