(Part 3) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 3) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

I just nodded my head. I felt like a shy, little kid, afraid to talk to a stranger. Tomi felt like a stranger. I had never seen this side of her, nor did I ever imagine I would see this side of her. She was acting very differently and I loved it. My cock was throbbing inside my shorts. I wanted to ravish my best friend’s mother, but I restrained myself and waited to see what she had in mind for me.

Tomi: “Ok Sweety. I have the perfect cure for your ‘ailment’. The first thing we need to do is to cool you down. We need to take off these shorts. I sense a lot of heat being generated down here.”

She bent over and grabbed the sides of my shorts. When she bent over, her left breast popped out of the side of her robe and was completely exposed. Her left nipple was fully erect and stood about a half inch. My cock ached to be exposed and within seconds, Tomi pulled off my shorts and boxer briefs. My manhood saluted Tomi after she pulled my shorts and underwear off.

Tomi: “Oh my Anthony. You sure have grown.” She said in a sultry voice, eyeing my meat.

The sash of her robe had come undone when she worked my clothing off and her robe hung open in front of her. She didn’t even try to cover herself up and proceeded to flash her hairy cookie at me. She had long pubic hair and her muff was shaped like a large triangle. My cock was so hard at this point. The tip of my penis was so engorged and swollen, causing it to turn purple.

Tomi sat on the bed again, in the same position she had the last 2 times and looked at me. She placed her left hand back on my chest and her right hand on my left cheek.

Tomi: “Are you ready for your treatment?” She asked as her left hand moved down my chest, toward my stomach.

Me: “I am more than ready.” I said, finally able to speak.

Tomi’s hand kept moving south. I started getting goosebumps. I wasn’t a virgin, by any means, but it had been over 6 months since I had sex. I felt Tomi’s hand reach my pubic hair. She spread her fingers and ran them fingers through my pubes, sending what felt like electricity throughout my body. Her hand continued to move south, but she bypassed my hardness and went for my balls. I spread my legs and she cupped my testicles in her hand. She massaged them very gently and the electricity I felt earlier intensified. I raised my right hand and cupped her left breast. Tomi let out a little gasp when I touched her breast. Her nipple had softened from when I first saw it, but it hardened quickly when I touched her. I massaged her breast and pinched her nipple, ever so slightly. When I did this, Tomi’s left hand stopped massaging my balls and moved toward my shaft. I felt her wrap her warm fingers around my girth. She started rubbing me slowly, stroking my stick.

Me: Mmmm… Ooohh yyeeahhh. I moaned softly

My body shuddered to her touch. Tomi’s eyes were focussed on my face. She never looked back at my cock.

I started thrusting my hips up and down ever so slightly while she stroked the length of my penis. I sat up a bit, grabbed both sides of her robe with both my hands, and opened it. I pulled her robe back so that it dropped off her shoulders and down her back. Tom sat in front of me with both her breasts fully exposed. They were gorgeous. They drooped a bit but her nipples were extremely perky. Her body lines were totally exposed and made her look sexy. Her breasts were milky white and soft. I massaged both of them with my hands. Tomi arched her back and pushed her chest forward as I caressed her tits. Her grip tightened around my shaft and she began stroking me faster. It didn’t take long before I announced I was about to cum.

As soon as I said this, she pinched the tip of my cock with her thumb and index finger and squeezed hard. I felt a pressure build up inside of my cock, but I couldn’t release it. Tomi stood up and her robe dropped on top of the bed. She spun around, bent over and released her grip. As soon as she let go, she wrapped her lips around my purple helmet and began stroking me again with her right hand. I erupted within moments and I felt spasm after spasm shoot from my balls and up through my shaft. I could feel rope after rope of cum shoot from the tip of my cock into Tomi’s mouth. While Jessica worked my cock with her lips and her hand, I slipped my hand in between her legs, up toward her cookie. I ran my fingers through her soaking wet pubic hair until I felt her smooth slit.


I woke up on Tomi’s bed, alone. I sat up and looked around. The blanket that was on top of me slid down my chest, onto my lap. I looked down and realized I was still naked. I was a bit disappointed that Tomi wasn’t in bed with me. I called out for her, but there was no answer. I put my basketball shorts on and walked out into the kitchen area. Tomi wasn’t there either. She must have gone out. I went into the guest bedroom, where I was staying and sat on the bed, replaying the events that happened earlier. It felt like a dream, but the reality was that my best friend’s mother seduced me and I couldn’t wait for it to happen again. The clock on the nightstand said 4:40 p.m. I decided to make a call.

Me: “Hey Gbenga, are you at Jimmy’s house?” I asked over the phone.

Gbenga: “We’re on our way to his place now. Are you feeling better?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m great.”

Gbenga: “Glad to hear it. I guess that nap worked wonders.”

Me: “It sure did.” I said with a chuckle.

The image of Tomi, flat on her back, with my cock inside her hairy pussy popped into my head. The reason I felt so great was because of my little sex fest with Gbenga’s mother, not my nap, but I wasn’t about to tell him that.

Me: “Listen, I’ll meet you guys at Jimmy’s in about an hour.” I continued.

Gbenga: “Alright man, bring some cash. We’re gonna play some cart game.”

Me: “Awesome. I look forward to taking your money.”

After I got off the phone, I went into the closet and grabbed a button down shirt and a pair of jeans. I placed my outfit on the bed and turned to face the nightstand. I bent over and opened the top drawer to get a pair of boxer briefs. To my surprise, I found a long, thin, gift wrapped package with a little red bow. There was a small card taped to it with my name on it. I took the package out of the drawer, sat on the bed and placed it in my lap. I pulled the card off the package and opened it.

“Thank you for an amazing time earlier. I hope you like your gift.” – Tomi

I couldn’t help but to smile after reading the card. I ripped the wrapping off the package and opened it. Inside, I found a pink vibrator with a clit stimulator. I took it out of the box and looked at it. I had seen lots of women use these in the porno movies I watched online. There was another note in the box. I pulled it out and read it.

“I’m sure you can find a creative way to use this next time we are alone.” – Tomi

Me: “Fuck!” I said out loud.

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