(Episode 5) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 5) Monster's Den with the Dead

Immediately Kennedy got back from Port Harcourt, Jennifer quickly took some of her belongings along with her to her fiancé place to spend some time with. The two love birds were busy going to clubs, parties and visiting places. Kennedy was happy that at last he is a free man and can do whatever he likes. He felt like he was in his teens again. Having to do whatever he wants to do with nobody cautioning him.

The couples attended a wedding and were on their way home when Jennifer decided to tell her what she wants for her wedding.

Jennifer: Ken, I would want to have 3in1 wedding oooo

Mrs Kennedy: Which one is 3in1 wedding again?

Jennifer: Court, White and Traditional wedding

Mr Kennedy: Why?

Jennifer: ‘Because I don’t want any woman, born of a man to think because you are rich take you away from me. You know how you men behave after marriage. You will start looking outside for a new and younger woman to start a relationship with. I don’t want to be at the losing end if it happens’ she said as a matter of fact. Not after I have suffered with you to get to this point.

Mr Kennedy: Is it me you want to marry or my wealth? I was already rich before you met me.

Jennifer: I just want to be on the safe side that is all. We are going to have a big court wedding.

Mr Kennedy: Okay. After all, court wedding is what I intend to have with you and not church wedding but since you insist in this your 3in1 wedding, no wahala.

Jennifer: Thanks darling!  That is why I love you.

Later in the evening, Kennedy was alone in his room while Jennifer was busy preparing dinner when he thought about his family. When and how he met his wife, how he proposed to her, how she wanted them not to spend so much planning a wedding. He missed her laughter, her words of encouragement. He misses his children so much. He wished he could see them again and apologize for the harsh decision he made. ‘I am sure they already hate me because their mother would have told them I am not coming back’ he said to himself.

Jennifer: Sweetheart, she interrupted his thought.

Kennedy: Yes Jenny.

Jennifer: Is everything alright with you?

Kennedy: Yes, why did you ask?

Jennifer: Nothing oh! Just that since you came back from your last trip, you have been behaving somehow. You changed all your numbers, even that of your office without giving any tangible reason

Kennedy:  But I thought I told you I had to do so because I never wanted to receive some kind of calls anymore

Jennifer: And I told you it is not enough reason to do so. You can actually block the number using true caller. Me, I don’t believe all this your stories oooo. Hope it is not because of a woman you are doing this.

Kennedy:  How can you say this? How can we be planning our marriage and still feel I am having an affair.

Jennifer: I didn’t say you are having an affair, I am only asking.

Kennedy:  He drew her close, planted a kiss on her forehead and said, I promise you that I am not having an affair. I am coming to see your people in a few months, don’t spoil the joy in my heart with all this your questions oooo

Jennifer: ‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to. Your food is ready’ she said as he drew her close and they kissed again but this time, it was a passionate kiss.

Kennedy:  You know you are the only woman after my heart.

Jennifer: Good! When we are done eating, I will like us to come back here, there is a new position I want us to learn today. She said pouting her mouth.

Kennedy:  Whatever new position you want to learn, no wahala. I just want you to include the woman on top style from now on. Infact, that should always be our favorite style from now on.

Jennifer: Hmm, when did you start liking the cowgirl style? I am suspecting you kennedy.

Kennedy: ‘I watched it online and I liked it’ he lied. He did not want her to know that all the time he spent in Port Harcourt; he has been having amazing sex with his wife who made him love the woman on top position.

Jennifer: Doggy style is still my favorite but for your sake, we will add cowgirl style to our routine. Let’s go and eat joor, she dragged him out of bed and they both left to the sitting room.


Bryan woke up, checked his bedside alarm, it was 7:30am in the morning. He said to himself, why has Mommy not woken us up? Is there no school today? He quickly got down from his bed, went to Andrea who was still sleeping.

Bryan: Andrea, wake up, we will be late for school today. He tapped her.

Andrea: hmmm…okay she said with sleepy eyes. But where is Mom?

Bryan: I don’t know, maybe she is sleeping. Come let us go and wake her up. He held Andrea’s hand and together they went to her room.

When they got to her room, opened the door, they were shocked at the sight of what they saw. The room was upside down, broken pieces of frames everywhere and above all they saw their Mom disheveled and curled up in her bed. Andrea, who was very scared, looked at his brother. Bryan was also scared but acted like all was fine. He tightened his hold on his sister and walked to where his mom is.

Bryan: ‘Mom, are you okay’ he asked but got no response.

Andrea: Mommmm…she started crying. Mommmieeee…

Mrs Kennedy who was lost in thought looked at her children as if she was seeing them for the first time, dragged them closer and hugged them.

Mrs Kennedy: Andrea! Why are you crying?

Andrea: Mom you are scaring us.

Mrs Kennedy: I am sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you. I am sorry baby.

Andrea: Mom what happened here? Did you and dad have a fight? Where is dad?

Mrs Kennedy: it is nothing my child, Dad left already. Come and get dressed, you guys are late already. She took them out of her room, got them ready and drove them to school. She bid them goodbye and called Donald, her husband’s best friend to come home quickly.

When she got home, she met Donald at her doorstep waiting for her. She apologized for keeping him waiting, ushered him to her house.

Donald: Are you okay, you don’t look too good.

Mrs Kennedy: Did you know that your friend asked me for a divorce? I have been trying to reach him since he walked out the door but his number is unreachable. I even tried his office number, still the same thing she asked looking sober. Did you know about all this? Did you know he was going to ask for a divorce?

Donald: Yes I did and talked him out of it but he wouldn’t listen.

Mrs Kennedy: why didn’t you tell me? Why did you have to wait until he broke the news to me? Maybe I could have done something to change his mind she said crying.

Donald: I didn’t tell you because it wasn’t in my place to do so. You have to put yourself together for yourself and your kids. He went to her and patted her on her back.

Mrs Kennedy: He will come back. I know he will come back for me and our kids because he loves us dearly. He is only under her influence and I believe in my heart that my husband will come back home to us she said looking at Donald for assurance

Donald: I don’t think he will. Mrs Kennedy gave him a questioning look. He is getting married soon he replied.

Mrs Kennedy: Ah! I am finished. No! Noooooo! she cried. She fainted again

Donald: Mrs Kennedy! Mrs Kennedy! Wake up! Wake up please. Don’t die on me

Question: One word for Mr Kennedy? 

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  1. Ingrate! he will surely reap wat he’s abt to sow, Mrs Kennedy, its well…. just take good care of ur kids n urself, its nt d end of d world they’re all u ve for now

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