(Episode 6) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 6) Monster's Den with the Dead

Donald tried all he could to make Mrs Kennedy take the case to court but she was adamant about it.

Mrs Kennedy: Taking the case to court is not a good idea. I still love my husband and he is the father of my kids. I can’t take their father to court.

Donald: But he asked you for a divorce. He cheated on you.

Mrs Kennedy: Don’t stress the subject Donald; I won’t take him to court. Agreed, what he did to me was wrong but there is nothing I can do about it. I will go to his Lawyer and signed the divorce papers. Whatever he leaves me and the kids is okay by me. Don’t need anything from him as long as his kids are well taken care of.

Donald: Do you still love him after all he did to you?

Mrs Kennedy: He is the father of my kids Donald she said without answering the direct question thrown at her.

Donald wanted an answer to the question asked but couldn’t tell Mrs Kennedy of the feelings he nurtured for her yet, for she has not fully recovered from the fact that she is separated from her husband. He had loved and is still in love with Mrs Kennedy before she married his best friend.

They met while serving in Abuja and became close friends. After service, they both left to their various states, met again when Kennedy introduced her to him as his fiancée and Donald as his best friend.  He  was not only shocked but surprised  when they were introduced because the girl he has been searching through social media, asking people with whom they served together if they had her contact after he lost his phone was standing right in front of her with his best friend. He was speechless and happy for the both of them, and knew he has lost a chance with the one woman he truly loved. Now that things is about to change, he hopes that this time, he will get his chance to profess his love to her.

Few days later, after dropping her kids at their school, she drove to Lawyer Tanjudeen, requested for the divorce document, satisfied at what she saw and signed it. After all was said and done, she went to an estate agent, told them what she wanted and was told they will get back to her in a couple of days.

Later in the evening, she called her kids and told them of what she intend doing.

Mrs Kennedy: Bryan! Andrea! We will be relocating to Abuja very soon.

Andrea: Mom, is dad coming with us?

Mrs Kennedy: No, Dad will not be coming with us.

Andrea: but why Mom? I miss my daddy. I want to talk to him.

Mrs Kennedy: ‘Sweetheart’ she touched her chin. Daddy number has been unreachable for a long time now. I am sure he misses you but you won’t be seeing him for a long time.

Bryan: Why mom? Did you and dad have a fight?

Mrs Kennedy: No Bryan, your dad and I never had a fight. He just won’t be coming home for a very long time. When you are old enough to understand life, I will explain everything to you. What I need from the both of you to understand right now is, dad will not be coming home for a long time.

Andrea: Does that mean he doesn’t love us anymore?

Mrs Kennedy: No Andrea, he loves you both very much.

Bryan: ‘Then why won’t he be coming home’ he shouted. You don’t leave the people you love no matter what.

Mrs Kennedy: I don’t know why he did it but I hope someday, I will be able to understand it too. Enough of this already, Andrea you have to be strong and Bryan you are now the man of this house. I need you both to always have each other’s back no matter what happens okay? They both nodded.  ‘We will be relocating to Abuja soon and it will be just us’ she said smiling.

Bryan knew that whatever happened the night of his dad leaving the house was what is making his mother make her decisions. He wished he could see his dad again so that he will ask his father why he made his mother cry for many weeks. It has been weeks since he last dialed his father’s phone using his Mom’s phone and it was unreachable. He misses his dad so much but also hates the fact that he was bringing pain into the life of his beloved mother.

Mr Kennedy with the help of his father quickly went to Umuodu Village in Anambra State to return the bride price which was given to them. The family of Ogbogu tried all they could to intervene in the matter all to no avail. They dropped the items used as a refund for the bride price and left immediately.

All effort to reach Mrs Kennedy proved abortive because her line was unreachable. Mr and Mrs Ogbogu left to Port Harcourt to see their daughter in regards to the latest event. When they got there, she welcomed them and told them that she has also made her decision not to remain married to her husband again and there was nothing they can do since she has signed her divorce papers. Though, they tried persuading her to have a change of mind but her mind was already made up and there was no going back.

Jennifer made Kennedy his favourite food which is Okazi soup with Eba. While they were eating, Mr. Kennedy was not happy that his wife to be isn’t so good at preparing his favorite meal.

Mr. Kennedy: Jenny, I don’t like this soup one bit. You have to improve in your cooking skills.

Jennifer: But I went out of my way to prepare this meal specially for you and you still don’t like it.

Mr. Kennedy: ‘This is not how they prepare okazi soup na’ he frowned. ‘This one is too watery and no enough assorted inside. I don’t joke with my food oooo and if this is how you will be preparing my meal then you should start planning on registering in any catering school. No taste, no nothing. Like I am eating only eba’. Please! He dropped the molded eba in his hand on the plate with anger.

Jennifer: ‘There is nothing wrong with this soup. Is it not the same soup I have here with me’ She hissed. “She might need to hire cook oo if you don’t like mine” She added

Mr. Kennedy: Why won’t it be tasty, when it was you that prepared it.

Jennifer: It is tasty joor. Eat it like that. When we get married I intend employing a cook to do all this because I can’t be suffering myself in the kitchen preparing your meal always.

Mr. Kennedy: hmm.. I have not even married you and it is like this, when I marry you nko? Woman, learn how to cook well and properly because I don’t intend having a maid or a cook in my house. He said and walked away.

Jennifer: I won’t say anything now until we get married then you will know that I will not also bring a cook or a maid but when the kids’ starts coming, each child will have a nanny to herself. When I married a rich husband you still want me to do everything when I can easily have everything done by people and pay them stipends. Yeye man, until then Kennedy she said to herself and hissed.

In his room, he thought of his wife again. She sabi cook no be small. She is a home maker, a mother and a friend. I really miss her no be small. The only thing Jennifer has A1 in, is clubbing, partying, visiting friends and going to eatery. She cannot cook, clean the house or wash the dishes. Look at my home and bedroom, everywhere is a mess. She even wants to employ people to do her wifey duties, when the woman I just divorced did everything alone with smiles on her face. I don’t intend spending my money unnecessarily when we get married he said to himself.

Question: Why is this room getting hawt? Are you feeling the heat? Hmmm… Seems Kennedy is having a rethink. Don’t you think it’s too late doing that? 

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  1. Wow!!!First to comment….Well,you never know the worth of a thing till you loose it.Kennedy ain’t seen anything yet!

  2. Kennedy, u never know meme…it will be too late to retrace ur yeye step.
    Pls Mrs Kennedy quickly move on.

  3. It’s just d beginning. More problems to come cos nemesis has a way of playing back. He has to dance to d music he played

  4. What manner of man would say he loves a lady because she likes clubbing, partying, visiting friends and eateries? Na wa o.

  5. I hope she’ll reciprocate Donald’s love and move on.
    But is it the man that refunds the dowry or the family of the wife ?

  6. It is getting hawt for him,meanwhile Kennedy must dance to the tune of his music.
    Oya na let jenny babe play him the music

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