(Part 4) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 4) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

I couldn’t wait to see Tomi again. I put the vibrator back in the package and placed it back in the drawer. Then I went to take a shower and left to meet my friends.

It was midnight when Gbenga, Obby and I got home. They both went upstairs to their bedrooms and I went into my room. I had seen Tomi’s car in the garage when we got in, so I knew she was home. I went over to my nightstand and opened the drawer. The package was gone, but there was a new note in it’s place. I pulled the note out and read it.

“I got bored waiting for you to get back so I had to borrow your gift. – Tomi.

Me: “Shit!” I exclaimed to myself.

Gbenga’s mom was teasing the shit out of me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I got undressed and took another shower and put on some shorts. I waited until the clock on the nightstand said 1 a.m. before I walked out of my room. I wanted to make sure I gave Gbenga and Obby enough time to fall asleep.

My bedroom and Tomi’s bedrooms were on the first floor. Her bedroom was on the opposite side of the house from where all the other bedrooms were. I walked down the hall, across the kitchen, down another hallway and stopped in front of her bedroom. The door was closed. I pressed my ear up against it and heard nothing. Tomi wanted a surprise so I was about to give her one. I opened the door and let myself in. The room was dark, but I was familiar with it. I walked slowly toward her king sized bed and stopped when I kicked the footboard, jamming the big toe on my left foot. I bit my lip, trying not to swear as pain shot through my toe. I bent over and rubbed my foot and looked up to see if Tomi had woken up. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see the outline of her body under the bed sheet. It looked like she was sleeping on her stomach and she was breathing heavily.

Me: “Where did she put the vibrator?” I asked myself. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and turned on the flashlight, so I could look around. I didn’t see it anywhere. I started going through her drawers and found her panty drawer. She had very exquisite tastes. I rummaged through her underwear, admiring all the sexy pieces. There were dozens of pairs in there, but that’s not all I found. Toward the back of the drawer, I found a few toys. There was a long, thick dildo, which made me feel a bit self conscious, a box with a picture of sheer black panties that had a built in vibrator and wireless remote control, and another box that read ‘Anal Beads’.

My mind started racing. Tomi was a bit of a sex freak and I wanted to see how freaky. Before closing the drawer, I took out the two boxes with the vibrating panties and the anal beads. I had plans for these two little items. I snuck out of her bedroom and went back to my room to hide the two boxes. I put the box with the panties in my underwear drawer. I was about to put the box with the anal beads in the drawer too, but then I had another idea. I took the beads out of the box and put them in my pocket. Then I put the empty box in my drawer with the panties.

I started making my way back to Tomi’s room, with a brief stop in the kitchen to grab a special item. Once I was back in her room, I closed the door behind me. I didn’t want to risk being discovered by Gbenga or Obby. I walked over to the bed, careful not to stub my toe again and slowly lifted the bed sheet covering Tomi’s body. My eyes were completely adjusted to the lack of light and the moonlight streaming in from her windows was enough for me to see. To my surprise, Tomi, was sleeping in the nude and next to her was a familiar shape. It was the vibrator she had given me as a gift. I pulled the bed sheet back, slowly uncovering Tomi and draped it off the foot board of her bed. I picked up the dildo and put it on the base of her bed, along with the anal beads I had borrowed from her. I took the special item I had grabbed from the kitchen and opened it, pouring its contents into my left hand. After putting the bottle down, I pulled off my shorts with my right hand and started spreading the grape seed oil all over my chest. I poured more oil into my hand and lubricated my legs and swollen cock. Then I took the bottle of oil and turned it over, pouring a line of oil from Tomi’s neck down to top of her ass crack. It surprised me that she didn’t wake up when I did this. She was deep asleep.

I bent over her and started spreading the oil over her back, kneading her skin with my hands. I also used my forearms and ran them up and down the length of her back.

Tomi: “MMMM.” I heard Tomi say.

Me: “Shhh.” I whispered in her ear. “You said you wanted to be surprised, so here is your first surprise.”

Tomi: “First surprise?” she asked in a soft voice. “How many surprised am I going to get?”

Me: “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

Tomi: “o ga ooo. This boy go kill me today.” she said.

I massaged her neck, shoulders and back for several minutes before working my way down to her legs. I didn’t touch her ass, which made her arch her hips up, indicating that her ass wanted some attention. I just spread more oil onto the back of each leg and worked her muscles with mild pressure. She spread her legs for me so I could access her inner thighs. As I massaged her lower body, my hands ran down the back of her legs and up her inner thighs. As I approached the entrance to her womanhood, I shifted my hands back up to her hamstrings, just below her twin cheeks. She moaned a bit every time I got close to her special places, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of touching her where she wanted to be touched, not yet. After several minutes of massaging, I lowered my face toward her head.

Me: “Are you ready for surprise number two?” I whispered into her ear.

Tomi: “Mmhhmmmm.” she murmured.

I climbed onto the bed and straddled her legs, just below her ass. My cock was throbbing, aching to enter her from behind. I fought the urge to enter her and bent over her body. I placed my forearms on her ass, one arm behind the other, and slid them forward, over her ass, toward her lower back and up to her shoulders. As I did this, my body lowered and slid on top of hers with my cock slipping in between her thighs. Tomi groaned in pleasure.

Tomi: “Oh God Anthony, that feels incredible.”

As I slid my arms back down toward her ass, my body rose up from hers and I repeated my first motion. Tomi spread her legs a bit and arched her ass up, implying that she wanted me to slip my stem inside her. I adjusted myself so that the under part of my shaft slipped into her ass crack and slid up and over her asshole as I lowered my body over her. The oil I had put on my body earlier made me very slippery and the sensations I felt as I massaged Gbenga’s mother with my body were intense. I had to go slow to control the excitement I was feeling.

I did this for a good 20 minutes. While I was lying on top of Tomi, I leaned into hear ear again.

Me: “It’s time for surprise number three.”

Tomi: “Fuck yeah.” she said. “Give it to me.”

Question: What’s Surprise Number 3? 

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