(Episode 7) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 7) Monster's Den with the Dead

On a sunny day, Donald came to pay a visit to the Kennedys’ but met only Mrs. Kennedy in the house. He asked about the kids and was told he took them to go visit their class mate living in in the next street.

Donald: hope the kids are doing okay?

Mrs Kennedy: Yes they are. They have been very understanding and loving.

Donald: I am happy that you don’t look like what you have been through

Mrs Kennedy: hmm, it is over 3 months Donald, I am not going to kill myself over a man who has decided to walk away from his family; I have shed more tears than I can remember ever shedding for a man. The sleepless nights and soaked pillow is something I wouldn’t want to keep doing. It is time for me to live for myself and my children.

Donald: Good to hear that. You know his head office in Warri, why don’t you pay him a visit?

Mrs Kennedy: That will not be necessary when I have already signed the divorce papers.

Donald: What! He shouted. You signed the documents?

Mrs Kennedy: I did, few days ago. As a matter of fact, I put this house up for sale. Any moment from now, we will be relocating to Abuja.

Donald: Wow! So if I had not come to pay you a visit, you would have left without informing me abi, I thought we are friends.

Mrs Kennedy: I am sorry, I have not really had the time to call and inform you of my plan. Accept my apologies please.

Donald: No Problem. When exactly is the day you are leaving?

Mrs Kennedy: Soonest.

Donald: Alright then, hope I get to see you and the kids again before leaving to Abuja.

Mrs Kennedy: of course you will she said smiling.

Donald: But was signing the divorce papers worth it?

Mrs Kennedy: Yes it is. I have come to realize that I cannot keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.


Few days later, Mrs Kennedy was informed by her agent that the new occupant of her apartment will be moving in before the end of the month. She quickly made her travel arrangement and informed Donald on the day they will be leaving. He came as soon as he heard the news and met the kids.

Andrea: Uncle Donald, we are leaving to Abuja a day after tomorrow.

Donald: So you are leaving your uncle behind’ he asked as he hugged little Andrea.

Bryan: You can always pay us a visit if you wish.

Donald: Yeah sure. I will pay you guys a visit whenever I can.

Mrs. Kennedy, who was busy tidying up the mess the kids made in their room, left what she was doing when she heard Donald’s voice.

Mrs Kennedy: Hello Donald, Welcome.

Donald:  Hello Mrs Kennedy, I actually came here because there is something I really want to tell you.

Mrs Kennedy: What is it, hope no problem?

Donald: No problem. Just something private please.

Mrs Kennedy:  She told her children to go to their room and play. What is so important that you wanted to say to me?

Donald: Errmm… I know that this is not the right time; I know you have not fully recovered from your broken marriage but I believe, you are on your way to discovery. Actually, what I am about to say is of paramount importance to me. Don’t need your reply immediately, until you are finally ready, to let me in.

Mrs Kennedy: I don’t understand what you are saying Donald.

Donald: What I mean is that, I will want you to give me a chance once you are ready to allow someone into your life. I do not need a reply immediately, just think about it when you are ready please

Mrs Kennedy: Hmmm Donald, I am speechless and short of words. I like you as a friend and nothing else. The thought of me going into another relationship is not on my mind right now and when I am ready, that is if I will ever be ready after all what just happened, I will let you know.

Donald: I promise to wait till when you are ready for you to give me a chance even if it takes years.

Mrs Kennedy: As a friend, Please do not wait for me. I do not think I will be ready anytime soon.

Donald: My decision Mrs Kennedy.

Mrs Kennedy: If you insist then but do not say I did not warn you oooo. She said and they continued their discussion on her relocating to Abuja.


On their way to Asaba from Warri, Kennedy has been moody and uncomfortable. If he had his way, he would have shifted the date but Jennifer will have none of it.

Jennifer on her own part was happy that the day she has been waiting for, has finally arrived. She looked at her husband to be, was wondering why he has been moody the whole day.

Jennifer: Sweetheart, is everything alright?

Mr Kennedy: Nothing, just thinking about something.

Jennifer: What is it, let me in on it joor. I don’t like this moodiness. We are on our way and you should be happy instead you are moody.

Mr Kennedy: Nothing serious.

Jennifer: Okay ooo. When we get to Ughelli driver, you will stop, let us get some more wines for my family. Since I am marrying a rich man, I will not fall my hand. ‘Driver you hear’ she asked and he nodded looking at his side mirror.

Mr Kennedy: Why are you buying more wines? This is just me going to your house to make my intentions known.

Jennifer: I want to buy more expensive wines na… the one we have with us is not enough. I don’t want them to think that I am marrying a poor man. Driver, stop and call that man selling Kilishi and ask him how much it cost. I want to buy some for myself and siblings.

Mr Kennedy: Thought of his Daughter Andrea, ‘Oh! How much she loves Kilishi’  he said to himself. He turned to Jennifer and asked so you want to show off?

Jennifer: Something like that. I don’t want them to think my husband is not capable of providing for me.

Mr Kennedy: ‘This is the height of it. I can’t take it anymore’, he said for his conscience has been disturbing him

Jennifer: You can’t take what anymore?

Mr Kennedy: Errmm. Driver, stop the car and wait outside for some minutes please, I will like to discuss something private with Jenny.

 Questions: Will Kennedy let the cat out of the bag? Will Jennifer still want Kennedy when the truth is revealed?

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  1. Adelove u kept us waiting so long. Jennifer won’t let him go even if d truth is revealed cos its obvious she likes his wealth

  2. Even if ur man is capable, must you show off? Its gud for Kennedy Shebi he had a lovely wife he wants someone that is extrovert, he has just started, and am sure Jennifer will let him go just like that, men no matter what u see outside talk to your wife if she can adjust, and you won’t regret, it is nt only the wife that must spice up d marriage d man also needs to do same

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