(Episode 8) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 8) Monster’s Den with the Dead

Few weeks later, after relocating to Abuja with her kids, she was able to buy an apartment with the money she got from selling a few properties she got after filling for a divorce and selling the house. She bought a house in Wuse zone 5, enrolled her children in a private school.

Mrs Kennedy changed her name to her maiden name, which is Ms. Kendra Ogbogu and started her search for Job with it. Though looking for a job in Abuja where you have no one or no connection was not an easy thing for her, but she never gave up. On one of such occasions she logged into hot Nigerian Jobs, Saw an advert for the position of a Data Improvement officer, by World Health Organization and quickly applied for it.

She was called in for interview and was asked to resume work after she collected her employment letter the following day. Happy at the news she got, she quickly called Donald to give him the good news. After that, she went home to prepare special lunch for her kids as a form of celebration.

When she brought them back from school, she told them the news and celebrated the occasion with them. They all sat in the sitting room when Bryan decided to ask how things were going to be from now on.

Bryan: Mom, if you start work now, who will be taking care of us.

Ms Kendra: One step at a time Bryan. For now, I will have to manage it on my own but as time goes on, I will think of something to do about the situation.

Andrea: Who has been quiet said, Mom, when is dad coming to pay us a visit?

Ms Kendra: Andrea, dad will only come home when he wants to. I can’t force him to come home.

Andrea: Does Dad know that we are in Abuja?

Ms Kendra: No he doesn’t and it is better that way.

Andrea: She started crying. I want to see my dad.

Ms Kendra: ‘oh Baby! She drew her close. Don’t cry’. She patted her on her back.

Bryan: Who knew that his little sister will not stop crying if nothing positive is said quickly added. Dad will not be coming back home anytime soon because he went for a long holiday. When his holiday is over, he will return. She stopped crying, satisfied with the answer she got and Ms. Kendra smiled at her son, saying thank you quietly to him.


Jennifer: Which one is you have something to discuss with me that cannot wait.

Mr Kennedy: There is something I haven’t told you and it is only right that you know before anything else.

Jennifer: ‘what is it? Time is going already, my people will be waiting patiently for us’ she added, checking her time for it was past 3pm.

Mr Kennedy: He looked at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. He came to a sudden realization that telling her truth before she hears it from somebody else is the best thing to do. I have a family, I just got divorced the last time I went to Port Harcourt.

Jennifer: ‘Which one is you have a family before? Sweetheart, please say whatever it is you want to say and let’s be going’ she hesitated.

Mr Kennedy: ‘I was married before now. The last time I went to Port Harcourt was to go and finalize the divorce’ he repeated.

Jennifer: ‘You were married all this while and you didn’t tell me’ she asked looking surprised.

Mr Kennedy: Yes I was.

Jennifer: ‘how and when? Are you saying that all this time we have been going out and making up, you were actually married’?

Mr Kennedy: Yes

Jennifer: Hey! I am dead! she shouted. You mean you have a wife somewhere? But I asked you before this relationship started if there was somebody at the moment and you said No. why did you lie to me?

Mr Kennedy:  ‘Because I was enjoying the companionship with you at the moment. It was the only way to continue with you. If you knew that I was married, would you have wanted to anything to do with me?

Jennifer: I would never have even thought of it. Why would I want to marry a married man or have an affair with you?

Mr Kennedy: That answers the question, which was why I had to lie.

Jennifer: ‘Ah! I am finished. How did I get myself into this mess now? But since you say you divorced already, why are you telling me this now, when you know that my parents are waiting for us’ she asked curiously.

Mr Kennedy: Because it is only right that you know the truth.

Jennifer: ‘Hmmm. Wonders will never end’ she clapped her hands and looked at him. Here I am thinking that you were single, whereas you were married.

Mr Kennedy: ‘sorry for hiding this from you…. But now that it is by the way, can we start going now?

Jennifer: No we can’t. We cannot go anywhere. Wait a minute Kennedy. You think by just telling me, all will be fine?  That we can just act like nothing happened? Things do not work that way.

Mr Kennedy:  But you already said your parents are waiting for us.

Jennifer: Let them wait. She shouted. What makes you think that I will agree to what you just did?

Mr Kennedy:  But I told you I already got a divorce didn’t i? I have also returned her bride price

Jennifer: It doesn’t make it right. Do you have kids?

Mr Kennedy:  Yes, two lovely kids.

Jennifer: Hmmm, I cannot and will not be a party to this. I may be many things but definitely not a home breaker. God please Forgive me she said raising her hands up in the air. What makes you think you won’t do this same thing to me few years after our marriage?

Mr Kennedy:  I won’t and that is a promise.

Jennifer:  You are not going to see my people. Infact, after now, we do not exist to each other again she said with a broken heart.

Mr Kennedy: But why? Is it because I told you? What if I had not told you?

Jennifer:  Well, thank God you did because if I had known later, our marriage and everything we had, will still crumble. I can’t go into any marriage with a man I cannot trust and I strongly believe in Karma. What you did to your family is unforgivable. Go back to your wife and make amends. You have two lovely kids already, that should make her accept you back because you are their father. I cannot continue this journey with you. For all I know you did wrong, you defiled the purity of your marriage, left the people who needed you the most in their lives without any tangible reason and I won’t be a party to it.

Mr Kennedy:  It is too late, I cannot go back.

Jennifer:  Do you still love them?

Mr Kennedy: More than anything in the world. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Jennifer:  Then find a way, go home and apologize to your family. The love you have for me should die this minute. I am sorry I can’t marry you. I can’t even bear the thought that it was because of me you annulled your marriage. I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. Bye Mr Kennedy Njemanze she said picked up her items in the car boarded another car to Asaba.

Question: Hmm… can somebody put on AC biko! This room is hawter! What a Shame, But how will Kennedy convince his family and get them back?

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  1. I don’t think this is real, maybe he’s dreaming or thinking wat will happen if Jennifer finds out… but if its real sorry na ur name. Hoping its real shaa

  2. Wow speechless. @Jennifer reaction only a young lady with great heart & principles can do dis. Despite his wealth. For dis Jenny A greater, good, better, best man A God-fearing & Successfull young man will locate u. After d Idiotic man. All d best in d journey of aloneness.

  3. Hmmm, he is seeing what he expect to see. But I doubt if his wife will take him back and if it will be because of her kids

  4. Ladies in d house should also copy 4rm jenny. 4 dos accepting married men’s hand in marriage. Karma must come 4 u. Jenny best decision. Success on her way

  5. I seriously like Jennifer for the decision she took, despite being getting married to a rich man. As for Mr Kennedy, let him go to hell for all I care.

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