(Part 5) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 5) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

I slid my body back and positioned myself on top of the backs of her knees. I placed my hands under her hips and pulled up, indication that I wanted her ass up. She lifted herself up onto her hands and knees and looked back at me with a big smile.

Tomi: “I’m ready for you Anthony.” she announced.

Me: “I didn’t say you could speak.” I said back to her.

Tomi gasped but did not reply.

Me: “Put your head down into your pillow. I don’t want you to see what I do next.”

Tomi obeyed and lowered her upper body and face onto her pillow. I reached over for the anal beads. I rubbed them all over my hands, getting them nice and lubricated. I sat back on Tomi’s calves so that her ass was right in front of me. I placed my left hand on her ass and rubbed both her cheeks, gradually sliding my index and then pinky fingers in between her firm glutes. I ran my fingers over her asshole, causing her to moan into her pillow. After several moments, I spread her left cheek with my left hand, and placed the first of 6 beads on the entrance to her exit. She had no idea what I was about to do, which gave me butterflies of excitement. My right thumb was holding the first bead against her asshole. Then, without warned, I thrust my thumb forward and the bead disappeared from view, as it entered Tomi’s asshole. Tomi’s body lunged forward and she flopped down onto her bed. She squeezed her ass muscles tight around my thumb as I pressed it into her to keep her from pushing the bead out.

Tomi: “Holy Fuck!” she screamed into the pillow. “What was that?”

Me: “Lower your voice unless you want your kids to run in here and see us.”

I slid my thumb over her asshole and massaged her sphincter, never releasing the pressure I was putting on her anus to keep the bead inside her.

Me: “That is part of your third surprise.” I said to her as she continued to squeeze her ass muscles together. “I found some special beads in your panty drawer.”

Tomi: “You went through my drawer?” she asked as she started to relax.

Her ass cheeks released their grip on my thumb.

Me: “Yes ma’am, just like you went through mine.”

We both laughed.

Me: “Now get your ass up for me.”

Tomi did as she was told and I positioned the second bead over her anus and pushed it inside her. Tomi groaned when it entered her. I noticed her left hand slip down, in between her legs as she attempted to touch her pussy.

Me: “No touching.” I scolded her as I pushed her hand away from her cookie.

Tomi  placed her hand back under her pillow without a word. She was being very submissive and I could tell she liked being dominated. As the third bead slid into her ass, she groaned again. She pushed her hips back toward me, letting me know she wanted more. I slipped the fourth bead into her and when she pushed back, I slipped my thumb inside her asshole. I felt her legs quiver under my body weight and her sphincter tightened around my thumb. She had such a tight asshole. I had to restrain myself from plunging my cock inside her anus.

Me: “I have two more beads for you Tomi.”

Tomi: “Give them to me Anthony. Please!” she begged.

I inserted the fifth and sixth beads into her and she collapsed onto her bed. All I could see was a string with a ring at the end, sticking out of her backside.

Me: “I didn’t tell you to drop down.” I said to her as I grabbed the ring and pulled back on it, causing the last bead to pop out of her ass.

Tomi arched her ass back into the air, without a sound. I grabbed the bead and pushed it back, inside her. It was time for her final surprise. I lifted myself up, off her calves and positioned myself so that my cock was ready to enter her. I slipped my left index finger through the ring on the string, hanging from Tomi’s asshole and told her that surprised number four was coming.

Tomi: “Give it to me Anthony. I want it soooo bad.”

I reached back and grabbed the vibrator. I placed in next to her pillow.

Me: “I want you to grab the toy you borrowed from me earlier and I want you to turn on the vibrator.”

Tomi: “Huh?” she asked, surprised.

Me: “You heard me. Do what I tell you.”

She lifted her head and looked around, seeing the vibrator next to her pillow. She grabbed the toy and turned it on.

Me: “Now slide it inside your cookie. Let the clit stimulator work your clit and put that toy deep inside your soft, wet honeypot.”

Tomi: “Don’t you want to fuck me?” she asked as she did what she was told.

I pulled on the ring and a bead popped out of her ass again.

Tomi: “I’m sorry Anthony. I won’t question you again.”

I heard the vibrator wine underneath her and her entire pelvis started to squirm. I slipped the last bead back into her. Then, without warning, I placed the tip of my cock at her anus and pushed my thighs into her. My entire length slid into her tight hole. The sensation that spread through my cock made my balls tingle and my nipples harden. Her sphincter tightened around my girth as if it was trying to strangle my manhood. I felt the ring on my index finger tighten against my finger as my length pushed all the beads deeper, inside Tomi’s anal cavity. She screamed in pleasure when I did this. Her hips pushed hard into my groin and after a few pumps, a wall of fluid shot out of Tomi’s cookie. She slid forward and back, slamming her hips into my thighs as she fucked her own asshole with my cock. Everytime she slammed into my hips, more fluid shot out of her pussy. My lower body and her mattress were completely drenched. She moaned again and her whole body convulsed as a full body orgasm kicked in. She screamed into her pillow again, trying to muffle the sounds of pleasure coming out of her mouth. I started thrusting into her ass as she thrust back, matching my motions with hers. There were no words for the pleasure I felt. Her asshole felt so tight around my shaft and within moments, I erupted deep inside her rectum. I had never cum that hard before. Tomi kept pumping me until my penis softened and her sphincter pushed me out of her asshole. She collapsed onto her pillow and rolled over onto her back, panting, trying to catch her breath.

Me: “Did you enjoy your surprises?” I asked as I slid my body on top of hers.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me tight.

Tomi: “You make me feel things I have never felt before Anthony.”

She put both her hands on my face and guided my lips into her lips. She slipped her tongue inside my mouth and kissed me with a passion I had never experienced before.

Tomi: “We have amazing chemistry together.” she said to me. “You are not allowed to leave my bed tonight.”

She held me tight and we fell asleep together, not waking up until the next morning.

Question: Guess what happened next? 

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  1. Another round of sex or d children are planning to say a good morning to their mother. Lol

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