Trump fulfills Bible’s prophesy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel capital – Reno Omokri

Former aide to the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has hailed the decision of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel .

International leaders had criticised Trump’s decision on Wednesday to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, describing it as a dangerous disruption that contravenes several United Nations resolutions and could inflame one of the world’s thorniest conflicts.

UN Secretary General, António Guterres and Pope Francis expressed alarm that the announcement would provoke new tensions in the Holy City, which is revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

However, Omokri hailed it as a Bible prophecy which has earned his full support for Donald Trump.

He tweeted “Has @realDonaldTrump fulfilled biblical prophesy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

“I have been praying for this day for long and if I supported Donald Trump before, today, I go one step further and declare that I am even willing to take a bullet for him.”


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  1. You are one of the foolish brainwashed people with all these sentiments that the Israelis are the chosen ones even after killing your proclaimed God (Jesus) and still consider him a bastard and his mother Mary (peace of God be with them both) an adulterer. And committed so many attrocities that even Jesus himself criticized them and Himself condemned them. I urge all Christians to wake up and read their bibles and understand the messages very well and stop being sentimental and brainwashed about Israel. They claimed that the lands God Almighty promised them extends to Iraq that it must come to past and they keep inculcating this believe in gullible people and to my amazement, people easily believe whatever issue that concerns Israel. My question is that, is Almighty God that cruel and partial that he would drive some people away from where they live just because he wants to satisfy His so-called chosen ones. It’s a hoax, all they’re doing concerning their expansionist programs is about commerce as God is not a God of confusion and Injustice.

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