(Episode 10) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 10) Monster’s Den with the Dead

It has been One Year of Struggles, Hardship and Pain for Mr. Kennedy. He is tired of Jumping from one woman to the other. No woman seems to captivate or win his heart. He has tried looking for Jennifer all to no avail. He misses his wife and kids so much that he tried going back home to them but was surprised when he learnt that they have sold the house and relocated to where he doesn’t know. He couldn’t go back to his in-laws asking for the whereabouts of their daughter because it will be a shameful experience after all he had done. He tried calling her number severally all to no avail. He wished he could locate his friend Donald because, that is his last hope of looking for his family. He went to his apartment and was told he had moved out.

Mr. Kennedy: Ah God! Where do I start from or where do I go from here. What kind of mess did I put myself into? I thought Jennifer was going to come back to her senses but it is obvious she doesn’t want us again because she has just vanished into God knows where. I can’t reach her, was told she has relocated to where I do not know. I divorced my Precious wife just to be with her and she left me. After all I did for her. Anyway, I will keep looking for my wife, hopefully she will accept me again for the sake of our children but where could she be? He thought of every possibility but there was none other than going to her parents and asking for forgiveness but his ego and pride will not let him.

One morning, after Kendra finished her household chores, she was in the living room watching zee world when she heard a knock. She quickly went to know who the person was. As she opened the door she came face to face with a lady.

Stranger: Ermmm..Good morning ma. She said. I am sorry for disturbing you this Saturday morning. I was here during the week but you were not available and I decided to try my luck today.

Ms Kendra: Good Morning. What can I do for you?

Stranger: My name is Kome. I was given this address by a friend, she told me that a friend gave her this address and that you are looking for a nanny for your kids. I hope the position is still open Ma.

Ms Kendra: Come in Kome. She ushered her into her home. Please make yourself comfortable while I get a glass of water for you if you don’t mind.

Kome: That will not be necessary Ma. I am very okay and thank you.

Ms Kendra: She sat down facing Kome. I am in need of a nanny, a full time nanny for my kids. I work Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are my resting days. I have two beautiful kids and was wondering why you want the job.

Kome: I have been idle doing nothing for the past one year. Since no job is forth coming, anything I see I will do to enable me make a living. Aside from that, I have always loved kids.

Ms Kendra: where did you work last?

Kome: I have never really worked for anybody Ma. I use to make and sell perfumes before I relocated here.

Ms Kendra: Why don’t you want to continue?

Kome: I want to work so that i can raise enough money to start up again Ma but before then, i need to get myself acquainted with Abuja very well before anything.

Ms Kendra: Call me Ms. Kendra okay.

Kome: Okay Ms Kendra.

Ms Kendra: You have your curriculum vitae with you?

Kome: Yes I do. She quickly handed a copy of her CV to her.

Ms Kendra: Satisfied at what she saw, she quickly called her children who were busy playing in their rooms. This is Aunt Kome, she will be the one taking care of you whenever I am not around. Andrea quickly went to her and said

Andrea: Good Morning Aunt Kome, I am Andrea and I am six years old.

Kome: Quickly smiled and carried the little her in her laps. ‘Will you like me to be taking care of you’ she asked and Andrea nodded.

Andrea: Will you like to be my friend?

Kome: of course. I am sure we are going to be very good friends.

Ms Kendra: Bryan, don’t you want to be her friend she asked because their answer will determine if she will get the job or not.

Bryan: Aunty Kome, we are already friends he said smiling but still rooted to his spot for he was standing close to his mother. Mom, can I go to my room now?

Ms Kendra: Yes you can. Turning to Kome you can resume work on Monday.  If you also need a place to stay you can move in with us. Don’t worry; it will not be deducted from your salary. I have a vacant room you can move into.

Kome: Wow! Thank you Ma. Errm sorry, Ms Kendra she said kneeling down. I appreciate. I not only got a job but also have where to stay. God will bless you.

Ms Kendra: It is nothing jare. I just want you around for the sake of my kids.

Andrea: When are you moving in with us?

Kome: When do you want me to move in with you?

Andrea: Today.

Kome: Today it is then

Ms Kendra: Are you sure you want to move in today? Don’t mind Andrea ooo

Kome: No. today is okay with me if you do not mind.

Ms Kendra: No I don’t. But please I will need the person’s contact address. The person who told your friend that I am looking for a nanny for my kids. Meanwhile, let us talk about your Monthly payment.

Question: Hmm… How will the truth unravel itself?

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