(Episode 11) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 11) Monster’s Den with the Dead

As Mr Kennedy was making his order for food in Kilimanjaro fast-food, he saw his best friend waiting patiently for someone because he kept looking at his wristwatch.  What a coincidence. The person I have been looking for in Port Harcourt is actually here in Warri. He walked up to him smiling.

Mr. Kennedy: Donald, what are you doing in Warri he said, sitting on the available empty seat.

Donald: Ah Ken! Where you take enter wey I no see you?

Mr. Kennedy: How you go take see me when you dey look your wristwatch every minute.

Donald: He laughed shook hands with his friend and said, I am actually waiting for a client of mine. I came in to Warri last night.  He told me he was going to be here and I have been waiting for him for over 30minutes. I was even about leaving when you called my name.

Mr. Kennedy: Hmm, Thank God I met you. I have been looking for you, even sent numerous messages on Facebook yet no reply. I have also been to your apartment in Port Harcourt, was told you relocated. Did you relocate to Warri?

Donald: Noo. I don’t like Warri abeg. Like i mentioned earlier. i’m here for business purpose. And besides that,  I also came to visit a friend of mine who will be getting married next week.  The person I am actually waiting for was introduced to me by him. That is the reason I am here.

Mr. Kennedy:  Okay. How my wife and kids na?

Donald: You mean your ex-wife and kids?

Mr. Kennedy:  Yes, how are they?

Donald:  They are doing wonderfully well.

Mr. Kennedy:  Where are they right now?

Donald:  Why are you asking? Is that the reason you went looking for me in my previous apartment?

Mr. Kennedy:  Yes it is. I have been looking for them for over a year, no success. I have even gone to my in laws to beg them to tell me where she is, but they chased me out of their house and threatened that if they ever see me again, I will live to regret it.

Donald:   Really, Good to know. He said smiling.

Mr. Kennedy:  Donald I am serious. I need her contact address if you have it please.

Donald:   What makes you think I will give it to you? Didn’t I warn you of this? By the way, how is your wife?

Mr. Kennedy:  Which wife?

Donald:   The one you gave up your family for?

Mr. Kennedy:  It is a long story (he narrated everything that has happened to him till that very moment.).

Donald:   You see yourself, serves you right. In fact, I wish I knew that girl because she deserves an award for what she did to you.

Mr. Kennedy:  Donald, I have learnt my lessons and I need to make up for my mistake. Please just help me out this once. You are my best friend ooo

Donald: Oh! Now you know we are best friends’ abi? When you changed your number and relocated to Warri without telling me, you didn’t know we were best friends then abi?

Mr. Kennedy:  I am sorry please.

Donald: You should ask your father for help. After all, he accompanied you to go return the bride price.

Mr. Kennedy: I can’t because he has washed his hands off my case concerning that matter.

Donald: What do you want me do for you he said looking at his friend with folded arms.

Mr. Kennedy: I just need her contact address.

Donald: This is what I will do for you and I am only doing this because you are my friend. I will give you her house address and not her phone number. I know she will not be happy about it but I will do it because you and I have come a long way. He wrote down the address, wished him luck and left because he has to meet up his flight to Port Harcourt.


Kome has never been happier in her life. She loves the kids and they love her in return. She and Ms Kendra have become much more than friends. Ms. Kendra accepted her into her home like a sister and even thought her how to cook the different type of Africa Delicacies. She in turn made sure than her home and her children were kept clean and tidy always. They see her like family and she is grateful for the outpour of love showered on her.

Over the months, she tried her best to ask the kids about their father but all the answer she got was, he went on a long vacation. One fateful day, as the kids finished their dinner, she cleared the dishes, washed the plate and sat down with Ms Kendra for that has been their custom since she came in to the house.

Kome: Can I ask a question Ms. Kendra?

Ms. Kendra: You can ask me anything. We have grown past that stage where you feel you cannot talk to me. What is it?

Kome: What about your husband, the father of your children?

Ms. Kendra: To be sincere, I have no idea and I do not want to know where he is or what he is doing right now.

Kome: I am so sorry if it upsets you. Just that the kids never use to talk about him and they really need a father figure in their lives.

Ms. Kendra: Bryan my son must have seen how painful it for me moving on without their father,he must have spoken to his sister about it. I do not know how he did it but I am thankful. If it was before, Andrea will have been busy asking questions about him all day.

Kome: Even when I ask them, they keep saying he went on a long vacation nothing else. They do not really like talking about him.

Ms. Kendra: I just wish there was something I could do to help ease their pain but I believe that with time, they will understand the whole situation.

Kome: Did he really go on a vacation?

Ms. Kendra: hmmm. Their father left us because of a woman and since then we have heard nothing from him.

Kome: I am so sorry about it, if it still upsets you. What kind of a man will leave his family for another? It is heartbreaking. She thought of the man she once loved and how, she must have also have a hand in destroying his marriage, before her thought was interrupted.

Ms. Kendra: That is in the past now… when I moved in here, I dropped the thought of a lying and cheating husband behind. Even though at that time, I felt like dying but looking at things now, it was and still is the best decision he made for me. Enough about me already, what about you, any available bachelor in your life?

Kome: Me ke! I do not want any man in my life right now. I am good on my own as it is.

Ms. Kendra: why, what happened.

Kome: I have had my own share of experience with men and it is not something I will like to talk about.

Ms. Kendra: if you say so then but permit me to hook you up with someone I have grown to trust and love as a friend.

Kome: No you do not have my permission she said laughing.

Ms. Kendra: Just a date and after that, if you don’t like what you see, I promise I won’t bother you again. Please.

Kome: Alright if you insist she said laughing.

Question: If you were Kendra, would you accept Kennedy into your life again? Be Sincere!

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  1. ms kendra is planning to hook kome up with Donald, her ex husband friend. she might accept kennedy back but with so much pleas from friends and family especially kome.

  2. If i should have my own way, I will never ever ever accept him back but then the kids are there to consider cox they surely do need a fatherly figure in their lives but the love n trust i have for him to have accepted him as my husband would have been long died n buried!

  3. He has returned the bride price so what’s the essence of accepting him back because of the children. what about my feelings? Abeg I won’t accept him back rara!

  4. Never,he has used his hands to return the dowry already n she can’t trust or love him again. Also she can forgive bt she wuldnt forget. Her family wuldnt even respect him again no matter wat he does,he lost it all already.For those saying bcos of the kids don’t av self worth at all…! He doesn’t even regret his actions.

  5. Wow !!! So Kome, is Jennifer ?
    But how did she accomplish the change ? Or is that her native name used in her credentials ?
    Kendra should accept for the sake of the kids.
    Also I’m still pointing out that in Nigeria, its the family of the lady that returns the bride price and not the other way round.

  6. It is if I am still unmarried.. Cos, immediately he left me for another lady, I will hook up with another guy too, he is not the only person that knows how to love.. Lol!

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