(Episode 9) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 9) Monster’s Den with the Dead

Mrs. Kendra: Hello Donald, Wow longest time…this one you are in Abuja, what brings you here?

Donald: I came for a business meeting and decided to give you a call after the meeting today. I didn’t know the meeting will take this long else I would have been here earlier.

Ms Kendra: No problem, please make yourself at home.

When Donald called earlier asking for her address, she asked if she was around for it has been close to six months they last spoke. With Donald staying a few days before heading back to Port Harcourt, she was sure they will have a lot of time to talk and gist about life in general.

Donald: Hope you will not be queried this one you left work so early today?

Ms Kendra: No! I told my boss that a friend came to pay me a visit; he said I can close for the day.

Donald: ‘seems to me that your boss is very nice’ he said looking at her from head to toes. He has noticed she looks more radiant and happy compared to when she was married to Kennedy. He also noticed that she is doing wonderfully well on her own. How are the kids?

Ms Kendra: They are doing wonderfully well. Hold on, let me prepare something for lunch even though it is late already.

When they were done eating, her kids walked in; immediately they saw Donald they jumped on him.

Andrea: Uncle Donald you came to visit us?

Bryan: Uncle Donald how is Port Harcourt?

Donald: ‘Yes I came to visit my little Pumpkins’ he said tickling them and Port Harcourt is not the same without this two beautiful and handsome guys there.

Andrea: Uncle Donald, did you see Daddy while you were in Port Harcourt?

Bryan: Quickly interrupted. I told you dad went for a very long holiday. He is not in Port Harcourt.

Ms Kendra: Hey guys! Enough already. You both go to your rooms and freshen up she said. They left what they were doing, went to their room with Andrea sober.  She turned to Donald, I am so sorry about that. She keeps asking about her father. I really do not know what to tell her anymore.

Donald: It is okay, I understand her and I know that it must be difficult trying to explain to a child what is happening.

Ms Kendra: I try my best. Though it has not been easy but we will get there someday.

Donald: You surely will. Remember my proposal still stands. I am still hoping that you give me a chance someday.

Ms Kendra: Donald please don’t start. I don’t want us to talk about this.

Donald: But I love you. I have always loved you even before you met my friend. I loved you the first time we met.

Ms Kendra: I don’t and have never felt the same way Donald. I like you as a friend and brother not the way a woman likes a man. I am so sorry but you have to stop waiting for me because I don’t think I will ever change my mind or like you differently.

Donald: Hmm..if you say so. If there is nothing I can do to change your mind but be rest assured that if you ever need a friend, I will always be there.

Ms Kendra: Thanks Donald. I pray you find a woman who will truly love you like you deserve.

Donald: He went solemn immediately, how is life in Abuja, gist me everything I need to know…she smiled and told him how wonderful living in the big man city is.


As soon as she got to Asaba, she went straight to her room, locked up herself and cried for she was heartbroken. She kept wondering how his ex-wife will be feeling about letting her husband go for her sake.

Jennifer: God please Forgive me, I had no idea that the man I am in love with was married. If I had known, I would never have looked at him twice she said.

Her Parents saw when she arrived, they kept wondering why their daughter locked up herself in the room. Mrs. Osaze was uncomfortable; she knew something must have gone wrong since she came all alone. She went to her room and started banging on her door

Mrs Osaze: Jennifer, open the door my friend. How can you just come into the house, the next thing is, you lock yourself inside your room. Open the door she banged harder.

Jennifer: Mama I am coming. She wiped her tears and opened the door.

Mrs Osaze: What happened? We have been waiting all day for your husband to come and make himself known. Why did you come all alone, where is he?

Jennifer: Mom! I don’t know ooo. We had a little misunderstanding on our way here, I don’t think he will be coming anymore.

Mrs Osaze: You say wetin? She put her hands on her head. Please come and explain everything to your dad. ‘He is in the sitting room waiting for’ you she said. They both left to the sitting room where her siblings were also waiting. As she sat down she told her parents that Kennedy will no longer be coming to make his intentions known.

Mr Osaze: Why, What happened?

Jennifer: Dad, I am sorry. I know that I have put you all in a lot of stress but right now, I don’t want to talk about the reasons why he will not be coming any longer.

Mrs Osaze: My enemies are at work again. ‘When something good wants to happen, they look for a way to stop it from happening’ she lamented.

Mr Osaze: It seems you don’t want to say anything. If that is the case, I have only one question to ask.

Jennifer: What is it dad?

Mr. Osaze: Was it you that said he should no longer come or was he the one that made the decision?

Jennifer: I made the decision.

Mr. Osaze: I believe you have enough reason for this change of heart even though you do not want to say anything. I hope one day, you will finally tell us why the sudden change of heart. But all the same, Thank God we did not invite anybody to witness this shame. It is okay my daughter. ‘You have been crying, your eyes are swollen, go inside and get enough rest’ he added.

Jennifer: Thank you Dad for understanding. I won’t be staying long because I have to go back to Warri and put myself together.

Mr. Osaze: if that is what you want to do, no problem.

Few days later, Jennifer called her parents and told them of her decision to relocate to a new state to start her life anew. She also told Jessica about her predicament, her intention of leaving the state to Abuja to forge ahead because the memory of Kennedy in the same state with her was not something she wants to continue lIving with. With her help, she was able to get a friend’s contact with whom she will be staying with for a couple of weeks before getting back on her feet again and off she went to Abuja

Question: Do you think Donald will still have a chance at winning Kendra Heart?

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  1. Haahaaa…… hope she won’t be staying with kennedy ex wife?…. am very sure dey will still meet even if she’s not staying wit her. and for kennedy winning his ex wife heart back, it might not be possible or might take time.

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