(Part 6) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 6) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

I woke up with Tomi in my arms. She was sound asleep. The alarm clock said 5:53 a.m. I felt both sticky and slimy from all the grapeseed oil and sexual fluids she and I shared a few hours earlier. The bedsheets by our lower bodies were cold and wet, which made me very uncomfortable. I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. I needed a shower.

Tomi woke up, rolled out of bed and started running to the bathroom.

Me: where do you think you are going Beautiful?

Tomi: “Last one in the shower has to clean up this mess and make breakfast.” She said looking over her shoulder towards me.

All I could look at was the anal bead hanging from her ass crack with a string and ring attached to the end. It swayed back and forth as she ran. I jumped out of bed and ran after her. She was about to turn on the shower when I caught her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back from the shower door. My cock pressed up against her ass and I started to grow again. I was used to getting a lot of erections. The last several hours with Tomi put me in sexual overdrive. I felt like a walking erection around her.

Tomi: “Mmmmm.” Tomi moaned as she felt my hardness on her back side. “Looks like you’re ready for another round.”

She watched as I splashed water on my face and I started to take my robe off.

Me: Let’s get it started!

She joined me as I pushed my huge cock into her as hard, deep and fast as I possibly could. Tomi grabbed hold of the bathroom counter, to balance herself.

Tomi: “Daddy, please slow down, we might need some foreplay here” She panted, gripping the counter harder.

Me: Did you just call me Daddy? That was so sexy to hear

I reached around, started the foreplay and started to rub her clit, slow and fast.

Tomi: “Ooooh” She moaned, as I did. ‘Daddy slapped my cookie as hard as you could, i think i’m getting ON” she added

Me: “Turn around, now” I ordered.

Tomi took a deep breath and did as I said. I surprised her by kneeling down in front of her, I spread her cookie lips and pushed into her with my tongue. Tomi tried  to tip toe and get well balance by not getting me to stop when I was eating her out.

She pulled down on her hips, keeping her feet flat to the floor as I sucked, hard. She felt her knees start to give way, she was so wet and slippery, soon she may start cumming

Tomi:  “Daddy, yes right there! Please don’t stop. Continueee” She almost screamed. She started to nibble. She was going to cum, hard. Tomi grabbed the back of my head, trying to maintain my tongue inside her. Seconds before she would have cum, I removed my head from her dripping pussy and snapped it.

I grabbed her around her waist and lifted her onto the counter, before she could say anything, I slammed myself back inside her, Tomi screamed and threw her arms around my neck, I did not stop.

I was grunting each time my cock entered her. I gripped her hips harder,

Tomi: Yes Tony, please don’t stop. She panted, unable to catch her breath.

Me: Yes Baby, Just relax! This is pure tears of Joy. I said the last words while pushing my JT in as hard as I could. Tomi tried to use her arms around my neck to lift me up slightly while she enjoyed, I was being too rough at this time.

I lifted her off the counter top and turned us around, pushing her back up against the door.

I started to push in her hard again, so hard that her back scraped against the wooden door. Tomi looks like she’s in her Twenties. I was using her weight to bang her harder, I’d lift her slightly and then leave her to slide down the door, down onto my cock, all while still pumping into her. She gripped my shoulders harder

Tomi: “fuck, Daddy” she didn’t know this time if she was telling me to slow down or speed up, she could no longer tell if she was enjoying this or just wanted it to end. It was really TEARS of JOY.

Without warning, I pulled her from the door, still inside her, and lowered her to the floor. I got a little slower now, pumping at a speed we’d normally go. Rough but not too rough. I started to suck off her right nipple, using my hand to twist the other one

Tomi: oh yes! Thank you Tony! She breathed as I continued to slow my speed down, making it actually enjoyable.

Me: This is for you. I said around her nipple.

I started to speed up after that, she felt an orgasm coming on,

Tomi: Ooohhh yeaaah! I think I’m about cumming

Me: Not yet Sweetheart. I grunted as I continued to get her faster. She gripped my shoulders as I bit her nipple.

Tomi: Oh god, please! She screamed.

I didn’t answer, she gripped my shoulders tighter, she couldn’t keep her orgasm in, I was in too much of a bad mood at the moment.

Tomi: I think I’m really cumming this time, I need to cum Tony! I bit her nipple again as she confessed

Tomi: Fuck, Tony. You must kill me today. You are jez toooo good baby boy! She confessed as I started rubbing her clit. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. She pushed down my huge cock, digging her fingernails into my shoulders. Her back arched, the orgasm ripped through her like nothing she’d experienced before.

Tomi: Shit. She couldn’t catch her breath as I didn’t slow down during her orgasm, something I usually do.

Me: Stand up. I said to her as her legs shaky, I turned her around to face the bathroom counter again, I bent her over it and before she could say anything else I slapped her ass, harder than she ever had before.

I slapped again, just as hard. I slapped her ass again, in the same place, harder than the last time. She screamed, gripping the counter as hard she could.

Me: Open your ass! I said, grabbing my cock with one hand and her hip with the other.

Tomi: Tony, anal is painful! she called my name, shocked. We’ve only tried anal once

Me: “Do it.” I snarled as I slapped her ass, spreading the cheeks slowly. Her breasts were flat against the counter-top. The head of my cock rested at the opening. She didn’t really think I’d go through with it, but before she could as me again to stop, she felt my spit slide down her crack, and I pushed the head of my cock inside her.

Tomi: “FUCKKKK” she screamed in pain and moved my hands off her ass cheeks to push back on my stomach, I grabbed her hands and held them both in one of mine, I pushed them up, behind her back, forcing her head further down, pushing her breasts flatter into the counter top.

Me: Ohhh yeeaah! This is fucking great. I grunted as I started to slowly pull back out her asshole.

Tomi: Tony, please rub it gently. She begged

Just as she was about to beg me to stop, I slid my hand from her ass cheek to her clit, it shocked her because the pain in her ass was starting to fade and rubbing her clit made it actually quite pleasurable.

Tomi: ooh, ooh, tony, oh yes! She started to moan, once I realized she was enjoying it, I left her arms down, reached around and grabbed both her nipples.

Tomi: “Fuck, baby this is amazing. We’re gonna do anal more often.” she winced as i gripped her nipple with too much force.

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