(Episode 13) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 13) Monster’s Den with the Dead

For the Past few days Mr. Kennedy has been feeling restless. He wants to go back to his base in Warri but not without making amends with the mother of his children first. He thought of how he cheated on her, how he frustrated her while they were still married and regretted his actions.

Mr Kennedy: She is indeed a good woman compared to all the women I have been with, she is the best of them all. She supported me in becoming who I am today but all I gave her were tears and sorrows. Even when she suspected that I was having an affair with Jennifer she still stayed. I hope that I can make it up to her if she gives me another chance. Jennifer upholds the value of marriage that was why she never wanted to be with me, she feels, if she do it to an innocent woman; Karma will come knocking on her door someday. Though, Different in their own ways, they both value and uphold relationship so much, yet I used my own hands in destroying them. If I am been given a second chance again, I promise not to make this mistake I made. He remembered he has not prayed for a very long time, went on his knees and prayed

Dear God,

I know that I have not been a good father figure to my kids and a good husband to my wife. I want you to please forgive me and give me a second chance to right my wrong. This time around, I promise to make things right and not go back to my old ways again.



Ms. Kendra has been noticing some changes in Kome. At first she thought that maybe it was a mood swing, with time it will go away but it seems to be getting worse by the day. She fidgets at every move she makes, always making sure she is busy even when there is nothing to do but above all, she doesn’t like spending time with her anymore.

After she took the kids to school one morning, instead of rushing to work, she came back home to have a one- on –one talk with the girl whom she has grown to love like a sister.

Ms. Kendra: Kome, she called out.

Kome: Yes! I thought she went to work after dropping the kids. Why did she come back she asked no one in particular because she was in her room all alone. She quickly left the room.

Ms. Kendra: I came back home because I wanted us to talk.

Kome: No work?

Ms. Kendra: I called my boss, told him I will be a little late.

Kome: Hope no problem she asked with a worried look on her face

Ms. Kendra: How am i supposed to know if you don’t spit it out

Kome: Spit what out?

Ms. Kendra: You have been living with us for over a year plus. You love my kids like they are your own. You are not just their nanny but a big aunty to them. I can travel and leave my kids under your care without worrying about anything. You are also like a junior sister I never had. I love and care about you a lot. If you think I have not been observing you lately then you are wrong. What is the problem?

Kome: Nothing is wrong with me Ms Kendra she said and bent her head. Afraid of looking into the woman she has come to love like a big sister.

Ms. Kendra: Kome look at me, she held her hands, you can’t say nothing is wrong when something is wrong somewhere and it is bothering and killing you. Please I beg you, spit it out.

Kome: with tears in her eyes she said ‘I am so sorry’, I didn’t know and I didn’t mean to make you pass through all the stress. I never knew he was the one, the monster you found yourself in his den until he came looking for you last week.

Ms. Kendra:  looking confused she asked, what are you talking about?

Kome: Mr. Kennedy Ohameze, it was because of me he divorced you. I am the woman he left you for.

Ms. Kendra: shocked at her discovery, she stood up immediately, looking at her.

Kome: ‘Yes Ms. Kendra’. She looked up at her crying, stood up with her hands clasped together. I swear I didn’t know he was married to you. He never told me he had a wife and kids. He never told me anything about his family until the day we were supposed to go see my parents, that was the day he revealed everything to me, telling me he divorced you the last time he went to Port Harcourt. She said crying. I never knew you were his wife until last week when he came looking for you. Please believe me; she knelt down holding unto her skirt.

Ms. Kendra: You are the misery woman.

Kome: Yes. But I am as innocent as you are. You have to believe that I am telling the truth. I never would have had anything to do with him if I knew he was married. I know that after now, you will not want to have anything to do with me. I will leave, if it is okay by you.

Ms. Kendra: Get up Kome. Get up.

Kome: I can’t until you forgive me. How can I face you when all you have shown me is love, care and happiness. In return, I gave you pain and sorrow.

Ms. Kendra: No Kome, don’t say that. She knelt down, looked at her, smiled and wiped her tears. Why should i hate you or tell you to leave my house when you did nothing wrong. You were as innocent as I am, just as you rightly said.

Kome: You have to forgive me.

Ms. Kendra: There is nothing to forgive my dear.

Kome: She looked at her; saw no anger or resentment in the woman she thought was going to hate her. You are a nice woman. I never thought you will let me off the hook easily she smiled. Thank you.

Ms. Kendra: Thank you too for telling me truth and thank you for been a good sister she laughed and they hugged. After the embrace, she said to her, when did he say he is coming here.

Kome: Sometime next week I guess. What are you going to do about him now and do you still love him she asked wiping the tears in her eyes

Ms. Kendra: For giving me two gorgeous children, Yes I do. Now young lady, go inside and get dressed. You are going to work with me.

Kome: I can’t. David is in the office with you. I will be a distraction.

Ms. Kendra: I think he is in love with you. Anytime he talks about you, he is always happy. I knew both of you will hit it off immediately. Do you love him?

Kome: she nodded shyly.

Ms. Kendra: Do not worry; I will not let him hurt you. You can trust him. He is good, nice, caring and loving. He is also sincere and honest. You are in safe hands.

Kome: Thanks Kendra she said sitting by her side. I think God brought me here to meet you and meeting you have been a blessing in disguise. Wow! What a small world.

Ms. Kendra: What a small world indeed.

Question: Guess how this story will end? I hope i find the right guess! *wink

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  1. D both ladies has a unique heart. I known dat God will bless Jennifer with a good man. Dat her decision to live Ken was great Despite his money.as for Ma. Kenady she will forgive her Husband for her love is great.

  2. Kome will marry David. Kendra still loves her husband despite what has come between them and will give him a second chance in her life again. Mr Kennedy will repent of his old ways and will be happy to have his family back again

  3. It will end well.. Husband and wife back, kome and David, hapily married.. But I wish Kendra will date another guy to spite the husband, just date, not to sleep with him, so that the husband will feel the pain.. It will be good riddance to bad rubbish.. Lol.

  4. Ms kenedy will accept her husband back because of the kids and she is still in love with him. meanwhile kome will get married to David..

  5. What of donald or is he the new david? Because a lot of name change happens in this story!!!! Kudos to ms kendra and I hope mr ken won’t repeat such act again!

  6. Mrs Kennedy is kind but she needs to be extral careful so she don’t get broken down, we still need to know who recommend Kome to her

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