(Part 7) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 7) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

I awoke to the noise of my mother returning from a party. I could hear my mom giggle as she struggled to climb the stairs. Based on the racket she was making out there, it was obvious she had partied hard. I took a glance at the clock on my nightstand. It read 2:17am. I turned my head in the other direction and saw my friend Gbenga, snoozing on top of his sleeping bag.

Gbenga is the son of Mrs Tomi. We grew up together like I said earlier. We usually make it a point to sleep over each other’s houses at least for many times a month. Tonight was Gbenga’s turn since my mom had returned from her business trip. I was missing Tomi though.

I really didn’t mind Gbenga to continue sharing houses together, since he was fun to hang out with and always brought along some goodies like a porn DVD or an X-Box game. I put my head down on the pillow and let steady hum of the air conditioner take me back into a deep slumber.

I awoke again but this time it was to relieve my full bladder. I threw the sheets aside and sat on my bed. I noticed Gbenga was not in the room. He probably left to use the bathroom. Since I was up already, I decided I might as well wait out in the hall until he finished his business.

I shuffled out of my room and felt the warm blast of air surround my body. I made my way along the carpet, rubbing my eyes, trying to focus in the dark. As I neared my Mom’s bedroom, my ears picked up what sounded like a moan. I stopped in my tracks listening. This time it was a grunt and a moan.

My Mom: Oohh yyeeahh. Give it to me Gbenga. Yeeaahh.. yeeahh.. faster! Faster!!

Me: Hmm.. who could be there banging my mom? I was beginning to get an erection just thinking about my mom getting fucked by one unknown man.

I hugged the wall as I crept closer to her bedroom. Using the palm of my left hand, I eased the door open, looked inside, and witnessed a sight I would never have believed if you had told me to my face. On my mom’s bed, I found Gbenga on top of my mother. He had her legs over his shoulders and his ass was moving up and down as he fucked her sloppy, pink cunt.

Me: whhhhaaat?? How could Gbenga do this to me? Banging my mom under my nose. I was furious.

He bent down to capture her right nipple and greedily sucked in her jiggling mound of tit flesh. She moaned at the milking of her jugg. Her giant brown areola was wet from the constant nursing of her bloated nipple.

I stared in open-mouthed lust while Gbenga switched over to her left nipple, never losing his rhythm as he sunk to the hilt in her cookie. The fact that it was my own mother getting fucked by my friend, only served to magnify my feelings of hurt and betrayal. Why would she invite Gbenga to fuck her on her bed? Deep down inside, if I had to be honest with myself, I guess what really bothered me was how betrayed I felt of their affair.

My mother, Binta Ayodeji, is what you would call an average looking woman. A regular plain babe if you will. I know she was never going to win a beauty contest, but with her voluptuous body constantly making my dick hard, she was, to me, my personal beauty queen. Even at a mature 44 with extra pounds lining her belly, hips, and ass, she still manages to turn some heads around.

Me: What the hell was that about? I asked myself. This is high level talk about no respect. How could Gbenga do this to me? I asked myself again

Gbenga’s grunts snapped me to the present. His shiny, wet cock drove deep into my mother’s womb where he began to deposit his baby making cum. He panted and moaned as he emptied his semen into her thirsty womb. When he finally caught his breath, he slid out of her wet gash and slipped into his boxers. My mother had her eyes closed with a smirk on her face. She was so tired. Trying to catch some good breath. She looked well fucked. Looking down at her twat, I could see Gbenga’s cum leaking from her gaping pussy lips.

Before either one of them caught me, I made my way back to my room and slipped under the covers. Gbenga came in about five minutes later. Pretending to be asleep, I saw him staring at me through the slits of my eyes. He was satisfied I was dead to the world and went to lie down on his sleeping bag.

After what seemed like an hour, but according to the clock was only about 15 minutes, Gbenga began to snore. Taking that as my cue, I made my way out of the room to relieve my bladder. First, I stopped at my Mom’s bedroom. The light was still on. Her big juicy ass stuck out from under the sheets with Gbenga’s cum spilling out over her bottom. I silently walked in and turned off the lamp. Closing the door behind me, I ran to the bathroom to relieve myself. Both ways!

The next morning, Gbenga departed saying he had to run some errands for his mom. I didn’t care. As far as I was concerned, Gbenga’s status as my good friend was over. He was going to be relegated to the status of an acquaintance. And I won’t regret loosing a good friend since he slept with my mom.

Question: But why would Gbenga be sleeping Anthony’s Mom? Is this fair?

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  1. I think Gbenga is aware of Tony banging his mother. Tony shouldn’t b furious, its a payback. Thumb up Gbengulo… Lol

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