(Episode 14) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 14) Monster’s Den with the Dead

It was exactly 12:59pm in the afternoon, while Kome and Kendra were busy entertaining their guest Mr. Donald who came visiting them with his fiancée.

Ms Kendra: So you guys left Port Harcourt this morning just to visit us. I am really honored. Please make yourself at home she said to Nkiruka, Donald Fiancee and she nodded.

Donald: It is no big deal. We are friends remember. I know you will do the same thing when the right man comes along.

Ms Kendra: Thank God you said when the right man comes along. You know what you did na abi?

Donald: I am sorry, but he is my friend and I couldn’t say no when he asked of your address.

Ms Kendra: Turning to Nkiruka who has been quiet she said, I am sure he told you everything before you got here. She nodded again. Good, if you were in my shoes, what will you do?

Nkiruka: From all that I have been told, he used his hands in destroying what he once had and shared with you. But as it stands, he is willing to change and I think it is proper that you accept him back if he comes running back to you.

Ms Kendra:  You are right sha. Anyway, when is the wedding?

Donald: You will be the first to know when we set the date he said. By the way, has he come?

Ms Kendra:  At last Donald, I am so happy for you and yes he has but I was not home when he did. He will come back again sometime.

Donald and his Fiancée stayed with Ms. Kendra till late in the Evening before they took their flight back home. One hour later, a knock was heard at the gate. Bryan quickly went to open the gate without asking who it was.

Bryan: Dad! He was standing right in front of his father. With a big smile on his face he ran to him and hugged him. ‘Dad, you have come back home to us’ he started crying for he has missed him so much.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh Yes son. I have come back home to you. I am so sorry for leaving he hugged him in return.

Andrea who was in the room playing with Bryan before he went to open the door, waited a few minutes before going to the gate to know why her brother is not yet in the room to continue playing with her. As soon as she opens the door of the sitting room leading to the veranda of their house, she sighted her brother in the company of her father who travelled and started crying. Ms Kendra and Kome quickly left what they were doing in the kitchen when they heard her cry.

Ms Kendra: Honey, what happened?

Andrea: She quickly pointed to the direction of her father, her mother looked at who she was pointing at. ‘Dad is back from his long journey’ she said.

Mr. Kennedy: Walked towards where Andrea was and carried her in his arms. My little princess how are you?

Andrea: ‘Welcome home Dad. Promise you will not leave us again and travel on your long journey’ she asked crying.

Mr. Kennedy: ‘Dad will not leave you and travel on his long journey again’ he smiled at her. Oh! how he has missed them all he thought to himself. Hello Jennifer and how are you doing Kendra he asked not surprised seeing Jennifer there for he already sensed that she must have told Kendra everything with the way they keep looking at him.

Bryan: Dad she is known as Aunt Kome here

Mr. Kennedy: he nodded for he remembered clearly that her name is Osaze Kome Jennifer. Hello Kome.

Kome ignored him while Ms. Kendra welcomed him into their home. She allowed him bond with his kids and made him sleep over because the kids wouldn’t want him to go to his Hotel room to spend night. They wanted him in their room; they wanted their father to sleep with them.

The following day, while the kids and their father were still sleeping, Kome and Ms. Kendra quickly went for early morning Mass. When they came back, the kids and their father were still sleeping.

Kome: Are you not comfortable with my presence she asked after she changed to her usual house clothes, went to the kitchen, there she met Ms. Kendra having a cup of tea all by herself.

Ms Kendra: why are you asking?

Kome: Because you haven’t said anything to me since he came in.

Ms Kendra: You mean Kennedy?

Kome: Yes. If you want me to leave I won’t mind.

Ms Kendra: She looked at her with anger in her eyes. Let this be the last time you say such nonsense and walked away.

Later in the day, when the kids woke up from sleep, Kome served them breakfast after she was done bathing them. She knew that the presence of Mr. Kennedy in the house made Kendra uncomfortable. While the kids were with their Mom playing in the sitting room and Mr. Kennedy was left all alone pretending to be interested in CNN news, she took the kids to her room for the two adult to have some privacy and sort thing out. Kennedy seeing that Kome and the kids have left the sitting room, decided to open up on the reason he came.

Mr. Kennedy: Kendra, I am sorry for I know that I have not been the best husband, can you please give me a second chance and I promise to make it up to you he said looking at her.

Ms Kendra: After all you did to me; you still show your face here and demand for a second chance?

Mr. Kennedy: Kendra I am so sorry. Find it in your heart to forgive me. I will be a better man from now on. If not for me, at least for the sake of our children.

Ms Kendra: it is also because of our children that you are still in this house till this moment. It is also because of them that I have forgiven you. If it is forgiveness you are asking for. I hold nothing against you.

Mr. Kennedy: what about having me as a husband again and our family becoming whole again?

Ms Kendra: You have a second chance with your kids and not me Kennedy. The moment you signed that divorce papers was the moment you destroyed everything I had left for you. I knew you were having an affair with a misery woman but still, I stayed not because I was happy in the marriage but because I loved you so very much that I was ready to do anything to bring you back home. The only thing I want from you is be a father to your kids and nothing more.

Mr. Kennedy: what about us?

Question: Do you think Kendra will forgive Kennedy?

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  1. pls I don’t want them back 2geda, he ruined everything, he should pay d price. Its not every time pple get second chances in life, sometimes u ve to live with d consequences of ur actions.

  2. After returning back the bride prize,,hmmm getting back together would be the most annoying thing to do madam…teach him a hard lesson so he won’t ever disrespect marriage again.

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