(Part 8) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 8) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

I awoke on Gbenga’s couch, the sunlight streaming in through the window. I looked at my phone: 9am. I groaned, partially due to the realization that I had only slept for 4 hours, It was Gbenga’s birthday and partially due to my raging hangover. As my head throbbed, I slowly began to remember the previous night. We had gone to a house party at Tomis’, I had drank 15 beers, then slept over at Gbenga’s since I couldn’t leave.

I sat up, sliding my muscular frame out from beneath the thin sheet covering me, and turned on the television to the cartoon network – Tom and Jerry ( I love it like kilode!). I figured I might as well entertain myself, since Gbenga probably wouldn’t be up until at least 2pm. I half-focused on the images on screen for about 45 minutes until I heard someone padding softly down the stairs. I turned my body and fixed my eyes on the soft, pale thighs and perky ass of my friend’s younger sister, Obby.

I had a crush on her for almost 5 years now before I was interrupted by Tomi’s love and for good reason. She had a killer body, with cute b cup tits, smooth skin, a petite 5’4″ frame and soft, long brown hair which she was wearing in pigtails. I had been ogling her for years now despite having my usual oil change with Tomi, taking every opportunity to check out her perky tits when she leaned over and fantasizing about her gorgeous ass when I jerked off. It didn’t help that she was definitely sexually active (I remember hearing her moaning while she fucked one her boyfriend when I slept at their place a couple months back). She also seemed to love the attention, and flirted shamelessly with me and my friends. A smile spread across her face when she saw me:

Obby: “Rough night, cutie?” she asked with a smirk.

She was wearing nothing but a thin, white nirvana “T” and some forest green halfback cotton panties. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see her nipples poking through her shirt. I nodded sheepishly, trying not to stare at her excited nipples too obviously. Her eyes trailed down to my chest-

Obby: “have you been working out? You look like a man now,” she teased.

Me: “Ahh, nothing out of the ordinary,” I lied. But you’ve always been seeing me for days right?

Obby: “Scooch over, I love the cartoon network,” she said.

I slid my body back into the couch and she draped herself in front of me, pulling the sheet over herself while cuddling into my chest.

Obby: “Keep me warm, I’m freezing,” she chirped.

Me: “I can tell,” I replied, casting a cheeky glance at her nipples.

She blushed slightly, but said nothing, and turned her attention to the T.V. We watched cartoons for about half an hour, while catching up with each other. As she got more comfortable, she began to press her butt lightly against my crotch. My body was pretty easily excited, and before long I felt my cock begin to harden. She seemed to notice the extra pressure and began subtly grinding her soft ass cheeks into my cock. It rose to its full length, and soon the engorged, swollen head was poking out the top of my boxer-briefs, pressed between the cleft of her ass. I moved my hand to her soft stomach, just below her orange-sized tits. This did not deter her, and she continued to rub her gorgeous ass against my member. Just thinking about her pale, perky butt filling out her green panties made me groan.


Me: “Stop teasing me, I have a girlfriend, remember?” I complained, although without much conviction.

Obby: “Teasing you?? You’re the one with your arm down there so you can feel my ass, perv.”

Me: “I don’t have my arm under the covers!” I replied.

Obby: “Liar!” she said, as she ripped the sheets off and turned around.

Me: What happened between you and your boyfriend Obby?

Obby: It’s complicated Tony. Let’s not talk about it.

Her eyes widened as she took in my big, swollen cock, protruding triumphantly out the top of my underwear.

Obby: “Holy shit Tony! That thing is HUGE!” I didn’t have a great sense of how my dick measured up: my girlfriend and Tomi were the only ones who had seen it, and I took my girlfriend’s virginity so she didn’t have a frame of reference either. I did know that it was pretty decently sized though, since she was never able to take the whole length. My sex life had been pretty boring up until I met Tomi. Since then I’ve always have the intention to try more with ladies. We usually did it missionary, and I only rarely got BJs. One time I tried to push a finger into her ass but she squealed and swatted my hand away. Linda was a stereotypical ‘good girl:’ she got good marks, did charity with some food foundation organization in her free time, and didn’t party too much. She was decent looking, with nice c cup tits and a good figure, but her face was pretty plain. I often fantasized about taking control in the bedroom, but she always complained if I did anything out of the ordinary. She liked to get fucked gently, with me on top, and only about once every week or two.

Thoughts of what she would think raced through my head as Obby continued to stare openly at my cock.

Obby: “Have you ever measured it?” she asked.

Me:  “No,” I replied sheepishly.

Obby: “Can I, pleeeease? I need to know, for curiosity’s sake.”

She leaned toward it, pouting and focusing her big puppy dog eyes up at me.

Me: “Well I guess I could let you do that…” I mumbled.

Obby: “Great! You’re the best Marky! Come up to my room though, Gbenga hates it when I flirt with his friends.”

Wordlessly, I rose up and followed her upstairs, watching her perky ass the entire way up. I had been lusting after her for years, and this seemed like a great opportunity. By the time I entered her room, she had already found a ruler.

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  1. You guys have good stories but u are lacking consistency and that matters a lot. What’s the use of publishing a story when u can’t complete them. E.g age is nothing but a number.

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