GTBank Vs Innoson, Kill the tribal sentiment – By Emeka Nwachukwu

This morning, I feel the need to let out my voice and speak on this raging issue; I apologize in advance to those who might feel offended but I sincerely feel a need to speak on this and educate people.

It’s on this issue of GTBank and Innosson.

Suddenly the matter has taken a curve and suddenly its being cited as another “attack” against the Igbos. Suddenly there is a war cry: All Igbos must close their GTB accounts and move them to Diamond and Fidelity.

Suddenly, with the lapse of the last “Biafra” episode, another opportunity has been presented for another macabre dance.

I don’t know Innosson. Neither do I have any relationship with GTBank. I read through what reportedly transpired and without prejudice, GTBank might have appeared to have acted inappropriately like ALL our banks do.

On the other hand, GTBank has alleged that Innosson presented false import papers etc. I can see a transaction that went awry, but no tribal targeting; it was basically business.

And at any rate, to those chanting the tribal song, even if we were to agree with you for an insane moment, where were you when GTBank, a “Yoruba” bank loaned that large amount to Innosson? Why didn’t he get the money from supposedly “Igbo” banks like Diamond and Fidelity?

How come our Igbo brothers who are bank CEO’s didn’t grant him the same loan or more to support a brother, an Ndigbo?

When the relationship was good, no one sang any tribal song!

I recall the noisy case of GTBank and the late Arisekola. Given Arisekola’s prominence, shouldn’t we have said it was an attack against the Yorubas by the same GTBank? By now it must be clear that the owners of GTBank are natives of Mars and not Nigeria, they’re a financial institution and not king makers !!!

Truth is there is nothing tribalistic about this matter. I see a bank that wants its money back at all cost especially at a time that the economy is poor.

I see a bank that’s supportive to any and every entrepreneur but also wants to make money and grow its brand.

These things did not happen because the owner of Innosson is Igbo. People forget that GTBank has many major Igbo shareholders.

I call on men and women of goodwill. Nigerians from the East, West, North and South. Let’s join forces and rally against this nonsense which sadly is being sponsored by supposedly educated people. Let’s blame GTBank if they have behaved inappropriately. Let Innosson continue to approach the Law for relief.

If you quit GTBank today and migrate to another bank, how sure are you that a Diamond or Fidelity won’t mess you up tomorrow?

Stop The Ethnic Crusade, Kill Sentiments!!!



  1. I, a Nwa afor igbo, does not have any problem with GTBank. From the bank’s perspective, I really don’t see anything ethnic about its problem with Innoson Motors, its just a business transaction gone awry. i have very serious problem with EFCC involement in the whole matter. Even if GTBank approached the EFCC, why will the EFCC allow itself to be a willing tool to be used. In fact, I smell ethnicity in the EFCC action because I know for sure that there have been a lot of petitions by organisations, banks inclusive against Dangote but I haven’t heard that the EFCC ever made any attempt to go arrest him even where and when he disregards EFCC invitation letters. The EFCC therefore owes Nigerians EXPLANATIONS why it got itself involved and in the humiliating manner it did, including, especially, the SLAPPING action allegation.

  2. I weep for my Country Nigeria, i don’t know how and when we will get it right with everything been attached to ethnicity sentiments whenever things go against us and especially how my people are easily fall prey of all these types of antics by Criminals parading themselves as big men. For goodness sake this is a case of forgery and financial crime which is within the EFCC’s jurisdiction, so why are people castigating this institution that’s out there to rescue the Nation from this bunch of criminals. Even the Senate is not left out from the criticizing the EFCC. We can not progress if we do not leave this behind us. May God help and bless Nigeria

  3. What these people attaching ethnic sentiment to his issue need to do is to identify, work on and improve upon their marked political ineptitude in order to get a strong foothold on the nations political landscape
    You do not mix up a purely fraudulent case with that of politics and get respected or applauded

  4. That is why it will be difficult for us as a nation to reach the height we suppose to when we based everything on religion and ethic sentiment! May God almighty deliver us.

  5. I like the summary that the Author did, a case of forgery and fake import papers is a financial crime within the purview of the EFCC so the way Saraki led Senate jumped on the issue without proper investigation beggars treacherous politicking. We know that any Avenue to rubbish Efcc by the thieving Nass is like a case of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. With regards ethnic gingoism the Igbos should only collect loans from Igbo banks. Shior!!!

  6. There is need for us to be very careful not to tribalise a fraudulent case under the rule of law . Gtbank is an all people’s bank that is out to do business and anything that will appear to be a cog in the wheel of their business progress has to be properly addressed, that is why the Efcc was made to handle the affair. The case at hand is fraudulent and need to be treated as such.

  7. Good talk folks! Pls send copies to nas. legislative, banking and business are different things. every body should face his business.

  8. This is always the case with igbos, even when they are educated they will never let that their igbotic spirit of tribalism go out of them. So sad tho.
    Every little thing they term it to because he is Igbo may God help them.

  9. Some relief that some are now looking @ issues a bit more thoroughly.But there are still some patterns that needs to be monitored.1st whether GTBank is guilty fully or partially in this particular case, we must note d avaricious,thieving spirit thats entered our banks now with d full support of CBN-Emefiele [who incidentally is an igbo man ‘made in Zenith Bank’ a majorly igbo man-owned bank].I am not however aiming to pin-point igbos but rather pin-point d real fact that fraud knows no tribe or tongue, when it comes to bad biz all are d same.The only divide existing even amongst d thieving biz men & politicos is dt btw North & South. Bcos even in crime d Northerners distinguish their own & unless a northern offender gets on d bad side of d elites his sins are more likely to be overlooked.Dy almost
    always protect dir own unless he really crosses dem. Down South however guilty or not we enjoy each others blood. Really, its just obvious how dse guys keep hanging onto power for so long even up till when it doesnt make much meaning for them anymore.

  10. Inoson complaint about overcharge on its account with a case already in court that something the bank has to address and not use intimidation, Because this things have a way of backfiring like its happening now.

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