(VIDEO 18+) Angry wife strips her husband’s pregnant mistress in public

A shocking footage has emerged showing an angry wife and a group of women callously beating her husband’s alleged pregnant mistress on a public street in China.

Angry wife strips her husband

In the sickening footage, the alleged pregnant mistress is seen surrounded by at least four women as they slap her in the face and strip off her clothing. At some point, one raging woman, believed to be the cheating husband’s wife, brutally stamped on the mistress’ stomach with her black high heels on.

The mistress who is then heard begging for them to stop beating her, shouted: ‘I can’t take it. I am pregnant!’

It’s unclear if the young woman lost her child, after the scorned wife walked on her stomach with stiletto heels on.



  1. The attack on the mistress is condemnable as well as the infidelity that led to the attack. But jeez, that attack is just too grievous, I hope the mistress doesn’t loose her life to this and hope the attackers are brought to book.

  2. The funny thing about women and their emotional outburst is the same man may be straffing a third woman at the time. Shd d poor girl die from complications and d wife get locked up, the man is free to dive into the sea again

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