(Episode 2) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 2) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

The following day, Kamsi paid Mama a visit to her place.

Kamsi: ‘Mama, how have you been’ she asked as she opened the door for her to enter.

Mama: My daughter, I am doing very okay. How was your journey from Lagos to Enugu and how is David?

Kamsi: Your son is fine Mama, he sends his regards and my trip was wonderful.

Mama: How are your parents and siblings?

Kamsi: They are all fine and thanks for asking.

Mama: Make yourself at home and hope you will be staying long with me since Daniella started school; she hardly comes home except she is on long vacation. This house is too lonely for me.

Kamsi: Ah Ah Mama, you know I also work, I wish it is possible for me to come stay with you for long. Bu not to worry, when David and I finally get married, you can come live with us full time since you are the only one here.

Mama: Ehen! Are you saying you will want me to come and live with you fully when you people get married?

Kamsi: Why not Mama. You can’t stay here all alone ooo. I won’t accept it. Why would I allow my own mother stay all alone when she has a son who can take care of her? It is not right.

Mama: Wow! You called me mother; I am happy and thank you.

Kamsi: Yes Mama, you are my mother. You love me and care for me like your children, so you are my mother.

As they were busy gisting and chating, Daniella entered the house with her luggage.

Mama: ‘Hello Daniella, We were just talking about you now’ she went and hugged her daughter.

Daniella: ‘Good day Mama’ she hugged her back in return.

Kamsi: Welcome Daniella.

Daniella: Thank you Kamsi. This one you are here today, hope no problem.

Kamsi: No wahala oooo. I just came here to visit Mama and stay with her for a couple of days.

Daniella: Thank God you are here ooo. Atleast, there is someone to keep Mama Company because she has been saying I don’t want to come and stay with her again.

Mama: My two daughters are here, that is enough for me. You two will spend enough time with me. Daniella and Kamsi, let me go and prepare something delicious for you people.

Daniella: Okay Mama, let me go and keep my things in my room. She carried her luggage to her room while Mama went to the kitchen accompanied by Kamsi.

After Dinner that evening, Kamsi went to the guest room where she stays any time she visits the house to sleep while Daniella and Mama were in Mama’s room having a mother to daughter conversation.

Daniella: Mama, I am jealous ooo. See the way you always use to pet Kamsi anytime she comes to the house and then you leave me all alone as if I am not your own daughter.

Mama: ah ah! Daniella, you should know that you will always have me as your mother but Kamsi is a daughter who is trying to come to the family and she needs our love and affection. We need to make her feel comfortable. But you are my daughter, you have me here always.

Daniella: I know Mama but you spoil her too much. You cook for her, Pamper her. You don’t allow her touch or do anything. I hope she is not just trying to make you love her by been all caring so that she will have easy access to this family. You know young ladies these days are pretentious because they want to get married, they will do anything to act all nice so that they will gain your love and approval. Be careful ooo.

Mama: Hia! Daniella, I can’t believe you are saying this. I know you do not approve of Kamsi, but if only you will open your heart to her, I am sure you will grow to love her and accept her like your sister. Listen Daniella, she is a good and a nice person. She will make a good wife to your brother and she even loves me like her mother.

Daniella: Mama, I just want you to be careful ooo.

Mama: Jealous you. By the way, when are you going to pay a visit to your brother? You know he just got a job and he won’t be having time to come here more often.

Daniella: I will Mama but let me spend some time with you biko since he has Kamsi with him.

Mama: Alright Daniella. Thank you.


After Two Years, David got a promotion in his place of work and was relocated to United States of America to continue with his work. He quickly left home to see his mother again for he was to resume for work immediately. He was simply waiting for his visa to arrive.

Mama: David, is there a problem this one you rushed home to see Daniella and i?

Daniella: David, is everything all right?

David: Nothing is the problem Mama. I just rushed here to give you the good news myself.

Mama: What good news my son.

David: ‘The good news is that I have been promoted in my work place’ he exclaimed and….. He was interrupted by their shouts and screams

Mama and Daniella shouted excitedly.

Mama: David, my God has done it again oooo. He is a God of awesome wonders, the I am that I am, the miracle worker, My  El-shadia. Wow, David! I am so happy for you. Within two years you have been promoted.

Daniella: Brother I am so happy for you ooo.

David: You people did not even wait for me to finish what I was saying before you interrupted me.

Mama: ‘Oh! So there is more sef’ she asked.

Question: Do you pray to have a good mother in law like Mama and Daughter in law like Kamsi?

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