(Episode 3) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 3) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

David: Yes Mama, there is more ooo Mama. I did not only get a job but I have also been transferred to the United States of America to continue my work.

Mama: ‘Eh! Isi gini? You have been transferred to Obodoyibo? This is indeed good news’ she danced round the house singing and clapping her hands.

Daniella: But what about Kamsi? You want to travel outside the country leaving her behind?

Daniel: That is not an issue, when I settle down, I will send for her.

Daniella: For how long will that be?

Mama: Mba nu! We don’t do like that in our place ooo. How can you not marry her before you leave to America?

David: Mama, how can you talk like this? I just got promoted and you are telling me to get married, it is not now na. Who says that I won’t get married?

Daniella: David, all Mama is trying to say is that you should at least go and see her people before leaving to America so that she will know you are very serious about her.

David: I will do the necessary things, now is not the right time. Let me go there first and settle down with my work, get acquainted with the place and then think of marrying and bringing her over. Do you want me to do something on her head now that I will be leaving there when I do not know how things are going to be?

Mama: So you mean when you get there and get acquainted with the place and work you will come home and marry her? Is that an assurance?

David: Yes Mama, as soon as I settle down and things are okay with me, I will come and do the needful on her head. That is a promise Mama.

Daniella: Are you sure of what you are saying? Hope you won’t come and be saying you fell in love with a white lady? Hope you won’t change your mind oooo.

David: For what na. After Kamsi and I have been through a lot, you think I will leave her when the going is good?

Mama: I won’t even allow you to. That girl is a good girl and well mannered. She is going to be my daughter in-law whether you like it or not. She is of good character and from a good home. She is beautiful and responsible. I believe in my heart that she is the best woman for you.

David: I know Mama, that is the reason why I will get married to her as soon as I settle down over there.

Daniella: I hope so oooo. Is she aware that you will soon be leaving?

David: she isn’t. I just came to inform you people first before we see because I won’t be staying here for a long time.

Mama: When are you leaving to America?

David: My Visa should be arriving next week. I should probably be on my way next weekend.

Mama: That is good news. I want you to spend all the time you can spend with her.

David: Yes Ma! He said smiling.

After spending a couple of days with his family, he went back to Lagos where he informed Kamsi of his plan towards himself and their future.

Kamsi: I still think it is only right and fair that you go see my people and make your intentions known. I am not saying you should pay my bride price; all I am saying is you should at least go and do knocking of door.

David: I cannot do that right now. I want to do everything all at once. I don’t want to do the knocking of know right now and still keep you waiting. No nah. That is not what I want for you and us.

Kamsi: How am I sure that you will not Marry one of the white ladies over there? What assurance do I have that if you go, you won’t break up with me?

David: I am not going to do it, believe me. You know how much I love you, how will you start thinking that I will leave you to marry another woman? Me, David! Don’t you know that you are the woman after my own heart?

Kamsi: I still do not like the idea. Anyway, I will do as you say since you want me to wait for you with the assurance that you will come back for me. I only hope you do not disappoint me oooo.

David: Thanks Darling. I won’t break your heart I promise.

Kamsi: ‘I won’t wait for long ooo. Just don’t disappoint me’ she said holding her right ear.

David: I promise not to.


David travelled to USA where he continued work fully. He was loved by his boss and the people around him. He became the ladies’ man and so many women flocked around him.

He stopped calling Kamsi and told his mother how he met a lot of beautiful women in US, he was contemplating getting married to one of the women he was having an affair with after staying two years over there. He explained his predicament to his mother when he called her.

David: Mama, I do not want to get married to Kamsi anymore. I have someone here that I would like to get married to.

Mama: I am not in support of it. Mba nu. What will I tell a girl who is so good and well behaved? She has been coming to my house every weekend and complaining bitterly about you. You do not call her; you do not text her, nothing! You do know how much she loves you and yet you want to break her heart.

David: Mama, please try and understand me. I want to get married to the white girl I have here instead of Kamsi.

Mama: I said capital N.O. NO! Infact eh! I will go to her place and pay her bride price on your behalf. You will not abandon a girl who has been with you through thick and thin you hear.

Question: Is Mama doing the right thing?

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