(Episode 4) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 4) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Kamsi knew David is no longer having her in his heart but she kept on visiting the mother every weekend and pleading with her to talk to her son about their relationship. She made sure she played the role of a good daughter in-law with Mama and Mama’s love for Kamsi increased daily.

Kamsi: Mama, have you spoken to David, what did he say about us?

Mama: Do not worry yourself, he will come home and do the needful when it is time. Do not worry yourself my child.

Kamsi: Mama, how can I not worry when he doesn’t answer or pick my calls? It seems to me as if he is having an affair with a woman over there.

Mama: Ah ah! It has not come to that na.  Listen my daughter; David will come back to you, that I can promise you. He will not marry another lady and dump you, not while I am alive inu go. Relax your mind you hear.

Kamsi: I believe in you Mama. With you, I have no reason to worry.

Mama: It is well my daughter.

It’s been three weeks since David last spoke to Mama. The white lady named Amanda whom David is dating overheard him talking to his mother on phone about marrying a certain lady back in Nigeria. She is curious to know if he will finally fall to the demands of his people by doing as he was told. She prompted to ask him about it when next they are together.

Amanda called David and told him she was on his way to his house when she closed from work. She arrived his home and met him waiting for her.

David: Hi Honey.

Amanda: Hello Sweetheart. How was your day today?

David: It was fine and yours?

Amanda: it was hectic. Thank God my shift is over.

David: Welcome home my darling.

Amanda: ‘After making herself comfortable in the house and helping herself with a bottle of wine’ she sat down with legs crossed and faced him.  ‘Actually, i want to talk to you about something’.

David: What is it?

Amanda: I heard you talking with your mother the other day; you were talking about getting married. Is there someone in Nigeria waiting for you?

David: Eh! Nope, I mean Yes. There is a girl I was dating before I came to the US. but you are the one I am in love with right now and not her.

Amanda: If your mother wants you to marry her, what makes you think she will approve of me?

David: The thing is that my mom really wants us to get married because she loves her a lot. My Mom approves of her for me.

Amanda: Which means you are not thinking of settling down with me, are you?

David: To be truthful, my mother has finally made it clear to me that Kamsi which is her name, is the woman she wants for a daughter in law and nobody else.

Amanda: I am not the one for you after spending so much time together right?

David: It is not like that. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Amanda: ‘Really’ she dropped her wine glass on the table before her and crossed her hands. That is not what I am seeing here David. Seems you are going with what your mother says because if you really wanted us, you would have told her about me right from the very first moment you asked me out.

David: ‘Urrrmm.. you have to understand that my Mother is…..’. she interrupted.

Amanda: ‘Fuck you David and Fuck your mother’ she took the handbag she came with and left the house.


Back in Nigeria, Mama went with her people to Kamsi village and paid her bride price on behalf of David. After the bride Price was paid, they went along with their new wife accompanied by Daniella to Enugu.

Mama sent pictures of the event to David and gave him the good news that Kamsi is now traditionally his wife. Immediately, David started processing her visa for her to come join him over there.

When Kamsi was informed that her husband has started processing her Visa, she became overjoyed. At last she is going to join the clique of women whose husband is based abroad. Filled with joy, she went into the kitchen to prepare something delicious for Mama and Daniela. For Daniela was at home spending time with them.

Kamsi: ‘Mama, I prepared something for you and Daniela’ She said as she placed the food on the dining which comprises of Oha soup and Akpu  which she prepared specially for them.

Mama: ‘Our wife! This must be delicious’ she said as she perceived the aroma of the soup garnished with assorted meat in the air.

Daniella: Kamsi, what is the special occasion? What are we celebrating today?

Kamsi: Must there be any special occasion to warrant me cooking something delicious and special for the family? You do know Mama has been the one pampering me, today, I decided to cook something special as a sign of appreciation, to tell Mama, thank you for been there for me and accepting me into the family as her own  daughter.

Mama: So because of that, you went through the trouble of preparing all this for us? ‘My daughter, you did well and I am so grateful’ she said as she washed her hands in the bowl water placed in front of her.

Daniella: Mama, I will also join you ooo. This food prepared by Kamsi must not go to waste. She dished her hand in the soup to pick a meat. Wow Kamsi, this is nice and delicious.

Kamsi: You guys should eat to your satisfaction since this food is prepared by me to you.

Mama: My daughter! You seem so happy today, what is the secret?

Kamsi: Nothing Mama, I am just in a good mood today. Hope you are enjoying my food?

Mama: Yes and Thank you, God bless you greatly.

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