(Episode 5) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 5) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Kamsi: Mama, it is you I should be thanking, Thank you for coming to pay my bride price even though we all know how David never wanted you to do it in the first place. I appreciate you all a great deal.

Daniella: This one you people are busy thanking each other, what about me? Kamsi, am I not your sister in-law?

Kamsi: Thank you too Daniella she said smiling, I appreciate all your effort on my traditional wedding day.

Mama: Do not worry my daughter, David is busy preparing your papers so that you will go and join him there. I know that you miss him greatly. All you have to do is be patient you hear. You know that things like this take time.

Kamsi: Yes Mama. I know things like this take time and I can’t wait to go and join him over there. I really miss him. Ehen Mama, how are we going to do it on my wedding day, won’t you people be there to attend the big day with me?

Daniella: Kamsi, I am not sure I will be able to do that. Until then sha but you do know that I cannot leave my studies because I am in my in final year and immediately after that, I will be planning to go for my NYSC. So just incase I do not attend your wedding, please try and understand.

Kamsi: I will really love you to be there but Mama, what about you? Hope you will be there with me?

Mama: My daughter, I would really love to be there with you but you do know how the situation is at the moment abi? Don’t worry, since we have done the Mba Nkwu, I do not have any problem again. If he insists on getting married to you in the white man’s land and also do the court wedding over there, No wahala. All I ask is that, I should be getting ready to come for the Omugwo in the next nine month inugo?

Kamsi: hahahahaaha. Mama, I have heard you very well. In the next nine month, you will come and look after your grandchild.

Daniella: Yes Mama. That is how it will be because you won’t leave only me here in Nigeria for I will be getting married immediately after my service year. I will need my mother by my side all through both before Omugwo and after Omugwo and they all laughed.


Few days later, Mama received a call from her son David

Mama: Hello who is this?

David: Hey Mama. It’s me!

Mama: Who is it’s me biko?

David: It’s me your son, David!

Mama: Haaa! David Nwam! How are you? How’s Obodoyibo?

David: Mama, i’m fine oo. How are you and Daniella?

Mama: God is good.

David: I really miss you Mama. I was thinking of arranging your visa and ticket over to see me

Mama: That’s good Nwam .. but what about Kamsi? You need to make sure Kamsi come to US first before thinking of me. Then i can come to and do Omugwo and take care of my grand-child. I think it’s better that way

David: Well Mama, you know you really suffer for us. I don’t want you to suffer at all. I know reasons why i’m saying this. I’m your Son and i cannot lie to you.

Mama: Arrange Kamsi first to come, then you can bring me after


Six Months later, Kamsi left Enugu to the US to join her husband. There, they did both court wedding and white wedding. They invited all their friends abroad but Mama and Daniella were not able to make it for she was writing her final exams in school while Mama couldn’t get her visa on time.

One Year later, Kamsi gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Tochukwu. David quickly called his mother and delivered the good news to her and Daniella. She also told her to get prepared and come to the US for Omugwo. All Visa and flight tickets were arranged

Mama quickly boarded the next flight to US to spend time with her precious daughter in-law who has given her so much joy and blessings in her family by giving her a grandchild named Tochukwu. She decided to spend valuable time with them.

Kamsi: Welcome Mama. Hope your journey was not stressful?

Mama: Nope, it was not stressful. How is my grandchild Tochukwu?

Kamsi: ‘He is very fine’ she said as she went to hug her.

Mama: Hope you are taking care of yourself very well for me. I know you must have passed through a lot. Now that I am here, I will take care of you so very well and in no time you will get your body back. Please where is my grandchild sleeping?

Kamsi: ‘In his room’ come let me take you there she said as she helped her with luggage and showed her where Tochukwu is sleeping. By the way Mama, how is Daniela?

Mama: She is fine and sends her regards. She carried Tochukwu in her arms. Wow! He looks so much like his father, look at his little tiny nose and his mouth. She said pointing to them. God is so good and faithful

Kamsi: Yes Mama. He is an awesome God. Let me quickly show you to your room Mama.

Mama: She laid him on his cradle and went to the guest room where she will be staying.

After she stayed with them for Omugwo, Kamsi wanted her to go back to Enugu but David opposed to it saying he wants his mother with them for a little longer. No point hurrying back to Nigeria when she can stay with them for as long as she desires.

Kamsi: But Omugwo is over na. she has overstayed her welcome. Tochukwu is 6 months old and I can take care of him.

David: Sweetheart, Stop with all this already. I want Mama to stay with us much longer. I see no reason why she should be going back to Nigeria. Daniella just rented her own apartment and is doing fine. She has no need for Mama at the moment.

Kamsi: if you say so. Just that she has stayed here long enough. Besides you need to bring my own people here too

David: I thought you and my mother are very close, why do I sense that you want her out of this house so much? If that woman insists she’s leaving back to Nigeria, you should be the one begging her to stay a little, not otherwise!

Kamsi: Mama is very good. Is just that I feel she must be missing home and her only daughter that is why I am suggesting it. I want my own people to come.

David: I don’t mean to disrespect your family Kamsi. Where are they when Mama was doing everything to ensure you come meet me first even before she’s to be considered coming first. Do not worry yourself about my mother. She is the only mother that I have got oooo. If she wants to go, she will let me know.

Kamsi wants her mother in- law to leave the house for she and her family but does not know how best to put it across to her husband so she won’t be perceived as a bad person. According to her, she has overstayed her welcome. How can she be in US with them when her own people have never left the shores of their father land? She felt that David spoils his mother too much and wishes that instead of all the love he showers on his mother to be showered on her be her own people. She has tried to talk to her husband on many occasions to bring her own mother and siblings to stay with them and each time he says he will work towards it, nothing is done about it. So she took it upon herself as a task to make life unbearable for Mama and only then will she come to his darling son with tears in her eyes asking for the next available flight to Nigeria.

Question: Is Kamsi right insisting Mama to leave back to Nigeria?

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  1. Kamsi, if you can allow this Mama to stay One year with you guys, i think she deserved more than that. You still have many years to take care of your own people afterall. Why considering your own people now when the force behind your success is about to enjoy the fruit of her labour. Think twice Kamsi. Do not take action you will regret dearly. I’m loving this story like mad. Next please.

  2. I suspected this whole I’ll treatment started as a result of her wanting her own pple 2 come over…Kamsi end won’t b nice at all

  3. So this kamsi have an ulterior motive all along and has been pretending. Ok ooo just be expecting disgrace because you cannot just reap where you did not sow.

  4. I thought their quarrel will b all bcus Kamsi didn’t giv a child on that, but its not that at all…. Kamsi, u r a bad shild. Nemesis is on ur way.

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