(Episode 6) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 6) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Kamsi: Tapping Mama roughly on her shoulder ‘Mama Haba! How can you be sleeping in the sitting room like this and snoring. If you are feeling sleepy, why don’t you go to the guest room where you usually stay and sleep there?

Mama: I am so sorry my daughter. I was watching a movie and didn’t know when I slept off. Please forgive me.

Kamsi: No Problem Mama. By the way, there is something that I will like to discuss with you now that you are free.

Mama: What is it? Hope no problem?

Kamsi: Nooo. No problem. The thing is that, I will be starting work very soon and since you are here with us, I will like you to be taking care of Tochukwu when David your son and I are off to work. I know he told you about employing a nanny to take care of him but I plead with you to take up that responsibility since there is nothing much for you to do here except take care of him.

Mama: is that all? Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?

Kamsi: Yes Mama, I think so.

Mama: No Problem. I will help in taking care of my grandchild while you both are off to work.



Back home in Nigeria, Daniella was able to get a job immediately after her service year was over and rented an apartment for herself. She made friends with a colleague of hers at her work place and they both spend time with each other.

Daniella: Clara, how are your parents and when are you going to visit them?

Clara: They are fine. They keep asking about you, when you will be coming to visit them.

Daniella: Wow! They miss me already?

Clara:  You haven’t told me what you did to my parents that each time I call them the first thing they ask is where is Daniella. Me sef I come dey envy you ooo.

Daniella: Na my fault say anywhere I go people dey like me? No worry sha, I no go steal your parents from you.

Clara: ‘you no go fit try am’ she said and smiled. By the way, how is your mother, when is she coming back?

Daniella: I have no idea when she will be coming back. You know she loves her daughter in-law like nothing I can imagine. Sometimes I just feel she loves her more than she loves me. She treats her and spoils her like there is no tomorrow. Imagine, Mama was dashing out N15,000 every month to Kamsi while she was still in Nigeria when David left to US. The lady is lucky oo to have a good mother-in-law like that. She was even the one that paid for her International Passport before David finally succumbed and arranged her visa and ticket over to US. The old woman try. Anyways, Kamsi should be treating her good now.  Me sef I dey jealous anytime wey I call her na her name she go dey mention up and down.

Clara: Is that a form of jealousy I denote in your voice? Babe, you should be happy that your sister- in-law and  your mother are on the same page else it would have been a different story.

Daniella: It is not like I do not like it or that I am not happy for her ooo, it is just that sometimes I perceive Kamsi as someone that once she gets what she truly wants, her real character will start showcasing.

Clara: But she has been married to your brother with a child and your mother has never complained about her why are you still thinking she is a bad person?

Daniella: You are right anyway, maybe I am just too scared of someone hurting the only woman I know and if it happens, I will never forgive Kamsi.

Clara: Relax, not all daughter in-laws are bad.

Daniella:  hmmm, my own mother in-law go enjoy me no be small ooo. I just pray she be a nice person towards me and my husband when the time comes. I won’t want to create enmity just as my mother wouldn’t want to create enmity between Kamsi and her husband, so will mine be.

Clara: Amen ooo. By the way, when is he coming?

Daniella: When is who coming?

Clara: When is Kinsley coming to make his intentions known?

Daniella: Clara! Hmmm. You too like amebo.

Clara: Dey dia na. Do and hurry, I want to wear asoebi fast fast.

Daniella: See who dey talk, you nko? When is Jide coming?

Clara: That one, forget am jare. He thinks he is the only man on earth. Make him dey there dey delay, if I see any suitable bachelor na waka I go waka without looking back.

Daniella: Clara! Clara! Give the guy some break abeg. Your blood too dey hot.

Clara: I don talk my own finish ooo.


Kamsi: Thank you Mama she said smiling and added Ehen Mama, I forgot to tell you, you see this electricity and water we use here every day, you will have to minimize the way you use them because we pay heavily for them. This is not Nigeria where you pay for nothing. Anything used here is been paid for.

Mama: I do not understand what you mean Kamsi. What do you mean that I should minimize the way I use light and electricity. I do not overuse them, do I ?

Kamsi: Yes you do Mama. Take for example, I met the television on while you were sleeping, do you know how much we will pay for the electricity you have wasted? Even the fan you left in your room should be turned off if you are not using it

Mama: ‘But Kamsi, this is not the first time and you have never complained about it before. Anyway, I have heard. I will be more careful next time my daughter’ she said and went to the guest room.

Kamsi: ‘You haven’t seen anything yet. I will frustrate you and you will leave this house on your own. My people have never left the shores of Nigeria but you have. Didn’t they suffer for me too? Why is it that you will be the only to enjoy this wealth? You must go ooo this old fool. Witch!! Iya Aje. Na so una go dey shook eye into someone’s enjoyment.  Your time is up and it is only a matter of time’ she said to herself and smiled.

Question: Hmm… i think it’s getting hotter now. Any advice for Kamsi and Mama?

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  1. I’m highly disappointed in kamsi …after all wat mama have done 4 her,well its just a matter of tym b4 her true character is known 2 all..but my question oo” where is Dave wen is all dis happening”

  2. I’m highly disappointed in kamsi …after all wat mama have done 4 her,well its just a matter of tym b4 her true character is known 2 all..but my question oo” where is Dave wen is all dis happening”

  3. Indeed oh!
    Getting more hotter!
    Kamsi should not step on the toes that contributed where she is now.
    As for Mama, she should continue following her with mature mind as she is doing now!

    Adelove am enjoying myself with this story!

    Thank you!

  4. mama should just go back to Nigeria, what kamsi is making her go thru is too much…..kamsi u know say when person smoke Igbo finish him eye go clear, ur eye go soon clear idiot

  5. the same old story….
    Mama should comeback to Nigeria na. Her daughter also needs her.
    Kamsi is just an ungrateful being…
    Me sef don dey tire

  6. Mama should come back to Nigeria please. Kamsi is an ingrate. If David’s mother did not go through all thé suffering she went through because of her children will she be there? Now that it is time for mama to reap thé fruit of her labor Kamsi is now coming from nowhere to overrun hér. Kamsi will live to regret all her actions

  7. Kamsi why na,after the poor old woman don hook her son for neck make the guy marry you you wan come make the old woman to dey regret no be sooo.Another twist to this matter Abi mama sef maltreat her mother in law ni make no be say na karma come de deal with her now.

  8. The story may be a very long one the way I am viewing this story because my mind was telling me that law of karma is going to catch up with Kamsi or mama has had done such things to her mother in-law in the past which is reflecting to her at this moments because I can’t say something negatively against mama or Kamsi for now until where the story lead us to before I will have some thing

  9. First i will scold mama she was too over open t kamai even her daughter warned her how can a mother in be too open like that ?kamsi wait u never see anything only Daniela go finish u

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