(Episode 7) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 7) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Kamsi: Mama, how can you not prepare any food knowing fully well that my husband and I will come back late for work.

Mama: Shocked at what came out of her daughter in-law’s mouth, opened her mouth wide opened at what she has just said. Ermm Kamsi, when has it become my duty to prepare something for you in this house?

Kamsi: Mama, you mean you cannot prepare lunch for us? Not even for your son?

Mama: I can but it is not my duty. I can’t even believe you could utter such words from your mouth.

Kamsi: Sorry ooo Mama. But I can prepare something for you without complaining abi? Anyway, did you wash the clothes that I kept in the laundry?

Mama: Bia Nwam, when did I become your maid in this house? First it was cooking of your meal and now it is washing your clothes for you. What is the meaning of all this?

Kamsi: ‘Mama, my husband and I go out to work day and night and all you do is look after Tochuckwu nothing else. So you cannot help in the house chores’?  She said as she looked at her from head to toe.

Mama: Kamsi! Are you raising your voice at me?

Kamsi: ‘Mama if you cannot do the little work in this house then you are of no use to us. You can as well pack your bags and go back to Nigeria’ she added as she walked away.

Mama: Hmm. Ermm Kamsi she called her back. Please come and let us have a heart to heart talk.

Kamsi: looked at her again, turned around and sat on the cushion close to her. ‘What is it you want to talk to me about’ she asked irritably.

Mama: If there is any way I may have wronged you please forgive me. You frown at every slightest provocation and do not hesitate to raise your voice at me, what is my offence my daughter?

Kamsi: So Mama you called me back here to ask me stupid question? So you mean I should not talk again in my own house eh Mama. Look Mama, this is my house and if you cannot cope with the way things are going I suggest you pack your things and go home. She stood up, hissed and walked out on her.


Later in the evening when David arrived from work, Kamsi told him that she came back from work and told the mother to help her boil some water so that she will use in preparing dinner for him when he returns but instead of her to do it or explain to her that she can’t, she started insulting her and calling her names. David, angry at what his wife said concerning his mother, went to her to confront her.

David: Mama, what did you say to my wife? Why will you insult her in her own house? Haba Mama, if you couldn’t do what she asked you to do, you could have just said so instead of bad mouthing her.

Mama: David my son, you could have at least asked me what really happened before coming here to tell me stories I know nothing about.

David: ‘So you mean my wife is lying against you’ he shouted. Mama is that what you mean?

Mama: My son, I am very sorry. I will go to the kitchen to do what must be done. Please do not be angry with me.

David: ‘You better do Mama, you better do’ he said and walked away.

Mama went into the kitchen and made dinner ready for Kamsi and her Husband. She also made sure Tochukwu was attended to before retiring to bed that evening. She knew Kamsi was trying to poison her husband’s mind against her but she payed no attention to it and prayed in her heart that Kamsi forgives her for any wrong she may have caused her unknowingly.


The following day, after David left for Work, Kamsi brought out all the dirty clothes in the house both washed and unwashed for Mama to wash again.

Kamsi: Ehen Mama, you see this clothes she said as she dropped the clothes on the floor for her, I want you to wash them all for me. I will be going to work now and before I come back, I want all of them washed and ironed. Please, do not use the washing machine; I do not have the money to pay for electricity this month. Do it manually.

Mama: ‘No problem my daughter, I will be on it as soon as I finish with Tochukwu’ she said and continue feeding her grandson.

Kamsi: Angry that the woman did not put up a fight, she added you will also go to the mall to buy some groceries for the house, I will keep some money on the dining for you and the list of all the items for you to buy. Make sure that when you come back from the mall, you should get dinner ready. I will not be home early.

Mama: What about Tochukwu, who will take care of him when I go to the mall to get the groceries?

Kamsi: I don’t know how you are going to do it Mama, all I know is that the things I said you should do, should be done before I get back.

Mama: I have heard, will do them. You do not have to worry about anything.

Kamsi: Feeling more angry, she looked at her and walked away.

Question: Can you guess how this Story will end? 

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  1. David is a very stupid boy,your wife laid complaint about your mother and you start scolding your mother instead of you to find out what transpired between them.Mama just wan punish herself make she shift com naija Abeg.As for kamsi,she has planted seed of karma and she must definitely reap it in abundance.

  2. Kamsi will surely regret all her wrong doings. This should serve as a lesson to every one always try to hear from both parties before judging someone, David failed for not hearing from his mother just decided to side his wife, am so disappointed in both couple. May God help mama…

  3. I think it will be along story the way I am viewing it now because I the law of karma will surely catch up with Kamsi when her own time come to perform her duty as a mother in-law. But Kamsi is a devil in a human form upon all what this old woman had done to her, this is the way to pay her back, it is unbelievable!

  4. Karma will locate her.
    Please adelove post more episodes not after a long break,it will b just one episode or beta still carry ur readers along by stating d time it will b posted. My candid advice though

  5. bunch of idiots.
    Mama is such a nice woman i wish she allowed her son marry the white lady he loves.
    Its well ,danielle had been right and she warn her mom

  6. Hmmmmm…… I can’t say how this story will end. But Kasimi is already biting the hand that fed her, the repercussion and consequences of her acts will not be good for her sooner or later. Ingrate woman. Am sorry for Mama.

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