(Episode 8) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 8) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Daniella was feeling restless, it has been months since she last spoke to her mother and anytime she calls, its either she is busy or she says she will call her back later which she never does. She kept wondering what could be making her mother so busy that even to answer her own calls seems difficult to her. She decided to call David and enquire about Mama. She dialled his number knowing fully well it was night over there and morning in Nigeria. The time difference is six hours and it was a Saturday. David in his end, with his wife in the bedroom when his phone rang and picked it up.

David: Hello Twinnie, how you doing?

Daniella: Hello David. Good evening

David: Evening Dan. Hope no problem. I was about going to bed when I saw your call.

Daniella: I am so worried about Mama. She hardly picks my calls and when she does, I keep getting I am pretty busy at the moment, will call you back later. What is she always busy doing?

David: Maybe you usually call at the wrong time. She does nothing else except take care of Tochukwu when we go to work. You know how Mama is with her grandson.

Daniella: Are you sure? because taking care of Tochukwu should not be taking all her time. Is there anything else I do not know about?

David: None that I am aware of. Will tell her to give you a call but before then, I will speak with her to know if Tochukwu is taking all her time so that we can see if we can employ a nanny.

Daniella: Okay Daniel. How is your wife?

David: she is fine. She is even here with me. He gave his wife the phone to talk to her.

Kamsi: Hey Daniella, how are you doing and how is Nigeria?

Daniella: Naija is fine with the usual Boko Haram and hardship. How is Tochukwu?

Kamsi: Tochukwu is fine. He is a big boy now ooo. You really need to pay us a visit to see your nephew ooo. We are sure missing you

Daniella: soon oooo. Not now. My work won’t permit me. By the way, I was talking to your husband about Mama, I hope she is okay because she hardly calls, always busy.

Kamsi: Do not mind Mama ooo. She is busy doing nothing except taking care of Tochukwu. I even discussed with her about getting a nanny for him but she bluntly refused saying that why will a nanny do the job she can do, that she doesn’t want anybody to take care of her grandson, if not her.

Daniella: but if the work is taking her whole time then she should allow for a nanny na.

Kamsi: Mama won’t permit it but I will talk to her about it again. You need not to worry; she is in a safe hands okay?

Daniella: ‘Okay. Please tell her to call me. I will be expecting her calls. Take care of yourself and goodnight’ she said and hung up.

Kamsi: ‘I wonder why Mama never had the time to talk to her only daughter. Hope she won’t start thinking that I am stressing her over here’ she said to her husband.

Daniel: Do not worry yourself about it. I will tell Mama to give her a call first thing tomorrow morning. But why don’t we employ a nanny for our son?

Kamsi: I told you she said no already. And since she does nothing in the house, she is only saving cost.

Daniel: ‘What cost is she saving he asked suspiciously. Anyway, will talk to her about it tomorrow sha’ he said and went to sleep.

Later that night, Kamsi crept out of bed and went to Mama’s room. Mama who was fast asleep was woken up by her.

Kamsi: Mama! Mama! Wake up Please.

Mama: ‘Kamsi’ she said wiping the rest of the sleep with her hands from her eyes. What are you doing here? ‘Is Tochukwu okay’ she asked with panic in her voice.

Kamsi: Tochukwu is very okay. He is sleeping.

Mama: What are you doing in my room?

Kamsi: ‘I want to talk to you about something’ she said as she sat beside her.

Mama: What is it you want to talk to me about?

Kamsi: Why haven’t you been speaking with Daniella?

Mama: I have been very busy. I haven’t really had time for myself lately.

Kamsi: Call her first thing in the morning. She has been worried about you.

Mama: Okay but is that the reason you came to wake me up?

Kamsi: That is one of the reasons.

Mama: ‘What is the other reason’ she asked suspiciously.

Kamsi: My husband will talk to you about getting a nanny for Tochukwu and I want you to object to it.

Mama: Why if I may ask?

Kamsi: Which one be why? I thought we talked about it earlier on? Didn’t you say that you will take care of him while my husband and I are away to work?

Mama: Kamsi, I think a nanny will be better because I hardly have time to rest and you know I am no longer getting any younger. The house chores are taking all my time, energy and baby -sitting Tochukwu is also tasking. A nanny will be better at this point.

Kamsi: Ehen! She clasped her hands together ‘so if I had not come here now you will tell my husband that I am giving you housework abi?

Mama: Aren’t you giving me housework to do?

Kamsi: Don’t you dare let my husband know about any of this else you will leave this house. You are not even happy that I let you stay till this moment. If you tell my husband anything about me giving you housework to do while he is away from work, I will make this house a living hell for you.

Mama: Isn’t he my son? So you do not want him to know of all the bad things you have been doing to me abi? Why do you hate me so much? What have I do to deserve all this from you my daughter.

Kamsi: Ehen! She screamed. Stop all this my daughter this, my daughter that. Who is your daughter sef? Your real daughter is in Nigeria old woman and never you call me your daughter again.

Mama: But you were accepting to be called “My Daughter” before you left Nigeria. Why sudden change?

Kamsi: That was Nigeria, this is United States Old woman

Mama: Hmm, Kamsi may God forgive you. For all the good things I did for you and you repay me with insults and suffering, you will reap what you have sown. Kamsi, I took you as a daughter, made sure all you ever wanted came true but this is all you could pay with in return Kamsi, my God will judge you.

Kamsi: interrupted quickly ‘and he will judge you too. Stupid old woman. If you open your mouth to tell my husband any of this, I will make sure you leave this house. Stupid old fool’ she said and walked away.

Mama: You called me “Stupid Old food”? How i wish you showed me this your horrible attitude before coming to US. Chaaaiiiii! There’s God ooooo

Question: Do you think Mama would have convinced David bringing Kamsi to US with this her attitude? 

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  1. Kamsi have totally lost it…..am sure she’s going to pay in a hard way ,the nerves of she to compare her family with mama rubbish.

  2. Hmmmm, kamsi is not doing this thing right. I believed, had it been it talked with mama about bringing her family with the love they shared, mama would have spoken on her behalf to her husband.
    Mama should just tell her son that she want to come back home, to safe her life and her son’s marriage

  3. She neva see anytin,shebi d daughter told her nd na she force d son 2 marry d girl,nd d worst part is dat she can’t even open her mouth 2 tell d son.

  4. Abeg, I don tire to read this story. Why are you people repeating same thing? Every episode is Kamsi maltreating Mama when Mama is not a baby.
    Mama should go back to Nigeria biko

  5. One word for kamsi : you are brewing karma storm that will blow you hundred billion miles away from mercy when the karma storm begins.

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