President Buhari biting fingers that fed him – APC chieftain

An All Progressives Congress chieftain and Presidential aspirant, Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, has said he feels terribly bad about President Muhammadu Buhari because the president is confused on how to fix the country’s problems.

The Enugu-born United States-based politician said Buhari started his own problems by surrounding himself with primitive loyalists who have no clue about the APC’s core change agenda.

The First Texas Energy Corporation boss said the President has fallen into a brazen trap set by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP by allowing himself to be perceived as enemy of the South Eastern part of the country.

Ogbonnia faulted the manner with which President Buhari overheated the polity by chasing the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, instead of chasing his real enemies which is corruption and treasury looters.

Ogbonnia told Vanguard, “What factors would you say have contributed to his failure to meet your expectations? First, President Buhari started biting the fingers that fed him by turning the defining theme of his inauguration speech upside down.

“I belong to no one” was crafted to mean an upright president wholly committed to the greater good. Instead, Buhari naively replaced the brain trust that brought him to power with primitive loyalists who have no clue about the core change agenda of the APC.

“Second, I pity Buhari. Because of his dictatorial military background, a punch-line of the opposition, the Daura-born general surprisingly took the posture of a recruit in running the affairs of the nation. Notice that he appears confused on the perceived freedoms of democracy, including separation of power and his role in the ruling party and governance as a whole.

“As a result, Nigeria has found itself in a paradox where a virally corrupt opposition party controls virtually all structures of government.

“Third, Buhari fell into a brazen trap set by the PDP. The president allowed himself to be perceived as an enemy of the South-East and the South-South zones by the way of careless utterances.

“ To make matters worse, instead of chasing the real enemy, which remains the corrupt club of PDP that looted major development projects in the East, President Buhari started overheating the polity by chasing Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. Prescribing IPOB as terrorists is far from the solution.”



  1. All these Apologists for Buhari! He is the president and leader and should stand up and take responsibility for all that is going wrong under his watch, all these mutterings about cabal, who set up the cabal? If d president doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to surround himself with right-handed people , he must be held responsible for the actions of the people he chose to surround himself with. Read this sorry piece by a Buhari apologist above and it’s mind numbing to hear a grown man now turn around to state PDP set a trap for Buhari to be perceived as enemy of S.East; where has truth gone in this country when grown-arse men would just bend the truth to suit their agenda, shame, shame, shame! Until we can stand up for the truth, we will not get to d promised land

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