(Episode 10) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 10) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

David: She did what?

Kamsi: she slapped me.

David: When and how? Why did Mama slap you. How can she slap you my own wife? What happened?

Kamsi: I simply asked her to help me carry Tochukwu while I prepare your food but she slapped me, asking me why do I have to order her around.

David: ‘What’! He stepped out of the room shouting ‘Mama’.

Mama: David, what is it?

David: Mama! Why do you have to slap my wife simply because she asked you to look after Tochukwu your grandson?

Mama: I do not understand what you mean. What do you mean I slapped Kamsi?

David: ‘Mama Stop with all the pretence and never in your life should you raise your hands on my wife ever again. If such nonsense should repeat itself Mama, you will not like the outcome’ he said and stormed out of the sitting room.

Mama: ‘David! David! It is me your mother you are talking to like that abi’ she called out after him. ‘You didn’t even ask me what happened before concluding! I knew all this will happen that is why I have not been saying what is happening in this house. I knew you will believe your wife over your own mother but be rest assured that my God is not asleep. Kamsi! Whatever you sow, you shall reap. Continue with your evil plan’ she shouted. ‘But what has Tochukwu got to do with all this’ she asked herself.


The following day, Kamsi came out of the room with all smiles because she didn’t know that her husband will take her side the previous day. She thought her darling husband who loves his mother will not believe her. She was so happy for she acted her part so well. She sure knows how to lie and will continue putting up that act till the wicked woman leaves her house for good.


Kamsi: tapped Mama roughly on her shoulder bringing her back to reality. So Mama, I left you here for hours and you are still in the same spot I left you few hours ago. Clothes you haven’t ironed and Tochukwu has been in his room all day crying and waiting for you to attend to him.

Mama: ‘I am sorry Kamsi’ she said soberly. I was lost in thought. I was thinking about my life.

Kamsi: You better keep thinking about your life but not without doing your household chores. Finish with the ironing immediately and go and tend to my son. You will also prepare Pepper soup and pounded yam for me and my husband when we return from work.

Mama: I will do all you have said. Before you return from work, you will meet your dinner ready.

Kamsi: ‘that’s more like it. And the soup should not be too peppery like the last time you prepared it. You should also know that the pounded yam you made that day was too small. Make this one plenty ooo’ she ordered.

Mama: Alright. I will do as you say.

Kamsi and David went to bed, she took Tochukwu to her room to play with till the middle of the night when he fell asleep and took him to his room.  She went round the house to take a last look at the house she has come to love and come to also hate at the same time. Because of the strain relationship she had with her Daughter-in-law, her son no longer speaks with her the way he used to. She knew it was Kamsi’s doing but only remained silent for peace to reign and tomorrow she is going to tell him to book the next ticket back to Nigeria. She went to the middle of the compound to pray for her household.

Mama: she fell on the ground and cried her heart out. Dear God! The creator of heaven and Earth, I come to you with a contrite heart, Please forgive me all my trespasses. Forgive me of any sin that I may have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Forgive me lord. Forgive my daughter-in-law Kamsi for all her sins. I pray that as I leave here, I leave them in peace. Let no evil befall them and their household. Protect them from all evil harm and see them through in time of difficulty. For Kamsi, do not hold any bad deed against her. I know she has wronged me badly and…..

Kamsi: ‘and what’ she interrupted.

Mama: Ah Kamsi, she quickly got up. What are you doing here by this time of the night?

Kamsi: I should be asking you and Mama are you a witch?

Mama: What did you just say? You called me a witch?

Kamsi: Yes I did else why are you here? Jesus Mama! I thought you are a Christian?

Mama: Kamsi, it is not what you think. I am only trying to keep evil eyes away from you and your family.

Kamsi: Hey God! Mama you can lie. So you were calling you and your witch people to come and harm me abi? David! David she called out to him. Come and see what your so called darling mother is doing in the middle of the night. If I should tell you with my mouth you won’t believe me, come and see ooo David! She called out again.

David came running when he heard his wife calling out to him.

David: what is going on here he asked his wife and mother.

Kamsi: You should be asking your mother that question. Ask her what she is doing out here in the middle of the night with my name spilling out of her mouth.

Question: What is Karma? Do you agree with me that “Karma is a voice without words”? How else can you define Karma? 

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  1. Kamsi mama will leave for you but you will know no peace for maltreating your mother in law as for david you are not a good manager,you dont listen to your wifes accusation and act on it without asking your mother her own side of the matter

  2. Mama was being very foolish. Why must she continue being stupid. Daniel is another issue entirely, why can’t he ask himself what could change his mother’s attitude towards Kamsi to change overnight, considering all the sacrifice mama made to ensure he marries her

  3. Na wa for some ladies, but some how I don’t think mama sef for soft reach that level, which kind insult be that…. That lady no go try am for her life again by d time I’m thru with her

  4. Daniel is am idiot, why would u act on what u hear from ur wife without asking your mother? as for kamsi…………God is watching you

  5. As in……. They should jus book her flight back to naija to go meet Daniella. I hope that’s wot Daniel should do rather than accusing his mother wrongly.

  6. David is omo ale, how can u hear one side and jump into conclusion, he even had the guts to warn his mother, ha that woman has suffered, he should just book her flight and let her go back home jare stupid and senseless idiot David

  7. Mama don’t worry your days there are numbered and won’t be long there in the State. Nigeria is there for you.

  8. I don’t know why all the commenters are calling Daniel instead of David except only one person who mentioned Kamsi husband Name well. Then if we are finding it difficult to get the Names of characters right then will u be blaming the presenters ( story writers) whenever they make simple mistake? Although, I am still following the story because I can’t utter any words for now because this Karma the writers are talking abt is it befalling Mama David now because she might have had done such thing to her mother in-law in the past or law of Karma later catch with Kamsi the Devil in human form?

  9. Karma is a bitch and is coming for kamsi real quick. If kamsi succeed is sending her mother in law to d villa, she should no dat peace is gone from her home cos her hubby will be so unhappy

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