(Episode 9) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 9) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

The following morning, Kamsi woke up very early in the morning to do all the house work for it was a Sunday and she was not going to church that day while Mama went about attending to Tochukwu. David came out of Tochukwu’s room where Mama just put him to sleep to enquire how she has been faring.

David: Mama, are you okay?

Mama: Yes, why do you ask?

David: Nothing except that you look so frail and older. Are you sure that you are okay?

Mama: My son, you need not concern yourself about me. I am doing very okay.

David: but why do you look so haggard and worn out?

Mama: David Please! I said I am doing fine.

David: Then go change the outfit you are wearing. Hold on! Daniella complained bitterly about you last night, that you don’t call her and anytime she calls, it is either you are busy or that you say you will call her back which you never do.

Mama: Do not mind your sister; I will give her a call later.

David: Okay Mama. If you need anything just let me or my wife know. You do know that I hardly stay at home but just incase you want to talk to someone, my wife and I will always be here.

Mama: No problem David and thanks for everything.

David: What about employing a Nanny to help take care of Tochukwu?

Kamsi: why should you do so when I am here David? Forget Nanny biko. I can take care of my grandson myself.

David: Are you sure?

Kamsi: which one is am I sure? Do not stress yourself over that issue please.

David: ‘Alright,take this money’ he brought out some dollars from his breast pocket, ‘use it to buy whatever you want and Mama’ he added, ‘please take good care of yourself, I do not like the way you are looking’.

Mama: collected the money and said ‘thank you so much my son’. She went to her room to cry her heart out.


Few weeks later, Kamsi came back from work so tired and exhausted. She went to the kitchen to eat the remaining rice she left before going to work. She opened the pot of rice to dish but found an empty pot and angrily called out to her.

Kamsi:   Mama! Mama! Mama!

Mama: who was in her room having a nap after the day’s work woke up and rushed out of her room.

Kamsi: Didn’t you hear me call out to you, you this old woman?

Mama: ‘Kamsi welcome back from work’ she ignored her rant.

Kamsi: Eyeing her head to toe said ‘where is the remaining rice I left in this pot?’

Mama: oh the rice! That was what I ate for breakfast and lunch.

Kamsi: Jesus Christ! Why will you eat the food I left? I was hoping that when I come back from work, I will eat it and serve the remaining to my husband.

Mama: There was no other food in the house and I was very hungry so I ate it.

Kamsi: Is it not your mates that are going to farm in the village? Is it not your type that fast for their children every day?

Mama: Kamsi please, I am not ready for your insult this evening. Please!

Kamsi: What will you do? Oh, so you want to beat me in my own house abi?

Mama: Kamsi, I have tolerated enough from you. What do you take me for? Your maid?  I will no longer accept all this insults from you again. Remember that it is because of me that you got my son to marry you and it is also because of me that you are here today.

Kamsi: and so! So what? So because you helped me in marrying your son which means that I should now worship the ground you walk on? Mama she said as she catwalk round her ‘your son my Husband is mine and mine alone. He is not for me and you to share’. Stupid woman, you better prepare something for my husband and I and prepare it fast. I am very hungry.

Mama: You are a very stupid girl. Who do you think you are by the way? OOoohhh! Because i’ve been keeping quiet all to make sure PEACE reign in the house, you thought i am stupid enough? If you cannot prepare food for yourself and your husband then be prepared to go to bed hungry. Eh! shay you said he is not for you and I to share, since he is yours and yours alone, you should also be ready to prepare your meals for you and your husband alone. She hissed and walked away.

Kamsi: You dared walked away from me abi? No problem! It is me and you in this house. ‘Stupid woman’ she screamed raising her voice.


Later that day, when David returned from work, as he stepped into the house, he greeted Mama who was in the siting room playing with Tochukwu.

David: Good Evening Mama. How are you today and carried his son who was shouting Dada! Dada! For he was nine months.

Mama: My day is always good as long as Tochukwu is here with me.

David: Hope you have eaten today?

Mama: Yes I have and how was work today?

David: As usual, very stressful but we thank God. Mama! Where is my wife? Is she back already?

Mama: Yes she is. She must be in her room.

David: ‘Okay! Here’ he handed his son back to her. Let me go in and freshen up.


David left the sitting room to the bedroom he shared with his wife and met her wiping away her tears. He quickly rushed to her and held her close to him. He was surprised at what he saw for her eyes were so swollen and red from all the tears she has shed.

David: Sweetheart, what happened? Why are you crying?

Kamsi: Nothing darling. Welcome home. Please let me go and get your food ready.

David: What do you mean nothing? You have been crying and I demand to know what the problem is.

Kamsi: ‘Nothing. Let me go abeg’ she said as she struggled out of his hold.

David: ‘you are going nowhere until you explain the reason why you are crying’ he ordered.

Kamsi: Alright. Mama and I had an argument and she slapped me.

Question: Hmmm… How should David manage his Wife and his own Biological Mother? 

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  1. Why can’t mama tell him she is going back to naija, cos I don’t understand why she will still remain there after everything, kamsi nemesis will catch up with you

  2. My own Mon will not tolerate Kamsi for just a minute.Anyway I blame David’s Mon for not telling her son and Ofcus David will support his wife then she will be thrown back to Nigeria or die in U.S

  3. 1. Is she possessed??
    2. Adelove there shouldnt have been “karma” in d title of this story…takes a percentage of the suspense off.

  4. since David mother can not have peace bcus of d wicked kamsi,David should send d mother back to Nigeria for dis old kind woman to have peace.David will support his wife

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