(PHOTOS) South Africans vandalize H&M shops over recent ”monkey” advert

South Africans this morning vandalized H&M shops in protest of the ”monkey” H&M advert. Members of a youth-oriented political movement stormed H&M stores across the country.

South Africans vandalize H&M shops over recent

South Africans vandalize H&M shops over recent

South Africans vandalize H&M shops over recent

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Dressed in the party’s signature red, members of the Julius Malema-led Economic Freedom Fighters protested the H&M advertisement featuring a black boy wearing a hoodie with the words, “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The image, featured in the Swedish retailer’s UK site, caused an international uproar.

Groups of protesters went to various H&M stores across the country, including several malls in Johannesburg, in the capital Pretoria, and in the northern Limpopo province.



  1. Correct. Ignorant elite will say it was harmless. The ad was a statement of identity, the “hidden” racists (and there are millions of them) wl emotionally tilt toward HnM, and that is increase in sales.

  2. Protests should be done peacefully and under the ambit of the law. South Africans are quick to lawlessness and violence. I’m not in support of the advert though, we should be civil in our actions. Tomorrow it could be violence against other Africa national.

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