(Episode 11) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 11) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

David: Mama, what are you doing out here in the night all by yourself?

Mama: My son, do not mind her. She is only exaggerating.

Kamsi: isi gini? Mu wa exaggerating? Biko tell your son what you are doing here in the middle of the night.

David: Mama, what are you doing here by this time of the night?

Mama: I said it is nothing and since you and your wife are here already, I want you to please book the first flight back to Nigeria for me tomorrow. I want to go back home.

David: Mama, what is wrong and why all of a sudden? Is something the matter?

Mama: Nothing is wrong my son, I have overstayed my welcome, it is time for me to go home.

David: but Mama….

Kamsi: Shooo! What is it David? If Mama says you should book the next available flight back to Nigeria do it now. She doesn’t want to stay again and I myself, I cannot continue staying with a witch in my house.

David: Will you shu….

Mama: Ermmm David my son, it is okay. Don’t want you and your wife to have a misunderstanding because of me please. Try and understand that I want to go back to Nigeria Please.

David: Alright Mama he said and stormed out of the house. As soon as Kamsi knew he was gone, she turned to Mama and clapped her hands.

Kamsi: Finally! You have decided to leave my house for good. Thank God oooo.

Mama: Kamsi, I hope that you are happy but be rest assured that whatever you sow, you will reap. Karma will pay you back double folds.

Kamsi: ‘Please Eh! Old cargo, no need exchanging words with you since you will be leaving my house for good and make sure you carry yourself and your filthy belongings with you. I do not want to see anything of yours in my house once you are gone’ she said and walked away.


After that incident with Kamsi, Mama made sure she never stepped her legs in her son’s house ever again.  David kept in touch with her over the years and also made it a duty for Tochukwu to visit his homeland every December.

Daniella also got married, based in Lagos where Mama stayed with her and her family. No matter how hard she tried to ask Mama why she never visited US where her son is based, she gets no reply other that she just doesn’t want to go back there again. She also asked Kamsi on why the relationship between mother and daughter in-law went sour, but never got an answer. Even David himself couldn’t provide answers to the questions asked by Daniela and she decided to let it go.



Tochuckwu: ‘Mom! I have finally found the woman I want to get married to’ he said as he entered his parents house for he went visiting them.

Kamsi: Really, wow! When is she paying me a visit and where is she from?

Tochukwu: She is from here. You know I don’t like all this Nigerian girls and their way of life. I finally want to settle down with a white lady. She is from Georgia.

Kamsi: You do not have any problem, as long as she is of good behaviour, I do not have any problem with her. I want the best for you, besides you know i suffered enough for you

Tochukwu: Okay Mom. Yes i know. Thank you Mom and i love you! Errmmm.. By the way, where is Dad?

Kamsi: Your dad travelled to China for a business appointment. He will be back by next week.

Tochukwu: Alright Mom. In that case, I will bring her here tomorrow so the both of you will have the time to bond.

Kamsi: That is okay. Thank God you told me this before time. I will prepare our African Delicacy for her tomorrow.

Tochukwu: Do not stress yourself ooo. But if you insist, no problem. Let me run along now, my shift is in the next two hours.

Kamsi: Alright and my regards to her…. What is her name sef?

Tochukwu: Her name is Amanda.

Kamsi: My regards to Amanda then.


The following day, Tochukwu came with Amanda to the house to pay a visit to the would be mother in-law.

Amanda: Hi Kamsi! Nice meeting you. Tochukwu said many good things about you as a good mother. I’m so glad meeting you today

Kamsi: Tochukwu?

Tochukwu: Yes mom?

Kamsi: Did your wife-to-be just called me by names now? She didn’t address me as Mrs Tochukwu or something?

Tochukwu: Sorry Mom, i will fix that now. Hey Sweetie, In Africa, you don’t address an elderly person by mere name, you add the prefix “Mr or Mrs” to show sign of respect. Ok?

Amanda: Ok Love. Alright i’m sorry, Good day Mrs Kamsi.

Kamsi: Good day my child. Please make yourself comfortable at home. Wow! Tochukwu my son, she is indeed beautiful.

Tochukwu: Yes Mom and she is the woman after my own heart.

Kamsi: Welcome home my daughter. What would you like me to prepare for you?

Amanda: Nothing really. I am very much okay and thank you.

Kamsi: Tochukwu, I like her. She is very okay and well behaved. You have my support.

Tochukwu: Thank you Mom, I appreciate. Waiting for Dad to come home so we can take it from here.

Kamsi: You should start the wedding preparation immediately so that Amanda will be legally yours.

Tochukwu: Aright mom.

Question: Hmmm… it seems getting hotter now! Can someone remind me meaning of Karma again biko? 

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  1. the ball is about to bounce back now oooo, first comma she don dey complain ooo… sheii….kamsi…. no…!Mrs kamsi…. oya na …let’s go there. na she go use her mouth take confess and beg for forgiveness. next episode.plea………se

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