(Photo) Masquerade killed by a hit-and-run driver, buried by his colleagues

Masquerade killed by a hit-and-run driver in Akwa Ibom State, buried by his colleagues.

See some reactions below;

Maris Ella Maris Masquerade killed by a hit and run driver now buried by his fellow masquerades ..well am not surprised 😂😂..since the day I saw a masquerade standing on ATM queue and a girl chilling with a masquerade in her village, I knew Nigeria is a joke 😒😒😒😒..

Ayogu Nonny Wisdom Masquerade killed by a hit and run driver now buried by his fellow masquerades .

He will be received by his fellow masquerade in the other World😁😁😁 May the soul of ….. Rest in peace!

Stella Sunday This will be a lesson to other masquerade in Akwa ibom, the way they threaten people to get money before you can drive pass is always so annoying. Oh ekpo rest in the kingdom of Obio ekpo(kingdom of masquerade) 😎😎😎

Oluwa Robbie Hood In as much this is tragic, it’s ironically funny too 😂 masquerade that represents the gods, killed by hit n run car? D gods are no longer wise like b4 o, it’s d people dat should become wise now!

Orukpe Emmanuel Masquerading has become a factory work in akwa_boom.. This must stop this year. How can sumbody with those load of dirt on him, see that car is coming? In fact I don’t blame the driver. Evil people die mysteriously.



  1. Yorubas called them “ara orun”. (people who live in heaven). Nothing spoil. He went back to where he belongs. Only the driver made it faster. lol

    • U are right Ade. He only went back home this year to resurface next year for another festival. ‘ARA ORUN KEN KEN’

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