(Episode 12) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 12) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Two Months later, Tochukwu got married to Amanda his heartrob. After nine months Amanda gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named Kachi and Kamsi her mother-inlaw went for Omugwo for she and her husband relocated back to Nigeria immediately after Tochukwu’s wedding because David is retired and there was no point staying back in the US

Tochukwu: Mama welcome to our home.

Kamsi: Thank you my son. Where is Amanda and Kachi?

Tochukwu: oh! My wife is in the nursery with Kachi, She is attending to her.

Kamsi: ‘Let me quickly go in and see them’ she said as she dropped her luggage in her room.

Amanda: Hey Mama, welcome home.

Kamsi: Thank you Amanda. How are you and my grandchild?

Amanda: We are doing fine. Thank God for safe delivery.

Kamsi: ‘Thank God’ she said as she went in to carry her grand- daughter in her arms. Isn’t she beautiful?

Amanda: she is.

Kamsi: Wow! Thank you Amanda for giving me a daughter I never had. You see, after I had Tochukwu your husband, I was never able to conceive again. If only you knew how hard I tried for a child especially a female child, you won’t believe what I had to go through and since all I did was not producing any result, I decided to invest my all to Tochukwu your husband.

Amanda: Sorry Mrs. Kamsi.

Kamsi: No need to be sorry, God has decided to wipe out my tears by giving me a grand -daughter.

Amanda: Alright Mrs Kamsi. Tochukwu said you are coming for Omugwo. I do not know what that it but seems like it is a tradition over there.

Kamsi: It is not just a tradition, it is a must. It is what must be done. Your mother is supposed to come help look after you and the child, why isn’t she here.

Amanda: it isn’t a must when I can employ someone to do the job. Anyway, she was supposed to be here last week but couldn’t make it because she is not feeling too good.

Kamsi: How is she now?

Amanda: She is getting better.

Kamsi: Good. You need not to worry; I am here to take care of you for as long as you want. You do not need to stress yourself about anything.

Amanda: Thank you Mrs. Kamsi.

Kamsi: I am sure you must be hungry, let me go in and prepare something for you and come and carry Kachi from you so that you can have enough rest okay?

Amanda: ‘Alright’ she said smiling.


 One week later, Amanda finished attending to her daughter Kachi, went to the sitting room to sit for a while where she met Mrs. Kamsi sleeping on the couch. She tapped her gently.

Amanda: You cannot be wasting away our bills like this, if you are not watching anything put it off.

Kamsi: I am sorry my daughter. Didn’t know when I slept off.

Amanda: Good. You can go to the kitchen to prepare Ermmm what do you Nigerians call it again? Errrrmmm….Ofe Nsala. That is what I want to eat right now. Tochukwu says his grand -mother loves preparing it for him anytime he goes to Nigeria before she passed away.

Kamsi: Yes!May her gentle soul rest in peace. But why don’t you have a maid to do the cooking in this house?

Amanda: I sent them away when I learnt you were coming. Isn’t this part of the Omugwo which you came for?

Kamsi: No it isn’t. I came to look after you and your baby not cook for you all the time. You can still employ one.

Amanda: No need for that. You will have to be doing them but you can go and rest for a few minutes after which you go prepare my food for me.

Kamsi: hmmm, Alright.

Amanda: Yes! But not for long because I am very hungry as I speak with you.

Kamsi: ‘Alright’ she said and went to her room.

Two hours later, Amanda went to her room and banged on her door so loudly she woke up with a fright. She quickly went and unlocked the door.

Kamsi: what is it Amanda? Why are you banging on my door like that?

Amanda: what are you still doing there? Aren’t you supposed to be in the kitchen by now?

Kamsi: Ah ah! Amanda,I am your mother and not your maid and as such, you should treat me accordingly. Besides, it’s an abomination for the mother of your husband preparing food for the house like a housemaid.

Amanda: I do not know what you are talking about woman, you are in my house and you should do as you are told.

Kamsi: My son’s house and you dare not raise your voice at me.

Amanda: My house please, It is my house. Ask Tochukwu himself, i own everything in this house 100% even if i did not contribute one penny but as far as we are legally binded, it’s automatically mine. You know better Mrs Kamsi. You were once staying in US before you moved back to Nigeria.  I don’t know how it is over there In Nigeria but this is my house and you should treat me with respect. I will not have you talk to me the way and manner you deem it fit.

Kamsi: Errmmm my daughter, it is me your mother-in-law you are talking to or have you forgotten how I convinced him to marry you?

Amanda: ‘So fuck what BITCH? You better go into that kitchen and prepare what I said I wanted before i call on the Police on you and kick your ass back to Nigeria’ she said and stormed out of the room.

Kamsi: Is this what I will be seeing in my own son’s house? See this woman that we married, she wants to come and lord over me here. Let me go and talk to Tochukwu first about her because I won’t be able to tolerate her nonsense. She walked to her son’s room who was busy watching a television series. ‘Tochukwu my son, I do not understand your wife Amanda. How can she order me to go to the kitchen like I am her maid?’

Tochukwu: Mama, you came to look after her and your grand- daughter, it is better you do as she asks if you do not want trouble with her. Please i beg of you, do not let her utter that word “I’m sorry” because once she said that.. that’s the end oo. She won’t accept Apologies again

Kamsi: what are you talking about? You mean you cannot talk to her and neither can i?

TochuKwu: Just do whatever she asks please. For example, if she says “I’m sorry, your mom has to leave my house”.. Mama, there’s nothing i can do oo. It’s true i bought this house with my hard-earned money, but it’s indirectly her own

Kamsi: Are you really my son? How can you say that to your only mother?

Tochukwu: ‘Mum Please. You just came here barely a week ago and you shouldn’t make anything a big deal. Stop with the drama and go to the kitchen like you were asked to do please’ he said and continued with what he was watching.

Kamsi: ‘I cannot believe my eyes and ears’ she said and walked away.


After three weeks of resting and taking care of Kachi, Amanda decided to resume work leaving Kamsi to take care of her child. In the morning of that fateful day, she went to Kamsi and instructed her on what to do.

Amanda: Mrs. Kamsi, Please take care of kachi while I am away to work and make sure my house is kept clean.

Kamsi: What do you mean the house should be kept clean?

Question: Can somebody please assist answer Mrs Kamsi’s JAMB Question? 

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  1. Mrs Kamsi…it means…”you will sweep the house,dust everywhere,mop everywhere including the wardrobe, Infact wash everywhere”, Adelove hope I’ve answered the question well?
    Am enjoying the story now.

  2. Hahahahaha……dis just the tip of the iceberg…. More hardship is coming ur way kamsi….is Wat u sow that u r reaping lols

  3. Hmmm, sorry oooo kamsi “what goes around comes around” So better do as ordered or your run for your dear life and come stay with your mumulicious David in Nigeria.
    How I wish David’s mother is still alive to see how your own sufferness is from your daughter-in-law

  4. OMG!!
    I so much love this story ..Adelove HURRY UP with the Next Episode…THUMBs UP FOR YOU ADELOVE AND CREW…I’VS READ ALL YOUR STORY..I can’t love you LESS ADELOVE

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