Tithe has expired – Pastor Sam Adeyemi allegedly accepted

Daddy Freeze share this on his Instagram page;

He wrote;



Where is Pastor ADEYEMI so I can hug him??? GOD BLESS HIM! ~FRZ –




  1. So true!
    For Jesus didn’t say go ye into the world n COLLECT TITHES but go ye into the world (unreached people) n preach the gospel!

  2. God shall surely prevail overy all those greedy fellas using his name to rob gullible religious faithfuls of their hard earned money by way of tithe

  3. It is so obvious Freeze is suffering from the dangers of a single side story.

    You should have taken some diligence to see or read the full text of Pastor Sam’s thoughts on the subject.

    It’s a shame Freeze, if this is the best you can do

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