(Episode 13) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 13) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Amanda: I meant clean the house.

Kamsi: But why can’t you employ someone to do that?

Amanda: Because I want you to do it. Wait a minute Mrs. Kamsi, you sleep here, do whatever you like, live freely here. Do you think it is free?

Kamsi: But I thought that since my son is here, he takes care of….she was quickly interrupted

Amanda: It means nothing is free here in the states. You will have to earn for your upkeep. I thought you were once staying in the States before you moved back to Nigeria?  My husband and I work so hard for everything you see here and if you are adding to our expenses, you will also work for it.

Kamsi: ‘Hmm’ she sighed ‘What do you want me to do’?

Amanda: That is more like it. You will have to do all the laundry, go get some grocery from the mall and prepare dinner for my husband and i?

Kamsi: What about Kachi? I cannot leave her all alone to the Mall.

Amanda: You can use a baby carrier and carry her along with you.

Kamsi: Won’t that be too stressful?

Amanda: I don’t care. You figure it out yourself. Let me get going, I am almost late  and  before I forget, be informed  that I will be having a few friends over for a party next week and you will be cooking four different types of Africa delicacy to them.

Kamsi: Errm Amanda, what kind of party will you be throwing around when you know that I alone cannot do the cooking?

Amanda: You should be able to do the cooking Mrs. Kamsi. You’re an African lady and I hear women like you can do anything for their family.

Kamsi: hmmm. If you say so but who will clean up after that?

Amanda: ‘Isn’t that your job? Wait a minute, why all these numerous questions by the way? I hope it’s not what you Africans call “JAMB Questions”??? I guess it’s getting too much for me to handle or answer. Anyway, will discuss that when I return’ she said and hurriedly left for work.


Later in the evening, Amanda returned from work and went straight to the kitchen for she was so tired and hungry. She opened the pots on the electric cooker thinking there was food in the pot but met it empty. She checked for anything she could eat in the kitchen but there was none. With anger, she went to the room Mrs. Kamsi stays but couldn’t find her there and went to Kachi’s nursery where she met Mrs. Kamsi sleeping beside her daughter.

Amanda: ‘Will you get up right this minute you this old fool, get up!’ she tapped her roughly on her shoulder.

Kamsi: What is it Amanda. So an old woman cannot rest for a while again.

Amanda: ‘Will you shut the fuck up’ she shouted. ‘Where is the food I told you to prepare before I left for work?’

Kamsi: And who is your maid in this house that you think you can order around? If my son cannot talk, I will talk. Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are that nobody can talk to you in……she heard a big slap on her right cheek **Gbbboooossssaaaa**

Amanda: How dare you talk to me in such a way and manner? This is my house and whatever I say must stand.

Kamsi: Amanda you slapped me.

Amanda: ‘and I will do it again if you do not shut your trash of a mouth. Now go to the kitchen and prepare dinner for me else I will beat you hands down and nothing will happen. Stupid woman. Now go’ she ordered.

Kamsi: Terrified that if she doesn’t do as she is told she may end up beating the life out of her, she quickly ran to the kitchen to prepare dinner from the items she bought earlier in the day with tears in her eyes.


Later that night, Tochukwu came to her room to inquire about what happened and why she made his wife angry.

Tochukwu: ‘Mum, are you awake’ he asked when he saw her lying on her bed with eyes closed.

Kamsi: ‘Tochukwu my son’ She said as she stood up when she heard his voice. ‘Come in please’.

Tochukwu: Mum, what happened? Amanda is complaining bitterly about you. Why do you hate my wife so much?

Kamsi: What did she say I did?

Tochukwu: You did not do the house chores she asked you to do and you also did not cook her meal on time.

Kamsi: Is that all?

Tochukwu: Yes Mum!

Kamsi: Didn’t she also tell you that she slapped me?

Question: I think Amanda has over-stretched her action this time. Do you agree? 

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  1. No. Amanda did not over stretch her actions at allllll. Infact, she has not even started. This is the beginning of the starting for Kamsi. Idiot

  2. Adelove, that your question is too early, kamsi is still receiving worm up training from Amanda. she just received a step that just passed what she did to her month Inlaw…. gbbbbooooooosssssaaaaa slap. hahahaha.

  3. No Amanda is doing according to karma, hv u forgotten dat kamsi once faked a slap and now she has gotten d real slap. Can’t stop laughing

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