(Episode 14) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 14) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Tochukwu: Sorry about that, will try and talk to her not to lay her hands on you but you must have offended her for her to do such. She said it wasn’t intentional.

Kamsi: So your wife slapped me and all you could do, is say sorry on her behalf eh! Tochukwu. Instead of you to call her out to order you are busy saying I should not offend her. Tochukwu, it seems that woman has given you witch to chop.

Tochukwu: I should be asking you that same question Mum. And i will ask again. What is it between you and my wife? Why is it that you are the only person she is having issues with? Of all the people that I know of, you are the only person she seems uncomfortable with. Please check yourself well mum and as for my wife, I will caution her. You know i love my wife and our baby so much. I’m not ready to trade them with anything

Kamsi: You better do because I know that I have not done her any wrong neither have I wronged anyone the way she is doing to me. Please talk to her. Biko. If I have offended her, let her forgive me please.

Tochukwu: Do not worry Mum, I will talk to her. By the way, I called dad and he said he is going to stay with Daniela her sister for a couple of months. The house in the village that you guys are staying had been destroyed.

Kamsi: Destroyed Kwa! Why if I may ask?

Tochukwu: He said that government destroyed it because it is under waterways… something like that.

Kamsi: But why now? Why didn’t they destroy it since? What about our other houses? He can go and stay there.

Tochukwu: Mum, is there anything wrong with him staying with his sister? Remember they are twins if not because they are married, do you think they will want anyone to spend time if not themselves? Let them have this special time to themselves biko.

Kamsi: The other houses nko?

Tochukwu: Mum you are talking as if you do not know that he rented them out. Anyway, I told him to stay as long as he likes with Daniela since you are here and in safe hands.

Kamsi: No problem. I just hope your wife won’t kill me before time. You do know that I am not getting any younger abi? Tell her to employ a maid to this house.

Tochukwu: ‘Alright’, He stood up ‘I will talk to her about employing a maid or nanny to help with the house chores or Kachi’. He yawned and said ‘Mum it is time I retire. Good night and please take it easy with Amanda’.

Kamsi: Alright and goodnight my son.


One week later, Amanda had a lavish party in her house. Where she made sure Kamsi cooked Banga soup, Ofe Nsala, White soup and black soup coupled with pounded Yam which she pounded for ten of her friends whom she invited for a house party. There was plenty to eat and drink that day and the house was littered with cans, drinks and left overs. She woke up the following morning after Amanda guest have left to their various home with Kachi on her back and started cleaning the house.

Amanda walked down the stairs, looked at Mrs. Kamsi who was on the floor with Kachi on her back, mopping the floor. She walked past her without saying a word to her, went to the glass table in the sitting room, swiped her left hand over it. She looked at the dirt on her palm with annoyance.

Amanda: ‘Hey Mrs. Kamsi, come over here’ she ordered.

Kamsi: quickly came as she was told. ‘Yes’.

Amanda: ‘What is this’? She showed her the dust on her palm.

Kamsi: Dust I think.

Amanda: You think or it is?

Kamsi: It is dust Amanda

Amanda: And what have you been doing since morning? Why is my house so dusty?

Kamsi: Amanda I am sorry. If there is anything I have done for you to hate me so much, please forgive an old woman like me her sins.

Amanda: will you shut the fuck up old woman. I mean, what do you think you are doing asking for my forgiveness? You this old hag, you really know how to get on my nerves. Now go and dust the whole house and if I see any dust on any of my properties from now on, you will live to tell the tale. Am I understood?

Kamsi: I have heard.

Amanda: Answer me properly. Am I understood?

Kamsi: Yes Amanda.

Amanda: Good. Now go and finish up with mopping the house, after that you go and dust the whole house.

Kamsi: But my Daughter!

Amanda: I am not your daughter and you are not my mother Mrs. Kamsi. I may have married your son but that does not give you the privilege to call me your daughter, old hag!

Kamsi: ‘Alright’ she said as she went to continue mopping the floor. ‘Who have I really offended that my daughter-in-law is treating me this way? What offence have I committed in this my life that all this is like a film to me?  I have been subjected to the role of a maid without any iota of respect and there is nothing me or my son can do. I do not eat well, I hardly sleep fine, all I do is work from morning till late hours of the night before I go to bed yet she isn’t satisfied. What have I done to deserve all this punishment’ she lamented.

Amanda: ‘You this stupid and useless thing’ she said as she kept raising her hands on Mrs. Kamsi’s body and punching her with her fist. I will deal with you today and there is nothing you can say or do about it. She kept on using her fist on her.

Kamsi: ‘Amanda don’t kill me oooo’ she kept screaming.  Please Amanda don’t kill me. Let me leave your house in peace! Please.

Amanda: She stopped abruptly. What did you say woman?

Question: How will Mrs Kamsi face Daniela if she finally succeed returning to Nigeria? Hmm.. “He who shits on the road will meet flies on his return (That is Karma)” …. Do you agree with this adage? Mrs Kamsi seems to have forgotten so soon querying God whom she offended!

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  1. Karma is a bad bitch, chai there is God oooo, she has forgotten all what she did to her own mother in-law she is now receiving double of what she did, good for, when u av a gud mother in-law and u can’t treat her right, u will surely be treated d same way

  2. Like seriously!!!! She has forgotten so soon. Please Kamsi try to remember your ill treatment to late mama. Hmmm wonders are many on earth.

  3. she never see anything, all dah one na part one infact na introduction, she should beta go n apologise to everybody including d old woman’s grave

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