(Final Episode 15) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge – Science of Karma!

(Episode 15) Troublesome and Bittersweet Revenge - Science of Karma!

Kamsi: I can’t take it anymore. I want to go back to Nigeria to my husband. I want to leave here as soon as possible. Please, tell Tochukwu my son to book the next flight for me to Nigeria. I want to go home oooo.

Just as she was wailing and crying asking Amanda to tell her son to book the next flight for her to Nigeria, Tochukwu walked in and was shocked at what he saw. His own wife raising his hands on his mother and his mother on the floor wailing.

Tochukwu: What is happening here. Mum! he rushed to her. Mum what happened to you.

Kamsi: ‘Tochukwu’ she said as she grabbed him by his shoulder, please book the next available flight for me to Nigeria. I want to go back home, I cannot stay here any longer.

Tochukwu: Amanda! What did you do to my mother? ‘Why did you raise your hands on my mother’ he said as he raised his hands and wanted to hit her but was stopped by Kamsi.

Kamsi: Please don’t my son. Please don’t ever raise your hands on her.

Tochukwu: Mum are you okay?

Kamsi: I am very okay.

Tochukwu: Amanda why? I left my mother to your care. Even though you both don’t agree, should that be enough reason for you to raise your hands on her?

Amanda: ‘I want this woman, your mother out of my house first thing tomorrow morning.  I do not ever want to see her in my house ever again’ she said as she walked away.

Tochukwu carried his mother to her room where he applied first aid on her injuries and asked for his mother’s forgiveness on behalf of his wife.

Tochukwu: Mama, I am very sorry for what Amanda did to you. I am even surprised myself at what happened today. Please find it in your heart to forgive us.

Kamsi: it is not your fault and neither is it her fault Tochukwu. I know that Amanda is a very nice person and I know she wishes me no harm.

Tochukwu: Mother don’t say that. I will never leave you both alone gain else I will come home to a dead somebody God forbid. But what I cannot understand is why she treats you this way. I have spoken to her severally about this but she says she just doesn’t know why she treats you the way she does. I cannot understand what is happening. She keeps saying she is always uncomfortable anytime you are around her.

Kamsi: Tochukwu my son. Never blame your wife for the ill treatment she melted on me. I think I know why she behaves the way she does towards me.

Tochukwu: What do you mean you know why she behaves the way she does? Is there something you are not telling me?

Kamsi: Yes there is. I have thought about it and the only thing I can come up with right now is Karma is paying me back the Evil I did years ago.

Tochukwu: What do you mean Mum! What do you mean by Karma is paying you back for what you did years ago and what did you do?

Kamsi: Tochukwu my son, when you were born and your grand mother came for Omugwo, I treated her unfairly. I treated her badly and made her my maid and nanny before she decided to leave to Enugu. I made life unbearable for her when she was with us and even accused her of hitting me when she didn’t. I made her son turn against her even though I knew what I was doing at the moment was wrong but I kept doing them till she left the house.

Tochukwu: That was years ago and what is the relationship between what happened between you and grandma and what is happening between you and my wife.

Kamsi: ‘you see Tochukwu, the day she left, she told me for what I have done to her, Karma will pay me back in double folds and here it is right before my very own eyes playing its part’ she said crying. I did her so much wrong and I never one day asked her to forgive me.

Tochukwu: ‘Mum, stop with all the tears. That is not true maybe you have been over thinking’ she said patting her on her back.

Kamsi: it is not so. Tochukwu you have to believe me. Karma is paying me back for all I have done. When she said it, I thought she was bluffing but look at my life right now; it is exactly as she has said it.

Tochukwu: if what you say is true then Karma is really a bitch. Besides this is really a troublesome and bittersweet revenge! What a Science!

Kamsi: hmmm… crying. What goes around comes around!!!

The End!!

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    • Exactly,dats what I wanted to comment. D End is too straight forward and kamsi husband with his twinee doesn’t knw what kamsi did to their mother. D suspend is not dir BT anyway Tanx xo much for d wonderful story.

  1. Hahahahaha……. U can’t eat ur cake and have it my dear kamsi…. Am happy u got worst than wat u made mama go through

  2. Kamsi u reap what you sow, now you know what goes around comes around,I’m so grateful for this adelove I learnt a very big lesson,

  3. Which karma is a bitch,karma is the punishment for those who did bad.The evil that men do follows them about.

  4. nice story with a huge lesson to learn, never pay evil for evil nor evil for good.
    thanks to karma, whatsoever a man sows same will he reap.

    Thanks Ade lnfs

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