Help me, my former girlfriend is now my Boss – Man cries out

A Nigerian man is seeking the opinions and help of others because of a confused state he finds himself.

The young man finds himself in a very confused state as he sorts for possible ways to escape this situation.

He narrated saying;

The story starts, “I dated her for 2 years after she newly joined our organization.”

“The relationship had no limits as we explored everything.

We broke up when she saw i wasn’t committed and only greet each other at work place without exchanging banters.”

I resumed this year to find out that she’s been promoted to the administrative secretary.

” As the transport manager, I must report to her whenever we need fuel for any of our vehicles or repair or maintainace.

Please what do i do ?”



  1. So,humble yourself and see her as anyone else. Or if you have any other job,then go but my advice is STAY AND FACE IT.

  2. When you were her boss did she resign or resent you for it. Afterall she went to school and had a diploma or degree couple with her experience that has qualified her for the position. My friend take her as she is and try to remain friendly without any emotional attachment so as to save yourself from hurt.

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