Red dress saga: Mercy Aigbe’s lawyer replies bride

The lingering ‘ Red Dress’ scandal continued this morning as the bride threatened to sue both Mercy Aigbe and designer Rikaotobyme.

In a letter written by the bride’s lawyers, it states if the designer is not willing to resolve the matter, then their client will not hesitate to seek legal redress.

Now, Mercy Aigbe through her lawyers have responded to the letter indicating she never met with the designer of the controversial outfit let alone connive with her to deny the bride her outfit.

Mercy Aigbe has however demanded a public apology within 7days or she’ll also seek redress in a law court and further sue the bride and the designer for false accusation and trying to defame her person


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  1. This one na shakara!
    Any person found in possession of a stolen property is deemed a thief in law.
    So it is with Mercy Aigbe in this present case!

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