Benue State belongs to Fulanis by right of conquest – Prof. Labdo Muhammad

A Nigerian professor from Kano, Umar Labdo Muhammad have said that Benue State belongs to Fulani people by right of conquest.

Benue State belongs to Fulanis by right of conquest - Prof. Labdo Muhammad Lailasnews

He wrote on Facebook;


Benue State belongs to the Fulani people by right of conquest. This is because half of the state is part of the Bauchi Emirate and the other half is part of the Adamawa Emirate. Benue is therefore part and parcel of the Sokoto Caliphate. So no one has the right to expel the Fulani from Benue under any guise.

Second to the Arabs, perhaps the Fulani are the most benevolent and merciful conquerors in history. If they had applied the Nazi final solution to the natives, or if they had treated them the same way the European settlers treated Red Indians in North America or the Aborigines in Australia, the story would have been different toady.

The Fulani are the largest single nation in West Africa and, perhaps, on the whole continent and they have remained unbeatable throughout their history.

You can hate the Fulani, you can call them all sort of names, you can blackmail their spineless political leaders, you can conspire to wipe out the entire Fulani leadership in a single day, you can stage a coup and “orkarize” (excise) the core Fulani states from Nigeria, you can hate them to he’ll, but you can never beat them.

Fulani’s main problem remains their meek, spineless, incompetent leaders that have lost all sense of responsibility and abandoned their people. But this problem, thank God, is not insurmountable. The Fulani are capable of changing their leaders: traditional, political, religious and cultural (I mean by cultural those so-called Fulani socio-cultural organizations that eat fat on the Fulani but cannot champion their cause or defend their rights). They have done this in the past and are capable of doing it again.’



  1. And someone will tell me the Fulanis don’t have any hidden agenda to conquer the whole of Nigeria and Islamize it?! CHRISTIANS wake Up, your existence is at stake just as the Ottaman Turks conquered Turkey and converted it from a largely Christian society to a whooping 92% Islam nation today!!

  2. If truly the Fulanis are the largest single nation in West Africa, why can’t they form their own separate nation and leave other ethnic groups in peace
    This professor surely must be one those foolish northerners with ignorant born to rule mentality who are the root cause of all the mayhem in Nigeria

  3. Prof Umar you are living in the past. Just because the Fulani are given right of passage because of the nomadic nature does not mean they can take over any land. I assume you are a Hausa, so just because your people gave in to the Fulani we are NOT toeing that line. It will be one cold day in hell for us to accept your view. If there is any truth in your theory, the Fulani would have been the occupiers of Benue but because the Tiv and Jukun fought for their land the Fulani were driven back to present day Adamawa. (Former Bauchi-Yola-Adamawa Province)

  4. This must be a Prof of Arabic studies. Please don’t add salt to sore in this issue. Christians, southerners and middle belt regions should wake up and defend themselves from these Fulani marauders. Buhari, bokoharam and Fulani’s are deceptive and we can’t live in peace with them.

  5. By God grace Fulani’s day are number in this country Nigeria, professor of arabic you are living in the past dark days wakeup and see the light if you care.

  6. Thanx,fake prof Umar.We now know how to wake up our sleeping brethren! By de way,Mr.Umar,how did u come to bearing prof? Who made u a prof? Professor of what?

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