(PHOTOS) Man burns the crucifix, says it’s an idol and Christians are idol worshipers

A yet to be identified man recorded a video of himself burning a crucifix because he believes it’s an idol which Christians worship.

In the video which is fast going viral, the man is seen speaking in a foreign language as he douses the crucifix with liquid fuel after which he proceeds to set it on fire. He made several attempts to burn the crucifix with a lighter but each time, the fire refused to catch so he lit a candle and used it to burn the cross.

According to online reports, the man says Christians are idol worshippers. He also says he is a child of the Sun and doesn’t fear anything, not even the repercussions for his action.



  1. You will suffer greatly for this and your generation pon generation. Oh mean you burn the crucifix???? That sun you worship will burn you like this.

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