Now time for the ladies as photos of male sex dolls for women shows up (18+)

Now time for the ladies to feed their eyes on this as the whole s*x doll trend would now be a two way traffic.

Women now have the luxury of choosing from a variety of handsome, muscular built men. Everything from the arm lengths, abs, pecs, strong hands, not forgetting the alluring eyes.

There are even reports that they’ve got bionic penises; described as unstoppable, and better than the real thing and most vibrators.

The long wait is over ladies, say hello to your dream men..



  1. I think this is Absolutely AMAZING.. and Amazingly AWESOME !!… They’ve always said Technology is 20-60 years ahead of what is shown to the public.. I’ve read that they’ve cloned humans since the 1940’s… If THIS is what WE are seeing now.. You can bet your life there are biological Androids on the streets like WestWorld, and/or the Cylons from the new version of Battlestar Galactica, that eat, breathe, sweat, bleed… That you would NEVER be able to tell that they weren’t human..

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