man shockingly discovers his wife is carrying her boyfriend’s pregnancy a month after their wedding

A facebook user just shared a very sad story of how he was duped to marry a lady who claimed she was pregnant for him only to discover that it was for another man.

The facebook user who goes by the name Abogoh Luckyo was in the most painful moment of his life as he took to his phone to share this sad revelation.

He wrote saying;

“I can’t believe that this is happening to me. This world is really a wicked place! Her parents knew that their Daughter’s Boyfriend had gotten her Pregnant yet they hid the information from me and duped hard me & my hard earned Money into getting married to their Daughter only to start persuading me to undergo some Goat killing Rituals so that all will be normal.

Evil in this world is too much. Thank God I refused to do such Devil’s sacrifices!”

The wedding which appeared to be in Akwa Ibom State was seen to be a successful one as one can’t help but wonder what kind of a heart do people possess so as to dupe someone into getting married and fathering another man’s child?

Well you tell me how you feel about this.`



  1. How do u manage to know? Have u done a DNA test,b4 ds epic blackmail? Women suffer so much in d hands of ds boymen .grow up boy.

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