“You are getting boring” – Samklef tells daddy freeze, He Reacts

Nigerian Singer and producer, Samklef who has grown tired of OAP Freeze blasting pastors on social media, took it upon himself to advice the leader of the #FreeSheepleMovement.

According to Samklef, he wrote; “Its getting boring

Daddy freeze who took offence with the statement, reacted by posting a screenshot of Samklef asking him to “leave pastors alone” that “it’s getting boring” and wrote;

“Stop coming to my page to chat bollocks…..

If my message is too advanced for your cognitive ability, unfollow me like most celebs have done…. but if you come here brandishing your ineptitude, I will educate you!”

Trust Nigerians when it comes to internet war, they dont dull.

Some supported Samklef, while some lamblasted his career.



  1. It actually has become so so boring daddy freeze or whoever has achieved his cheap fame digging out at clergies. So what next for the media guy?. We have heard enough of pastor this and that ………. what next obviously he ran out of ideas . He is gradually going into oblivion. Yes. What next?

  2. Daddy freezer is just embecil looking for cheap relevance. It’s because of people like him extremist are formed in some religion’s group

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