Buhari does not need Obasanjo’s advice – APGA

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Dr. Victor Oye has taken a swipe at the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo over his advice that President Muhammadu Buhari should not contest the 2019 election.

Oye said Obasanjo was not in the best position to advise Buhari.

“Obasanjo’s opinion and Nigerian’s opinions differ. People might have different opinion. What we need now in Nigeria is for us to remove unnecessary tension.

“Even if Buhari is not going to run in 2019, we shouldn’t create unnecessary tension because the man himself knows what to do and he doesn’t need Obasanjo’s letter to take such decision,” Oye stated.

According to the APGA Chairman, “It is Buhari’s entitlement to run for second term, but if he is saying he cannot run, he knows what to do.”

“When Obasanjo was president what did he do? Was he a wonderful leader? Did he tar road in South-east? Enugu to Port-Hacourt road he didn’t do it. Okigwe to Oga he didn’t do it, and so on, and he busy talking about Nepotism. Obasanjo does not have moral justification to say such a thing.”



  1. Very true, Obasanjo is the least qualified person to criticise Buhari who is performing far much better that him,Obasanjo. He should tell Nigerians one single infrastructure he built in Igboland, in the whole of the South East during his wasteful eight-year tenure,NOTHING! He was rather busy destroying their businesses and pulling-down their prominent brothers and sisters. Obasanjo, we have not forgotten and we will never forget, you should therefore shut your trap!

    • What was Obasanjo’s achievement in the Yoruba land during his tenure? Lagos/Ibadan, Ibadan/ Ilorin express way it completed. Lagos/Abeokuta not completed. He was busy building his ota farm and third term. Don’t mind the man.

    • @Vic, but your OBJ massacred more people at Zakibiam in your Benue State than the “Fulani herdsmen” did. Please don’t tell me you have that short memory.

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