(Episode 8) Broken Trust … A True Life Story!

(Episode 8) Broken Trust ... A True Life Story!

Danica: was shocked when she was asked that question but quickly recovered. ‘Ermm sweetheart, you see I didn’t want you to bother about donating blood to her when you know  you work very hard every day and you need your strength. It was better we buy’.

Hayden: You should have told me and not lie to me about it. I would have looked at it from your perspective.

Danica: if I had told you the truth, you would have still gone ahead in donating your own blood. You think I don’t know you again? Remember we have been married for more than 10 years.

Hayden: Alright! You win but please, don’t lie to me again. If anything is bothering you concerning my children, you can always talk to me okay.

Danica: okay and I am sorry for not been truthful.

Hayden: Apology accepted.

Brielle: Dad, Mom, am I forgiven? And they both chorused together No!

Brielle: But Dad?

Hayden: ‘Don’t Daddy me young lady. We will talk about you when you are finally discharged from here’ he said and gave his wife a kiss on her lips. ‘I have to run along to work for I am late’ he said and rushed out the door.

On his way out, he bumped into the doctor who was on his way to her ward.

Hayden: Hello Doctor, good morning.

Doctor: Good Morning, how are you doing?

Hayden: I am fine and thank you so much.

Doctor: No problem. I was actually coming to your child’s ward to tell your wife  that we only used one pint of blood for your daughter, she can come and collect the other one if she so desires.

Hayden: Oh the blood! That is actually my blood group, A Positive right? You can give it to anyone in need of it.

Doctor: Am sorry you said what?

Hayden: You can give it to anyone who needs it since we have no use of it.

Doctor: I heard that part. The part where you said your blood group is what again?

Hayden: My blood group is A Positive, is anything the matter?

Doctor: No, nothing is the matter please. Ermm can we please talk in my office?

Hayden: ‘sure’ he said as the Doctor led the way into his office and closed the door behind him. ‘Doctor, is everything all right with my daughter? Hope there is no problem’ he said panicking.

Doctor: Relax Please. There is absolutely no problem with Brielle.

Hayden: Then what is it? why did you ask me to come with you to your office?

Doctor: what is your wife blood group?

Hayden: B Positive, why?

Doctor: I think there is a mix up somewhere. I don’t know because I am confused at this moment.

Hayden: Confused about what doctor? What is wrong?

Doctor: Are you really sure your wife is B Positive?

Hayden: hundred percent sure Doctor.

Doctor: Alright. If you are A Positive and your wife is B Positive then how come Brielle is O Negative?

Hayden: I don’t understand doctor. What do you mean by how come?

Doctor: your daughter Brielle has a different Blood group from her parents which should not be so.

Hayden: Really. What does it entails medically ?

Doctor: I am not sure but before I say anything further, I will advice you do a DNA test.

Hayden: Are you saying that I may not be the father of Brielle?

Doctor: I am afraid so.

Hayden: No, it cannot be. I am her father and she is my daughter, you are wrong doctor.

Doctor: That is why I said a DNA test should be carried out if you really want to be sure. That is my advice anyway.

Hayden: Ah God! Doctor, are you really certain of what you just said?

Doctor: Listen Sir, I know that this may sound weird to you but if you and the mother’s blood don’t match up then medically speaking you may not be her biological father but to be very certain, do the DNA test.

Hayden: You are wrong Doctor.

Doctor: Really, then explain it to me. How come you are A Positive and your Wife is B Positive while your child is O Negative.

Hayden: Maybe there is a mix up somewhere in the result that was conducted.

Doctor: There wasn’t because I conducted the test myself.

Hayden: Panting and sweating ‘are you very sure of what you are saying because if after everything the test is negative I will hold you responsible’.

Doctor: I am not saying anything other than the fact that you should conduct a DNA test if you really want to be on the safe side.

Hayden: Arrrrgh! God, I am finished. Okay fine, conduct the test and please do me a favor, keep this information away from my wife.

Doctor: ‘You have no problem with it, please come with’ me he said and he followed sluggishly praying in his heart that the result be negative to prove the doctor wrong.

Question: Should the Doctor keep the information away from Hayden’s wife? What will become the outcome of the DNA test?

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  1. Yes ooooooo,d information should ne kept a secret 4 nau until d test has been carried out.
    I tink d children aren’t his 2 start wit.

  2. Gbam I knew right from thing is something abt dis Danica and I suspect d father of d child or children to be dat of Manson’s…..see gobe

  3. When Danica is happy that she has free from her husband questions & Doctor has brought it back now. How does she handle the situation now? I Know she is capable of cooking lies but can she succeed this time around?

  4. When Satan one rmber u, all d native doctor for ur village no go fit stop am

    D doctor shouldn’t tell d wife cos she is not truthful

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