(Episode 9) Broken Trust … A True Life Story!

(Episode 9) Broken Trust ... A True Life Story!

Hayden left the hospital to his office, he couldn’t concentrate on his work. He was restless and worried as a result of what transpired in the hospital. He was worried at the idea that his wife may have cheated on him and the result of the sinful crime is the daughter whom he loves with all his heart. He dialed Mason number telling him to come to his office immediately for it is urgent. Few minutes later, Mason arrived his office and was ushered in.

Mason: What happened? Why did you have to call me so early, telling me to come to your office? Is everything alright with Brielle?

Hayden: ‘Brielle my daughter is doing just fine. I called you for something else please’ have a seat he instructed him.

Mason: ‘what happened’ he asked as he sat down.

Hayden: I am in a deep mess as I speak with you.

Mason: Deep mess, what happened? Did you get robbed?

Hayden: Arrrggh! You won’t understand my friend.

Mason: what is it?

Hayden: it is complicated oooo. I do not know how to explain it.

Mason: What is it Hayden? If you do not want to share your problems with me then why did you call me to come?

Hayden: I don’t think Brielle is my daughter.

Mason: what do you mean you do not think Brielle is your daughter? I am not understanding what you just said.

Hayden: explained everything to Mason. I do not know what to do at this moment.

Mason: what can you do but to wait. How long will the test take?

Hayden: I do not know but I told the doctor I will come for the result in the next one week.

Mason: Good. I am as shocked as you are and I know you have one thousand and one questions to ask but please you have to be careful about what you do from now on.

Hayden: What do you mean?

Mason: What I mean is that you have to be very careful and do not accuse your wife of anything until the truth finally reveals itself.

Hayden: What do you mean that I should not accuse my wife when there is a likelihood that Brielle may not be my daughter.

Mason: Thank God you said it, may not be your daughter. You do not have to say anything until the results come out.

Hayden: Really!

Mason: Yes.

Hayden: How am I even sure that the rest of my children are really mine sef.

Mason: if you ask me, na who I go ask.

Hayden: I may have to do a DNA Test on all of them.

Mason: How can you pull that out without your wife knowing?

Hayden: That is not a problem. Since Brielle and Sephia are in the hospital, I could just tell the doctors to find a way and collect that of Sephia’s blood since getting Brielle is no longer a problem.

Mason: Lekan and Parker nko?

Hayden: I will have to talk to the doctor about it.

Mason: And how about your wife?

Hayden: How about her, she won’t  know.

Mason: How will you pull this one out?

Hayden: Do not worry, I will take care of it without her knowing. You do not have to worry yourself about her.

Mason: hmmm. Be very careful ooo. You can only accuse her when the results come out.

Hayden: I know what I am doing. Do not worry yourself about it but in the meantime, let’s go and get my kids from school.

Mason: You mean Parker and Laken.

Hayden: Yes I mean them.

Mason: For what na.

Hayden: For a DNA test and I am withdrawing them from that school

Mason: Alright. Hope you will give me reasons why you are taking such drastic measure

Hayden: ‘No problem, come lets go’ he said as they went ahead to pick up Parker and Laken.

Together, they both left to get Laken and Parker from school. When they arrived the school they met the principal of the school who apologized to them about what happened to Brielle.

Principal: I am so sorry about what happened to Brielle and we will take disciplinary actions on the student that caused this act.

Hayden: There is no need apologizing about what happened to my daughter, the deed has already been done.

Principal:  wh have to for we are also to be blamed.

Hayden: It is alright Madame

Principal: Thank you so very much. Is there anything you will like us to do for you sir?

Hayden: I came to withdraw my son’s from this school.

Principal: Why? but I thought that we have apologized to you already?

Mason: Yes you have but you see Madame, we cannot continue to have our children in this school, we have come to take them home.

Principal: ‘Please sir’ she said turning to Hayden, we are deeply sorry and promise you that incident like this will never happen again. Please forgive us for our carelessness.

Hayden: we have forgiven you but I need to take them away from here. My heart is no longer at rest with them here.

Principal: Please Mr. Hayden.

Mason: Our decision is final or do you want us to take necessary actions against your school?

Question: Do you agree both Laken and Parker to be withdrawn from school? Must Hayden carryout  DNA on all his children? 

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  1. I am a little bit private person. I love to keep to my humble self @ Hayden why not keep it a secret. @ Adelove I salute u guys. I agree for general DNA t. But withdrawing d kids I disagree.

  2. Hayden should have conducted the test secretly without involving anybody….hmmmm!!! waking up one day only to find out that the kids you love so much are not your kids….is crazy…I feel for Hayden…

  3. Hmmmm with the look of things I think Mason is d father of those kids or maybe 2 of them, let’s keep our fingers crossed, but adelove dis story is coming in late oooooo, pls try to adjust, God bless u

  4. lekan will be his only child among them all.she might not have cheated may be her own children have been dying during child birth then she paid to get another child. Continuation of the story will be after 2 market days.

  5. Hmmm. This is becoming serious and more tense here. Hayden shouldn’t have involved Mason don’t really trust him with the way he’s reluctant about running DNA test on all the children.

  6. There is nothing wrong in carrying out a DNA test just to b sure and besides he already has his suspicious from d beginning. I don’t agree with him withdrawing his kids from the school. Danica what explanation do you have for dis. Hmmmmm

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